Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 976

As Spirit Studio's business was booming, everything was going smoothly with the shooting crew as well.

The secondary female lead had finally arrived after finishing her dance competition. She danced ballet and her looks, aura, and acting were pretty good.

As for Chen Hanchen and Qi Fang, their attitude towards Ning Xi had changed for the better now. They tried to be cooperative when acting and not look for trouble anymore.

Without realizing how quickly time passed, the shooting process entered its final period. It was two months earlier than the estimated timeline and Chen Mian was really happy about it.

That morning when Ning Xi reached the set, she went up to Ke Mingyu and handed over a pink plastic bag. "Keke! I brought you some breakfast!"

Accepting the lovely breakfast brought by the wife, Ke Mingyu looked at Ning Xi gently. "Thank you Senior."

"Oh, here's some milk here! Drink it!" Ning Xi then gave him a carton of strawberry milk.

"Senior, what about mine? Why does only Ke Mingyu get it? Senior, you're being biased! You only get breakfast for Ke Mingyu every day!" Qi Fang complained.

"Because Ke-ke helped me catch that snake before!" Ning Xi looked at Qi Fang proudly.

Qi Fang pressed his hand to his chest in mock hurt

That was so not worth it! I gave someone else the chance despite spending so much effort to catch that snake and now it benefitted Ke Mingyu. I should have saved her back then! Wait, she did not even need to be saved!

Nevertheless, when he thought about it, Senior had started to change her attitude towards Ke Mingyu since the day he caught the snake for her

After finishing breakfast, Ning Xi went up to Ke Mingyu again.

"Keke! Come, let's practice!"

"Mmm." Ke Mingyu nodded.

"Senior! That's unfair! Why do you only practice with Ke Mingyu!?" Qi Fang was at it again, his jealousy rearing its ugly head.

Ning Xi replied as a matter-of-factly, "Because Keke's not from a film school, so as a senior, of course, I have to help him!"

Qi Fang scratched his head. "Senior, don't you think it's ridiculous? Aside from you, he has the best acting skills among the crew! And why do you call him Keke and not call me Qiqi? Or Fangfang?"

Ning Xi blinked. "Qiqi...?Fangfang...? That sounds so weird!"

Qi Fang was speechless. He ran away with his heart feeling like it had been stabbed.

How frustrating!

Chen Hanchen aside, he did not care about Ji Yumeng and Jian Shu since they were girls but why was Ke Mingyu being more favored than him!? He was far better looking than Ke Mingyu!

Ji Yumeng also mumbled, "Bro Xi, you're actually quite biased towards Ke Mingyu. Even I'm getting jealous"

"Hahaha, he's just too pitiful in the movie, so I've to treat him better in real life!" Ning Xi laughed.

Well, that and he is my boyfriend after all

Chen Mian was touched when he saw the bunch of youngsters getting along together. He was reminded of his first movie shoot 10 years ago

As the props were being prepared, Chen Mian clapped his hands. "Let's get ready, we're starting!"

"Noted, Director!"


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