Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 977

"Three! Two! One! Action!"

In the current scene, all the six actors were present and this was the climax of the whole movie. In order to create a better effect, Chen Mian purposely shot this scene later so that they had time to bond with one another.

Set venue: a karaoke lounge.

Characters present: Si Xia, Ji Feixue, Ling Yu, Yin Qianli, Jiang Xiaomei, Ji Yumeng.

With the help of the female lead, Ji Feixue, Si Xia finally got together with the woman of his dreams, Yin Qianli, and secured a romantic relationship. It was Yin Qianli's birthday that day and Si Xia had invited some friends over to celebrate for her.

"Hahaha, here's a toast to our birthday girl, Qianli, and Si Xia! I wish that the both of you will stay together forever and have lots of kids!" Jiang Xiaomei raised her wine glass and smiled.

Yin Qianli blushed while Si Xia laughed and nudged Jiang Xiaomei's shoulder. "What are you talking about?"

"Ooh! The both of you should make a toast to your matchmaker!" Jiang Xiaomei looked at Ji Feixue.

Si Xia was a very insensitive man. Actually, it was all thanks to Ji Feixue that he was able to be with his dream girl. Yin Qianli's and Si Xia's expressions changed. This joyous birthday celebration hid a dark conflict beneath; everyone had their own unspoken thoughts.

Actually, Yin Qianli had fallen in love with Ji Feixue when she confessed to her in Si Xia's stead and she had told Ji Feixue how she really felt.

However, Ji Feixue loved Si Xia, so she rejected Yin Qianli directly. Yin Qianli had only agreed to be in a relationship with Si Xia for revenge.

On the other hand, Si Xia started to realize he had special feelings for Ji Feixue, so in denying his feelings for a man, he quickly started dating Yin Qianli. At the same time, he thought that his good friend, Ji Feixue, liked Yin Qianli as well, so he did not know who he should be jealous of.

As for Ling Yu, he was observing everyone as an outsider but he kept his own secrets as well.

In this scene, everyone had to be in top-notch condition and project the complicated parts of their respective character. They would need to redo it all over again if any one of them failed to catch up.

A few bad takes happened but they continued.

Looking at the lovey-dovey couple Si Xia and Yin Qianli, Ji Feixue smiled happily and drank, conveying the couple her best wishes as if she was the happiest person of the night but the sorrow flooded her eyes

In the corner, Ling Yu was focusing at Ji Feixue.

Ji Feixue drunkenly went to the barstool in the center of the room and picked the song "Onion".

"If your eyes could just look at me, if you could hear the sound of my heart breaking, protecting you silently, waiting for a miracle quietly as if I'm one with the air

"Everyone was laughing and enjoying, tonight I was really happy. How much I'm blending into the crowd, the onions at the bottom of the plate is just like me, forever just a seasoning, quietly peeking at you, forever hiding myself

"If you're willing to peel me off layer by layer, you'll be surprised, you're my most hidden, deepest secret...I'm just like an onion, always playing the side character. I hope I'd have a second chance with you, only you and me"

This song was like a sharp blade piercing through the disguise of everyone's characters.

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