Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 978

After the song ended, Ji Feixue ran out of the room in uncontrollable tears.

The one who followedwas Yin Qianli!

Yin Qianli thought Ji Feixue actually liked her and thought that the song was sung for her, so she assumed that he had given up his chance with her for the sake of his friendship with Si XIa.

The camera shifted to the corridor of the karaoke lounge.

"Feibai!" Yin Qianli caught up and hugged Ji Feixue from behind.

Ji Feixue froze. She knew she had to push her away but she was not able to control herself now. She turned around and hugged Yin Qianli.

Afterwards, Si Xia came out of the room and saw them. The scenario of his good friend hugging his girlfriend was too much for him to take. "Ji Feibai, what do you mean by this?"

Ji Feixue looked at him quietly without any expression. "Si Xia, tonight...you didn't even look at me once, but now you're finally looking at me."

"What?" Si Xia was a little frightened by Ji Feixue's intense gaze at the moment.

Ji Feixue stared at the man, her emotions building up inside. She said slowly, "The dragon can't write anyletters. If it misses the knight, it'll kidnap the princess, so that the knight will come"

Si Xia was shocked. "You...what do you mean?"

Ji Feixue looked at him in the eyes and poured out her heart, "I mean...Si Xia, I love you."

Si Xia was shocked and Yin Qinli could not believe what just happened. Qi Fang was dumbfounded while Ji Yumeng sighed and Ling Yu's heart sank. What was expected had happened

"Cut! Good take! Pass!" Chen Mian yelled excitedly.

Even after the director said it was done, Chen Hanchen, Qi Fang, Ji Yumeng, and Jian Shu were all still in acting mode and were not able to snap out of it.

Only Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu returned back to themselves instantly.

Qi Fang commented, "Wow! This scene was intense!"

Ji Yumeng nodded. "Especially Bro Xi, your eyes! Hanchen was really great today as well! But who shocked me the most was Ke Mingyu! He had no lines at all but I felt pain for him!"

Not only Ji Yumeng felt this way. Xiao Tao, Ye Qiu, and a few other crew members were discussing it as well.

"Oh my gosh, I think I'm falling more and more for Ling Yu!"

"Me too, I really hope the female lead will be together with Ling Yu! He's just so sad, he sacrificed so much for the female lead yet she only loves the male lead...I'm so heartbroken!"

"And is it just me or does Bro Xi actually looks good with Ke Mingyu?"

"Hahaha, you're not alone"

Chen Mian was looking through the footage as he declared happily, "Everyone performed well. We're way ahead of the schedule as well! We'll have two days of holiday for everyone!"

The whole crew cheered.

Chen Hanchen was holding a book in his hand and was looking for Ning Xi but she was nowhere to be found. At the same time, he noticed that Ke Mingyu had disappeared as well.

Chen Hanchen's expression darkened a little.

After witnessing Ning Xi in her female outfit, he could not take his eyes off her and slowly he realized that the way Ning Xi looked at Ke Mingyu was very different. Also, it was not the first time that the both of them had vanished together

In addition to Ning Xi's special attitude towards Ke Mingyu, although there was no solid proof, almost everything hinted towards that direction. He just did not want to believe it.

Just by comparing his family background and looks to Ke Mingyu's, how could she possible like Ke Mingyu instead?

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