Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 979

In the empty rest area, Ning Xi tiptoed and kissed Ke Mingyu as he leaned against the door.

"What are you doing?" Ke Mingyu raised his eyebrows and avoided her kiss.

Ning Xi pouted unhappily. "I'm trying to comfort your damaged heart!"

The man smiled wryly. "Stop fooling around, we might get caught!"

Ning Xi was speechless. He had not been here for long but he had even more work ethics than her now

"Impossible, we're being so low-profile. None of the big shots are here. None of the idiots will come here and look for news! Kiss! Kiss!" Ning Xi hopped around excitedly.

The man bent over her small face helplessly.

"Good boy, I only like you!" Ning Xi patted the man's head as she kissed his cheek like she was comforting a child.

"I'm alright, we're just shooting a movie."

Although he felt a little frustrated when he saw her scenes with Chen Hanchen, he hadlearned to control his emotions after experiencing real acting. He saw her effort and dedication for himself and he was now able to differentiate between acting and reality.

As Ning Xi looked at him, seeing how such a prideful man had changed for her little by little, she felt warmth bubbling inside of her

"My dear, I must've saved the whole world in my previous life, so that I could meet you now!" Ning Xi said.

"Then, I must've been by your side in my past life, saving the world with you."

The devil was being flirty!

In the evening, in the Guan family's villa, Guan Ziyao opened the door to the study room. "Father, what's the matter?"

"Ziyao, come over here, I'll show you something!" Guan Rui smiled like he was in a good mood.

"What is it?" Guan Ziyao went over, confused.

Guan Rui turned on the laptop on the table. "Look at this!"

Could it be what Father mentioned the last time?

Guan Ziyao looked at Guan Rui, then walked over nervously.

Guan Ziyao was shocked the moment she saw the image on the screen! It was a picture. The woman in the picture was smiling sweetly and on tiptoes to kiss a man. Both of them looked extremely intimate.

The picture was pretty clearly shot. The woman was obviously Ning Xi while the man was not Lu Tingxiao!

All the other pictures were of Ning Xi with this stranger as well. They both acted very close;apparently, it was not their first time.

Guan Ziyao murmured in disbelief. "How could this be?"

Guan Rui sneered coldly, "There's nothing to be surprised about. I've said so, a flirtwill leave her traces one day!"

Guan Ziyao felt her blood boil. "This is too much! Lu Tingxiao treated her so well! How could she be this shameless!?"

Guan Ziyao looked through the pictures again but while she was angry at Ning Xi, she felt at ease in her heart. All her anxiety and unease in the past few days had vanished.

It was overWith these pictures, Ning Xi is finished! No matter how much Lu Tingxiao was charmed by her, no man could accept his girlfriend cheating on him!

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