Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 980

"Father, how do you plan to handle these pictures?" Guan Ziyao asked.

Guan Rui analyzed, "I actually wanted to hand them over to the newspapers and totally destroy that woman's reputation but after some thought, I felt it's pointless. With Lu Tingxiao's ability, he'll surely find out that we're the ones who did it. If he realized that we revealed his dirty laundry to the public, he might turn hostile towards us. This is directly related to a man's reputation after all!"

Guan Ziyao nodded. "You're right, I don't want him to be troubled as well."

"So, I suggest that you pass these pictures to him directly, then tell him that I sent people to investigate her. As for that woman, she'll be done for after Lu Tingxiao sees these pictures."

"Noted, Father, I'll contact Lu Tingxiao now."

"Alright, now go!"

At the same time, in Platinum Palace, Lu Tingxiao was completing some work in the study room when Ning Xi opened the door with a bowl of soup she had taken a while to prepare.

"Boss, time for supper!"

During this entire period of time, he had to work on his company related stuff while acting. Ning Xi was really worried about his health, so she came over and cooked for him every day. She also made supper for him every night.

Lu Tingxiao even gained a little weight and his face looked rosy with no signs of fatigue. Even Little Treasure had put on some weight as well.

"What is it today?" Lu Tingxiao asked as he put down his documents.

Ning Xi replied, "Ginseng chicken soup with deer's antler. It's really nourishing! Drink up!"

A strong aromatic smell filled up the room the moment she removed the lid.

Lu Tingxiao froze, his expression indescribable. "Antler"

Ning Xi suddenly realized something as well. "Ugh...antler is supposed to be good for a man's potency as well, eh? Well, it's nourishing anyway! Quickly drink it! It took me a long time to make this! It must've been hard on you during this period of time. You must really take care of yourself!"

Lu Tingxiao's expression darkened a little. "I don't need any more nourishment in a certain area."

It was a man's pride after all!

"Well, just ignore the antler. There're ginseng and chicken as well!" Ning Xi fed him with a spoon.

"Are you going to take responsibility for what's going to happen afterward?" Lu Tingxiao looked at her suggestively.

It was Ning Xi's turn to freeze this time. "W-wha...? Nothing's going to happen...right?"

As they talked, Lu Tingxiao's beeped with a new message.

Ning Xi's sharp eyes saw Guan Ziyao's name. Lu Tingxiao saw it as well and he opened the message in front of Ning Xi.

[Lu Tingxiao, I'm really sorry, my father investigated some matters behind my back and he found out that Ms. Ning is cheating on you with a male actor from her shooting cast...I contemplated for a long time but I think I have to let you know about it. I know you might not believe me but I've already sent the proof to your inbox. Take a look at it if you have the time.]

Ning Xi blinked after reading the message. "I'm...cheating with a male actor...from my shooting cast?"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

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