Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 981

Ning Xi stared at Lu Tingxiao. He appeared expressionless as usual as he put his phone aside and started drinking the soup.

"Hey, Lu Tingxiao, aren't you going to check your inbox?" Ning Xi asked.



"It's not necessary."

"How's that unnecessary!? It's very necessary! I'm very curious! Open it!" Ning Xi sat on Lu Tingxiao's lap.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her, then he opened his inbox. There was a new mail from Guan Ziyao. With it came a compressed file attachment, probably containing some images or documents.

"Quickly download it!" Ning Xi urged.

Lu Tingxiao clicked on it, then the download started. The Internet speed was very fast, so it took only a few seconds to complete.

After unzipping the file, they found lots of pictures in the folder. Ning Xi could not wait for Lu Tingxiao's laggy movements anymore, so she quickly opened one of the pictures for a better view.

Both of them were dumbfounded

Ning Xi put her palm to her forehead. "I knew it"

Lu Tingxiao looked forlornly at her. "I told you to not fool around."

"I'm not fooling around, alright? It's not the paparazzi who took these. It's your dear childhood friend! And we've already been secretive enough. No one would've noticed if they didn't monitor us all day long" Ning Xi browsed through the pictures happily.

"Well, these pictures are pretty well taken! Look at the lighting! This angle! They even took this one where I kissed you in secret and this one where I secretly put a wheatgrass in your hair, hahaha! And also this one...how embarrassing! Lu Tingxiao, send me a copy, please, I want to keep them! Quickly!"

All these pictures were of Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu, which was incidentally, Lu Tingxiao.

No wonder Guan Ziyao had said that she cheated with another male actor!

It was not wrong...in a way.

As Ning Xi thought about it, she realized that something was not right andshe glanced wryly at Lu Tingxiao. "Your dear childhood friend seems really concerned about you, eh?"

Lu Tingxiao's heart swelled at the fact that Ning Xi was jealous. He grabbed her by the waist and mocked, "Are you jealous?"

"Stop trying to change the topic! I heard that you didn't have anyone to talk to back then because your IQ was too high. Only Guan Ziyao could chat with you. Hmm, so you're really friendly with her? So, you like her type? The smart type of woman like Guan Ziyao?" Ning Xi's nostrils flared as her temper rose.

Lu Tingxiao said seriously, "Nope, I like someone a little stupid."

"Who's stupid?! You're stupid!" Ning Xi was suddenly triggered and she got up from his lap, taking the soup away. "I'm confiscating this! No more for you!"

Seeing the girl retreat quickly, Lu Tingxiao glanced at his manhood which had reacted from their close proximity. That was a pretty quick reaction!

Suddenly, his phone rang. It was Mo Lingtian.

Lu Tingxiao picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey, uh...Lu Tingxiao your voice doesn't sound right" he felt a chill as he heard Lu Tingxiao's voice.

"What's up?"

"I'm in a bad mood...come out and drink with me!" Mo Lingtian said weakly.

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