Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 984

It was a warm, sunny day, a good day for camping.

At the parking site located at the bottom of Mount Yu Ming, Guan Ziyao, Mo Lingtian, Lu Xinyan, and several others were chatting as they waited for the rest to arrive.

"Where's he? Not here yet?"

"Will he ditch us?"

"No way! I only came because I heard Bro Xiao is coming!"

Guan Ziyao looked at her watch and inhaled deeply. "Just wait a little longer, Tingxiao's in a bad mood. He might've overslept"

"Bad mood? What happened?" Some sharp ones could practically smell the gossip coming.

Guan Ziyao said hesitantly, "Seems like he argued with his girlfriend"

Massive news!

"Really? Did they argue? Didn't they look lovey-dovey together the last time we saw them?"

"Sis Ziyao, are you serious? Did he really argue with that woman?"

"Hahaha, they finally fought! I knew they weren't going to last for long! Could they have already broken up?"

"That's possible! It must be a huge matter to make Bro Xiao argue with her!"

Guan Ziyao apologized as the group of friends bombarded her with all the questions, "I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure about the details as well. I just heard Lingtian mention it!"

However, she actually knew that after something like that, Lu Tingxiao must have already broken up with Ning Xi.

The group then shifted their attention to Mo Lingtian.

"Master Mo, what happened?"

"Master Mo...Master Mo! Master Mo?"

"What?" Mo Lingtian replied annoyingly as he puffed on his cigarette.

"Master Mo, why're you daydreaming...? We were just asking what happened to Lu Tingxiao. Did he really break up with Ning Xi?"

"Break up?" Mo Lingtian was in a bad mood himself, so he did not really pay attention to what they were discussing just now and he was confused how they reached this conclusion.

"Yeah, didn't you tell Ziyao that Lu Tingxiao argued with his girlfriend?" someone asked.

Mo Lingtian remembered now that he did say thatbut he had just made that excuse up because he did not want Lu Tingxiao to join them.

Did they really believe me?

And it seemed like...so did Ziyao.

Mo Longtian looked at Guan Ziyao. He realized that she looked really cheerful that dayand she had changed her usual style of cold colored outfits and wore a smoking red dress that day.

Mo Lingtian looked really unwell.

They stopped asking him as he seemed like he was in a blur daze. They then continued their gossip as they waited.

"Hey! It's there! Is that Lu Tingxiao's car?"


"Yes, it's his car!"

A black four-wheel-drive parked near them. The door opened and Lu Tingxiao walked out.

Guan Ziyao went up to him and beamed, "You're finally here, Tingxiao. We're all waiting for you, let's go!"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded.

When Guan Ziyao started walking, she realized that Lu Tingxiao did not follow her. Instead, he went to the other side of the car and opened the door.

Had Lu Tingxiao invited someone else?

A person alighted from the car. It was...Ning Xi?!

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