Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 986

This time, there was a pair of newlyweds who had gotten married very soon after they met each other through a blind date. The girl already started complaining at the bottom of the mountain, "My gosh! It's so high! Are we really walking all the way up? I can imagine that I'll die halfway!"

"It's alright, I'll carry you if you're tired!"

"You're the best!"

When he heard the newlywed's conversation, Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl beside him. "Still feeling tired?"

Ning Xi pouted, "It's all your fault!"

He had made the little bun unhappy last night, so she had to make up to him and only got a few hours of sleep.

Lu Tingxiao understood what Ning Xi meant but it was a totally different thing from the perspective of the others and their wild imaginations ran...

So, they really did make up! Did they do it all night long?

Lu Tingxiao walked in front of the girl as she yawned and he bent over. "Get on."

"What?" Ning Xi asked.

"Get on me and continue sleeping."

"Really?" Ning Xi was really tempted by his broad back and she quickly jumped on him.

Lu Tingxiao adjusted his position and started walking with Ning Xi on his back. Everyone was speechless by what they saw.

"Even a married couple lost to them!"

"That guy was ready to carry his wife if she was tired but Lu Tingxiao is already carrying Ning Xi before they even started!"

"I'm impressed by Bro Xiao!"

"Hahaha, I would never believe that Lu Tingxiao has this side of him a few years back but now I'm already used to it!"

They were halfway to the top and Ning Xi had slept through the whole journey. Lu Tingxiao continued without any sign of fatigue even with her on his back.

A few people were panting behind him, "CEO Lu has...too much...stamina"

The group was chatting along the way and the camaraderie was great, except for Lu Xinyan and a few girls who were friendly with Guan Ziyao.

Lu Xinyan chased up with Lu Tingxiao and said, "Bro, there's still a long way ahead! How long does she plan to sleep? Is she trying to tire you out!?"

Ning Xi frowned a little because of the noise and Lu Tingxiao looked at Lu Xinyan coldly. "Quiet."

Lu Xinyan was so frustrated!

At the back of the hiking group, Guan Ziyao's doubts grew stronger when she watched Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi

Finally, they reached the mountaintop around evening. After a short rest, everyone started setting up camp. Guan Ziyao could not hold it in anymore and went up to Lu Tingxiao. "Tingxiao, can I speak to you for a moment?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at Ning Xi who was setting up the tent.

As she was focused on the tent, she signaled to him to go ahead with Guan Ziyao.

It's probably hard for Guan Ziyao to hold it in this long

Guan Ziyao felt humiliated by Ning Xi's indifferent attitude. Where did her confidence come from?

As they walked a distance away from the campsite, Guan Ziyao asked, "Tingxiao, did you see the message and photos I sent you last night?"

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao was still looking at Ning Xi even though Guan Ziyao was talking to him.

"Did you see Ning Xi together with that man?" Guan Ziyao confirmed with him again.

"Yes." Lu Tingxiao still looked calm.

Was that all he had to react to this?

Guan Ziyao took a deep breath and asked again, "Then...what do you think?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Those are some nice pictures, thank you."

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