Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 989

There was a transparent portion at the top of the tent and because they were quite high above sea level, the twinkling stars could be seen clearly.

Ning Xi lay down beside Lu Tingxiao and as they both looked at the stars, she mumbled, "Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are...gosh, I'm missing Little Treasure already!"

She could think of Little Treasure even by just looking at the stars

"Don't think of other men when you're with me."

Ning Xi's mouth twitched in amusement. "He's our son, alright?"

"Not even our son," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Ning Xi was speechless. "Then, what would happen to our children in the future? My poor children will be abandoned by you!"

Lu Tingxiao turned to her, his eyes shining brighter than the stars in the sky. "I won't abandon them. Let's make some."

Ning Xi coughed, "Keep calm. I was just saying."

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi chatted about all sorts of things from having babies to the number of boys and girls they wanted...until there was a weird noise coming from the tent beside them. It sounded like a girl crying.

"Is someone crying?" Ning Xi asked.

"Nope," Lu Tingxiao replied expressionlessly.

"No? But I heard it."

The voices became clearer.

"Mmm...mmm...ah...no...don't...be gentler"

Ning Xi kept quiet.

As the noises got more and more intense, Ning Xi understood what were they doing. It was the pair of newlyweds beside their tent.

Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi won the battle in the daytime, so they wanted a rematch at night!

"Mmm...dear, why do you think there's nothing happening in Lu Tingxiao's tent? Could he be tired from hiking? He has such good stamina though."

"You naughty little thing! Are you really talking about another's man stamina in front of me?!"

"Ah...slower...how annoying...mmm"

Their voices got louder and wilder; almost everyone could hear them. It was understandable as they were newlyweds, so some of them just turned a deaf ear. However, of course, there were some that could not stand it.

"You bastard, Zhao Haisheng! Keep your voice down!" Mo Lingtian roared from his tent.

Everyone else laughed. They all thought that the showdown ended.

They had anticipated hearing something from Lu Tingxiao and his little bunny's tent, but Zhao Haisheng and his wife got to it first.

But there was really nothing happening in Lu Tingxiao's tent. Was he really that tired from carrying Ning Xi today?

Just as everyone was thinking about it, suddenly there was a loud crash. Bam!

Everyone hurried out of their tents to see Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi's tent collapsed...

Even the tent collapsed! Just how intense were they?

As expected of Lu Tingxiao

A short while later, Lu Tingxiao helped Ning Xi out of the tent with a dark expression. He stared at the girl. "So, this is your very solid tent?"

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