Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 991

After getting dressed, everyone split up to look for Guan Ziyao in the surrounding area.

"Xinyan, don't be sad, Ziyao's definitely not that weak!"

"It's all that woman's fault. She's just too much! She's been trying to provoke Sis Ziyao since yesterday and intentionally had my cousin piggy back her and kiss each other as if no one else was around. At night, they even...ugh, just offensive public morals!" Lu Xinyan ranted.

"That woman is indeed too much, I've been wanting to say that since yesterday. Is she here to hike or sleep? If she wanted to sleep, she should just go home! Why did she even come?"

"Poor Ziyao..."


The few girls who were usually on good terms with Ziyao had started to complain and push all the blame about the missing Guan Ziyao onto Ning Xi.

Was it wrong for a couple publicly display their affection for each other? If this was offending public morals, would he and his wife not be even more offensive by their standards?

Zhao Haisheng and his wife, Ling Fei, had wanted to say something but those people were on Guan Ziyao's side, so it would not do them any good to cut in. They could only shake their heads and continue the search.

As the sky was beginning to brighten, time slowly passed for them and everyone had gone on separate ways, yet they still had not found her. Their expressions could not help but be filled with worry.

Ning Xi's search was unfruitful too. She scratched her head and suggested, "Lu Tingxiao, let's split up to look! It's faster that way!"

If something really had happened to Guan Ziyao, it would definitely be very troublesome, especially for Lu Tingxiao. Even if it had nothing to do with them, the blame would definitely fall on them. It was not like she had not heard all the people gossiping and whispering earlier.

"The terrains here are complicated, you'd better stick with me," said Lu Tingxiao with a frown.

Ning Xi helplessly looked at Lu Tingxiao who wished that he could tie her around him to carry. "I'm an adult. Do you think I'd get lost? Don't talk so much, quickly look for her!"

Lu Tingxiao could not stop her, "Call me if there's anything, don't get lost..."

"I know, I know!"


"Sis Ziyao! Sis Ziyao! Where are you?"

"Answer me if you can hear me?"

"Sis Ziyao!!!"

Lu Xinyan shouted at the top of her lungs from the cliff and suddenly bumped into Ning Xi at a turn on the narrow path.

When she saw Ning Xi, Lu Xinyan immediately shot her a nasty look. "Witch! Sis Ziyao is now missing because of you! Are you happy now!? You're satisfied now, aren't you!? How can you be this evil!?"

Ning Xi raised her brows questioningly. "I hope in the future, when a third party comes between you and your boyfriend, and your third party goes missing when your boyfriend rejects her, I hope you can also be this righteous, Miss Lu."

"You!" Lu Xinyan roared in fury, "What third party?! You're the third party! You're the third party between Sis Ziyao and my cousin!"

"Miss Lu, do you really understand the meaning behind 'third party'? When I got into a relationship with your cousin, I was single and so was he. How did you come to the conclusion that I'm the third party?"

Lu Xinyan bit her lip and she rebutted, "Sis Ziyao and my cousin grew up together and they've known each other since they were young!"

Ning Xi nodded solemnly. "So, your cousin said that he liked Guan Ziyao and wanted to marry her?"

"He...he never said that to me, but my cousin definitely likes Sis Ziyao. He never got a girlfriend all these years because he was waiting for Sis Ziyao!" Lu Xinyan sounded incredibly certain.

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