Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 997

Guan Ziyao did not know how to bear the social pressure until she got home.

Last night, she had really felt terribly miserable, thus she had wanted to be alone. She also did not know why she had switched off her handphone with the intention of taking revenge on Lu Tingxiao.

In a dark corner, as she watched everyone look for her anxiously and blame Ning Xi, her mood that was on the verge of a breakdown had slowly turned around.

She had worked out a suitable time to appear, so Lu Tingxiao would find her and she wanted to use the opportunity to have a good chat with Lu Tingxiao...

Who knew that an accident would happen in the end and that she would become the target of criticism!?

From the moment she had known of the woman's existence, it was like a virus had attacked her perfect life. Everything had become a mess and it all spiralled out of her control.

She could not continue being kind or merciful!

After a night, she could finally calm down a little. She looked for her father and explained everything to him.

"What? Ke Mingyu is Lu Tingxiao?" When he heard his daughter's report, Guan Rui looked completely surprised too.

"Yes, Lu Tingxiao said so himself."

When he observed his daughter's expression, Guan Rui could roughly guess what had happened. He patted her shoulder. "You've been wronged. I've been too careless about this."

"It's not your fault, Father. Who'd have thought that Lu Tingxiao would go to that extent for that woman...?" Guan Rui's expression looked horrified, then he consoled Guan Ziyao, "You don't have to worry too much, no matter how much Lu Tingxiao gilds that woman, even if he can improve her social status, you can't uplift your origins..."

"Father, is there some sort of secret about Ning Xi's background?" Guan Ziyao asked in concern.

"After I returned from the birthday banquet, I especially investigated. She is Ning Yaohua's daughter, which isn't much of an issue. This woman stayed in the village until she turned 18, and was raised by an ignorant village lady. After she was taken back to the Ning family, she did many ridiculuous things, so her biological parents found her embarassing, and would much rather have their adopted daughter, Ning Xueluo, and not her, because she was too inferior to be shown to public!" Guan Rui said with disdain.

"But this woman has caused us to.miscalculate things over and over again, so we can't take things lightly. We must completely destroy her before this woman succeeds. However, Lu Tingxiao has been doting on her so excessively recently..."

Guan Rui pat his daughter's shoulder. "The more Lu Tingxiao dotes on her now, the more it'll make Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi hate her. When that happens, we will boost our efforts, so even Lu Tingxiao wouldn't be able to protect her! Ziyao, I won't let you suffer for nothing! This time, I not only want to destroy her; I want to make her fall forever!"


At Platinum Palace entrance.

"Ning...Ning Xi!" Lu Xinyan panted as she ran up to her.

"What is it?" Ning Xi turned around and looked at the girl.

"I...mayI say a few words to you personally?" Lu Xinyan shot a look at Lu Tingxiao who was beside her. Because she was afraid, she could not help but shrink a little.

"Speak personally...? I'm sorry, that might be a little hard!" Ning Xi said as she raised up one hand.

Her fair wrist was being wrapped with tie, and the other end of the tie was held tightly in Lu Tingxiao's hand...

Great...now she had really been tied to his waistband...

Lu Xinyan was speechless.

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