Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 999

Lu Tingxiao stared at her with a darkened expression. "What do other people's lives have to do with you?"

Ning Xi cleared her throat. "Hey, that's your cousin! It's not very nice for you to say that."

"Even if it was me, I don't allow to do such things!"

"That's nothing...I've dabbled in way more dangerous things than this back then. What happened today was a totallysmall case. I wouldn't do things I'm unsure of..."

She had explained till her mouth went dry, yet Lu Tingxiao remained stiff as a rod. Ning Xi could not help but cry on the inside. She had gotten the upper hand and made Lu Xinyan apologize, but now it was her turn to be in the pits.

Ning Xi persisted in rubbing her hand against the man's chest and said, "Don't be angry, okay? Next time, I'll really be good and stay beside you. I won't just run off!"

Lu Tingxiao indicated that he did not trust her at all.

Ning Xi felt like her words did not carry enough weight, so she murmured, "Then, what can I do to appease you?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her with darkened eyes, not saying anything.

Ning Xi's eyes lit up. She suddenly thought of something. "Hmm, don't be angry, alright...husband?"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

You win!


Half a month went by since that incident had happened.

Since then, Ning Xi's life had been significantly affected...

The worst thing was the devil's maddening and random style of safety education. The other thing was that her apartment had gotten so filled up that she had nowhere to stand. It was filled with all sorts of hampers, expensive clothing, makeup and those sort of things. There was even a pair of nunchucks, a soft sword, and other weird things like guns and knives...

The hampers with tonics were sent by Mo Lingtian and Guan Ziyao while the clothes and makeup were sent by Lu Xinyan. As for the nunchucks, sword, and knives, those were given by Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi.

She knew why most of them had sent her those things, but she was really confused about Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi.

Why were these two suddenly trying to win her favor?

Ding dong! The sound of the doorbell was heard.

Ning Xi opened the door and noticed Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi at the door again. These two tall and strong guys held sausages and smoked goose in their hands.

"Lady Boss, this is our hometown's specialty, try them!" Shi Xiao's words were eager and careful. He now kept calling her "Lady Boss" and his attitude was entirely different from the initial arrogance he had displayed the last time.

Xiong Zhi echoed, "Lady Boss, try them! If you like it, we'll bring more for you the next time!"

Ning Xi sighed and leaned against the door. "The both of you, please just be direct! Stop beating around the bush. Are you still senior leaders?"

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi glanced at each other, then decided to be straightforward after some contemplation. Shi Xiao started, "Lady Boss, can you let us bros protect you?"

Ning Xi raised one brow. "Protect me? Are you sure?"

When they recalled the Lady Boss's valiance, Shi Xiao silently wiped off the beads of sweat on his brow. "Lady Boss, I know our shooting skills can't compare to yours, but in terms of agility, while we might not be the best, we're still two of the top few!"

"I've already finished shooting my show," said Ning Xi.

Shi Xiao quickly replied, "Exactly! Exactly because you're done the shooting, you'll need us! Lady Boss, when you're popular and you're always surrounded by your fans and reporters when you go out, you definitely need bodyguards! When that happens, can youspeak to the Boss...and use the two of us?"

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. These guys...when did they learn to brown nose...?

"Then let's speak again when I'm famous!" Ning Xi said casually.

Did...did this mean they had a chance?

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi looked at each other again, suddenly feeling very emotional. They both agreed, "Lady Boss, you'll definitely become famous!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Thank you so much for your confidence in me....

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