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  • Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

  • Author(s): Yao Ye
  • Status : Ongoing
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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven summary:

From a young age, Jiang Yi suffers humiliation and bullying due to his sealed dantian. One day, he wakes up to find his seal broken, allowing him to gain incredible powers. With his cultivation of the Nine Heavens Divine Flames, he embarks on a heaven-defying journey. All territories are mine, all cultivation techniques are mine, same for all treasures. If humanity treats me unfairly, a million corpses shall lay! If the heavens treats me unfairly, the heavens shall burn!

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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapters

Time uploaded
964 Anger2 days ago
954 Pursui7 days ago
952 Slaughtera week ago
943 Who Is He?2 weeks ago
934 Duel2 weeks ago
933 Get Up Here2 weeks ago
928 Kill Him3 weeks ago
911 Lava Lake4 weeks ago
902 Big Trouble4 weeks ago
898 Old Friendsa month ago
894 Qi Tianchena month ago
889 Get Outa month ago
881 Three Waysa month ago
880 Crisisa month ago
878 All Get Losa month ago
876 Honey Trapa month ago
875 Astral Winda month ago
871 Tantai Shia month ago
870 Sin Seaa month ago
865 Influencea month ago
862 Insane Ideaa month ago
861 Ao Lus Furya month ago
849 Tuoba Ninga month ago
845 Funerala month ago
835 Spiesa month ago
825 All In Vaina month ago
824 Womana month ago
820 Uninviteda month ago
819 Snatcha month ago
817 Crazy Ideaa month ago
812 Brothersa month ago
804 Virtuosica month ago
801 Situ Aoa month ago
793 Lu Lin Deada month ago
788 Duela month ago
783 Demigoda month ago
776 Lunatica month ago
769 sorrowa month ago
759 Gods Soba month ago
713 Goodbyea month ago
709 Seal Stonea month ago
706 Grand Bea month ago
688 Risk Ita month ago
680 Chief Jianga month ago
658 Blue Jadea month ago
654 Get Losa month ago
647 Sin Islanda month ago
646 Defeateda month ago
631 Astrologera month ago
628 I Yielda month ago
627 Get Losa month ago
624 Spirit Batsa month ago
618 Its Him?a month ago
611 Guardiana month ago
607 Ghost Towna month ago
605 Soul Sworda month ago
604 Fengdu Citya month ago
589 Stop Hima month ago
586 Yi Chana month ago
585 Ling Shiyaa month ago
584 Yin Ruobinga month ago
559 Antmena month ago
558 Beastmena month ago
533 Soul Slavea month ago
530 Qing Yu..a month ago
525 True Dragona month ago
524 Beautya month ago
521 Queendoma month ago
495 Dugu Qiua month ago
488 Ominous Mana month ago
474 Undefeateda month ago
463 Bad Newsa month ago
456 Beast Tidea month ago
446 Principala month ago
435 Traitora month ago
401 Hades Abyssa month ago
396 Take Ruoxuea month ago
391 Wind Myriada month ago
378 Mutual Lovea month ago
369 Sufferinga month ago
358 Used Goodsa month ago
354 Witch Goda month ago
348 Mazea month ago
338 Exia month ago
337 Sea Demona month ago
336 Send Me Upa month ago
330 Stone Puppea month ago
329 Spotteda month ago
326 Kill Yun Lua month ago
322 Regena month ago
320 Divine Veina month ago
319 Queena month ago
302 Diea month ago
297 Refugeea month ago
296 Dao Patterna month ago
288 Fairy Peaka month ago
283 Answera month ago
276 Young Lorda month ago
275 Executea month ago
271 Great Gifa month ago
260 Found Ia month ago
256 Calamitya month ago
211 Shui Youlana month ago
210 Yun He Deada month ago
203 Massacrea month ago
201 Surroundeda month ago
200 Assistancea month ago
198 Ghost Woodsa month ago
196 Little Monka month ago
194 Ill Do Ia month ago
191 Soul Seala month ago
173 Savage Mana month ago
170 Earth Firea month ago
162 Elixir Kinga month ago
154 Black Qilina month ago
152 Silly Womana month ago
147 Charmeda month ago
138 Death Figha month ago
134 Arrogancea month ago
127 Massacrea month ago
115 Jiang Bielia month ago
113 Kill Mea month ago
106 Morona month ago
96 Investigatea month ago
93 Ice Beasa month ago
89 What A Pitya month ago
85 A Huge Bea month ago
79 Investmena month ago
77 Dangera month ago
71 Little Thiefa month ago
68 Scumbaga month ago
67 Madmana month ago
66 Demonic Artsa month ago
63 A Visitora month ago
62 Jiang Yiliua month ago
61 Departurea month ago
56 Broken Seala month ago
55 Devila month ago
54 Young Lorda month ago
51 Up The Hilla month ago
49 Carry Ona month ago
48 Its All Overa month ago
47 White Hoa month ago
40 New Abilitya month ago
39 A Bea month ago
38 Fleeinga month ago
37 Leavinga month ago
36 Discourageda month ago
32 Flipping Oua month ago
21 The Deala month ago
20 Ferocitya month ago
12 Ji Tingyua month ago
6 The Sayinga month ago
5 Jiang Xiaonua month ago
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