Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 464

465 The Rise Of A Great Battle

The Yazi Beast's strength was unquestionable. Its terrifying oppression caused those thousands of Soul Travel Realm experts outside the city to turn rigid instantly. A lot of those Soul Travel Realm experts in the lower stages were all immobilized.

Is Jiang Yi about to make his move?

A lot of the experts from the five factions had their gaze fixed on Summer Rain City. The Yazi Beast was the symbol of Jiang Yi. Now that the Yazi Beast had appeared, Jiang Yi would definitely emerge as well.

A lot of experts venerated and hated Jiang Yi. Of course, most of them dreaded him. This god-like youth had created too many miracles. At this very moment, there was an uncertainty in their heart as they had no idea what was going to happen next.

"Yazi Beast, cease your savagery! All troops, attack! This king is sufficient to slay this little demon king!"

A lion-like roar echoed out as an imposing figure flew over from a distance over. That person was donned in a multi-colored combat robe with a golden halberd at hand. His head was covered in the purple-jade heavenly crown, and he had the vigor of a dragon. Before he even got close, that mountain-like aura of his had caused a lot of the martial artists to feel stifled.

Xiao Longwang!

Su Ruoxue narrowed her eyes. The five great factions had came prepared. Now that the first Vajra Realm martial expert had appeared, how long later before the next one would appear?


Taishi Wudi burst out with a roar before taking the lead to attack. The sword on his hand turned into several afterimages as it cleaved down at the front. Following which, a beam of green sword mirage whistled out as it pierced through the vast sky like a comet as it flew forward.

Tsk! Tsk!

Eight thousand Soul Travel Realm experts released their essence force attacks, and for a split moment, the whole sky brightened up. The sky was jolted numerous times just like when countless large rocks crashing into a peaceful lake. That destructive presence shrouded the whole Summer Rain City.

"Activate the protection array!"

Su Ruoxue's expression didn't change and had only waved her hand lightly. A lot of the black bricks on the wall lighted up, forming a blue protective cover above the Summer Rain City.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Countless essence force rained onto the protective cover in an unending stream, causing the blue light on the protective cover to radiated brilliantly. It forcefully blocked the attacks from thousands of Soul Travel Realm expert. The essence force attacks blossomed as it struck onto the defensive barrier, making it looked extremely gorgeous like fireworks which looked fascinating.


The Saint Spirit Kingdom old general, Taishi Wudi, Azure Dragon Empire's General Long, and the others clicked their tongues. There was also a defensive barrier like this in Stellarsky City. However, that was set up by a supreme Heaven Monarch long ago. In the past, the Summer Rain City did not have any defensive barrier at all. Yet, in such a short span of time, who could have possibly arranged such a big defensive barrier?

"Witch God's restriction is indeed really strong!"

Yun Fei clenched her small fist in excitement. They had actually achieved such accomplishment through a small effort. Of course, this was all because Su Ruoxue possessed a lot of celestial stones. Otherwise, if they had used other spirit stones as substitutes, they would never be able to withstand against the earlier wave of attacks.

"Continue attacking! I would like to see how long this defensive barrier can last"

Taishi Wudi bellowed. However, before he could even finish his speech, a white beam of light shot down from the sky. It struck down with him as the center, covering a radius of 33 meters.

Tsk! Tsk!

The people around him didn't explode. Instead, the dozens of Soul Travel Realm experts got turn into a fine powder with a circular deep pit appearing on the ground. The depth of the pit was immeasurable and would cause hearts to palpitate once they took a glance at it.

"Evil creature, you dare to injure my people?"

Xiao Longwang was angered. He suddenly drew across with the halberd on his hand, causing a golden ray to burst forth. That golden ray turned into a strange beast in the mid-air as it brandished its claws at the Yazi Beast.


The horn on the Yazi Beast's forehead lighted up, and a white light was shot towards the strange beast mirage. Following which, a startling explosion resonated. That sparkling white light caused the people beneath it to lose their vision momentarily. Even Su Ruoxue and her people could not see what was happening.


General Long and his men expression changed as they cursed inwardly. Couldn't Xiao Longwang find a location further away to fight? They didn't know if the Yazi Beast had fallen after that great clash with him, but all the people beneath would probably be dead because of the impact of their battle.

The people beneath them were frightened as they started fleeing in all direction in a frenzy. At what cultivation stage was Xiao Longwang again? He was a seventh-stage Vajra Realm martial expert while the Yazi Beast was a peak-grade demon king. However, it had yet to break through to the demon thearch realm, which would give it a transformation and cause its strength to increase by numerous folds. No matter the case, its demonic art was still extremely terrifying.

Tsk! Tsk!

That terrifying shock wave surged out like a tempest. More than a two hundred Soul Travel Realm experts directly beneath them got shredded into mincemeat by the distorted forces. All the nearby Soul Travel Realm experts were also blasted away like rootless duckweed. All of them vomited blood in mid-air before losing consciousness!

"Evil creature! If you have the guts, fight with me up in the sky!"

Xiao Longwang realized what was happening as he burst out with a roar. However, the Yazi Beast turned itself into a flow of light as it charged towards the Soul Travel Realm experts beneath them. All those Soul Travel Realm experts it passed by were either ripped apart by its claw, rammed into mincemeat, or bitten into pieces. In a few blinks of the eye, close to a thousand Soul Travel Realm experts had perished.

"Evil creature, you are courting death!"

Xiao Longwang was furious. He turned himself into an afterimage as he chased after the Yazi Beast. His speed was faster than the Yazi Beast, but the problem was his allies were everywhere. He could not use any overly excessive attacks, and the Yazi Beast's defense was extremely tough. However, since it didn't wish to fight it out with him, Xiao Longwang was unable to do anything to it momentarily. Unless he chose to ignore all the fleeing allies.


It was at this moment, an icy 'hmph' resonated; and a golden figure appeared in the northern side. His whole body was shrouded in golden battle armor while holding a golden spear on hand. His entire body was as dazzling as a blazing sun. He made his way over from the northern side. Because of the golden rays emitted out from his body, it gave everyone the feeling like he was like an unrivaled god.

Northern Liang Kingdom's Sha Di!

"Xiao Longwang, why are you so foolish? Why are you even chasing after that beast? You can just break through the city!"

Sha Di's body was enveloped with armor, with only a pair of icy glacier-like eyes exposed. The spear on his hand suddenly thrust forward, causing the space before him to turn distorted. What was even more mysterious was the spear had actually disappeared!

Tsk! Tsk!

This caused Su Ruoxue and the others to be extremely startled. Next moment later, a golden spear appeared outside of the barrier as it thrust at the barrier.


The blue barrier brightened up, but the golden spear didn't receive any resistance as it pierced right through the defensive barrier. Following after, the whole barrier burst like a bubble, leaving nothing behind.

"Right. We should first raze the Summer Rain City to the ground first!"

Xiao Longwang eyes brightened up. Rather than chasing after the Yazi Beast, it would be better to just attack the Summer Rain City. He would like to see if the Yazi Beast would come back and assist the city.

Even though he said so, he didn't charge toward the city immediately but gazed towards Sha Di. However, Sha Di didn't move as well. The both of them looked towards the quiet city and felt their heart palpitating.

Jiang Yi had yet to appear, and both of them weren't fools. What if they charged in and fell into Jiang Yi's trap? It was known to everyone that Jiang Yi had slaughtered Eunuch Lin.

Xiao Longwang glanced towards the northern side with rage for a few times. When he saw those few other old fellows had yet to make their moves, he cursed inwardly. He turned his eyes and yelled, "All troops, listen up. Charge towards the Summer Rain City! As long as you make it into the city, the creature wouldn't kill after you."

"That's a great idea!"

All the Soul Travel Realm experts, who were terrified by the Yazi Beast's pursuit, had their eyes lit up. As long as they entered the city and started fighting with the Summer Rain City soldiers, how was the Yazi Beast still going to continue pursuing?

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless Soul Travel Realm experts charged towards the Summer Rain City. They knew that the city might be a lot more dangerous, but there was at least a chance of survival. If they didn't charge in and force Jiang Yi to show himself, the remaining Vajra Realm martial experts would never reveal themselves and would only wait for to see the Yazi Beast killing them one by one.

"Get ready for battle! We shall perish and survive together with the Summer Rain City!"

Su Ruoxue shouted out with her delicate voice as she waved her lily-white hands. Countless Soul Travel Realm experts in the city drew their weapons and circulated their essence force. Their weapons grew bright up in multi-colored radiance as the light reflected off their firm and resolute face. It caused the stern aura in the city to intensify by several folds.
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