Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 660

661 Waiting Idly For The Opportunity


A clear and crisp sound echoed out. Before the black fog managed to envelop everyone, Heaven Monarch Fei Guo's skull had been broken apart by Jiang Xiaonu. Everyone was able to see Fei Guo had released his divine shield. However, the divine shield was like a bubble in front of the phoenix claw. With just a grab, it burst.

The black fog had already enveloped the surroundings!

However, everyone's mind was filled with a deeply affecting scene. While the ground was being covered by the black fog, there was a stifling beauty who had a pair of green wings and green hair. However, her aura was terrifying to the point that caused them to feel startled, and she had turned into an afterimage while flying towards them. That claw that was infused in green rays like a reaper's talons. It broke apart Heaven Monarch Fei Guo's divine shield easily. Following which, it turned Fei Guo's skull into broken pieces with just a pinch.


Perhaps, it might be due to the short distance between them, Jiang Xiaonu appeared too abruptly, or Fei Guo had reacted too slowly. However, it was undeniable that Jiang Xiaonu's speed was simply too fast. It was faster than anyone, and that claw of hers was too sharp. There was basically no difference even if the divine shield was around.

Chi! Chi!

Everyone was able to hear the sound of the void being pierced through vaguely. Following which, four silhouettes fell down from the sky in succession. It was during then that the black fog at the sky had also dissipated because Feng Luan had forgotten to release her darkness dao pattern due to her astonishment.

Ss, ss

The Golden Flood Dragon breathed in a long breath of cold air as he stared at four silhouettes that were descending lifelessly. All their skulls had been crushed, making them look like corpses that didn't belong to humans. His eyes were filled with fright as he felt his body turned icy cold after taking a glance at Jiang Xiaonu who was standing in mid-air arrogantly.


Jiang Yi was startled as well. Jiang Xiaonu said that she had cultivated the Ink Feather Divine Art to the second stage and had caused her strength to increase ten times, allowing her to fight on equal terms with the lower-stage Heaven Monarch. Unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaonu was actually so ferocious to the point that she was able to kill four Heaven Monarch in a flash. Although it was just a sneak attack and their distances were quite nearby, it was still extremely shocking.

"You bad girl!"

However, he lamented in a somewhat annoyed manner. "Didn't we agreed to act accordingly to circumstances? Why did you charge up alone? What if they possessed some unusual attacks or defensive treasures? I will never let you participate again if you are going to act so dangerously."


Jiang Xiaonu flew back down. The green rays on her body flashed as she returned to her former look. Unfortunately, the clothing covering her back had been damaged as it revealed a whitish back. Immediately, Feng Luan took out a cape for her to wear.

"Young Master!"

Jiang Xiaonu pouted with a grievance, "I felt that I would be able to kill them. Therefore, I made the move."


Jiang Yi rolled his eyes, "What if it was a misjudgment? Atrocious!"


Jiang Xiaonu hardened her small face and replied, "Our race's senses are very sharp. For example, I feel that I wouldn't be able to kill Ling Clan's Patriarch in the past. Therefore, I fled. As long as I feel that I would be able to kill them, they would inevitably die."


Jiang Yi and Feng Luan glanced at each other. Both of them grew apprehensive inwardly. Isn't Jiang Xiaonu's race too fierce? That sharp talons of hers were simply unstoppable.

Wasn't the speed very terrifying as well? Such a formidable race should be very famous in the East Imperial Continent. Why weren't there any records in the Feng Clan then?

However, it was a joyous event for everyone since Jiang Xiaonu's strength had increased greatly. Jiang Yi glimpsed at Jiang Xiaonu helplessly before walking up to collect the spoils of the battle. He picked up the shuttle and threw it to Feng Luan under the coveting gaze of the Golden Flood Dragon. "Feng'er, refine this treasure as soon as you returned. This should be a transcending saint artifact and is compatible with your darkness dao pattern's sneak attack. It should only bring you benefits."

Jiang Yi collected four ancient divine essence rings. Because the four of them had died, there weren't any spiritual imprint left in them, allowing his divine senses to scan the inside casually. He grew elated immediately after the casual scan.

There were a lot of treasures within the four ancient divine essence rings. There were at least dozens of saint artifacts in them and with a close approximation of ten thousand celestial stones. Furthermore, there was a large number of thunder stones, estimated to be at least 300 to 400 of them!

"What a big harvest!"

Jiang Yi grinned and chuckled. "I have managed to obtain more than a thousand thunder stones in just a day. It is sufficient to last us for four to five months. We are going to reside in the city quietly. The next time we come out to hunt for the thunder stones, it would be able to last for a year. We would then be able to continue dwelling in the Sin Island."

"Over a thousand thunder stones? How did you manage to obtain them, Young Master?"

This time, it was Feng Luan, Jiang Xiaonu, and the others' turn to be stupefied. Jiang Yi didn't bother to explain and just smiled, "Let's go. I will explain after we get back."

Jiang Yi's Thearch Palace flashed and stored the trio in. Following which, he struck out several lumps of Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames as it burnt the three corpses into ashes.


He flew towards the city gate rapidly. However, before he even got near to the city gate, he stopped because there was a group of people standing outside it. When they saw his silhouette, all of them shot over.

Clearly, this group of people was waiting idly for the opportunity as they waited for him to return!

A group of Lu Clan's soldier that was wearing a white battle suit stood outside the city gate. However, none of them moved. Rather, all of them looked towards him in an engrossing manner as if they were watching a show.


Jiang Yi turned around in alarm as he fled with all his might. He would constantly turn around as his face was filled with fright while he saw those Lu Clan's soldiers laughing heartily.

"Brat, you wouldn't be able to escape. Surrender yourself immediately, and I will spare you alive."

"That's right. When nightfall arrives, the outside will be filled with Thunder Fire. Death still awaits you even if you escaped from us!"

"Hahahaha. Let him run. How long can he possibly last at this speed?"

"Brother Long, how about playing him to death? It's getting harder to suppress my battle blade's thirst"

There were dozens of them in the group with three of them in the Heaven Monarch Realm while the others were in the peak of the Vajra Realm. The ones who were shouting incessantly were the ones at the peak of Vajra realm. The three Heaven Monarchs didn't speak or signaled for them to attack. They flew silently and closed the distance between them continuously.

Twenty miles 30 miles!

Jiang Yi flew back to the thunder ridges. He was only able to see those silhouettes outside the city gate vaguely. The distance between him and the pursuers was only two miles apart, and the other party could launch an attack at any point in time.

One of the Heaven Monarch finally spoke up as he said coldly, "Brat, the sky is about to turn dark. The moment the sky turned dark, the Thunder Fire would scatter around the mountain range even though the thunderbolts wouldn't strike down. Once the Thunder Fire touches you, you will be turned into dust. I will give you two choices. First choice, hand over that beauty. If Chief Ye is in a good mood, he might even decide to protect you. Second choice, die!"

"Don't come over. Let me consider for a bit!"

Jiang Yi cried out with feigned fright. However, he didn't stop but continued to fly away. Three of the Heaven Monarch harrumphed coldly as they turned into three afterimages and surrounded Jiang Yi. Those in the peak of Vajra Realm had also pursued over. All of their weapons were glistening in radiance as they prepare to attack.

Jiang Yi's speed was still somewhat slow. He was surrounded within moments after the three Heaven Monarch dashed over. One of them stated impatiently, "I'm going to ask you one last time. Are you handing the person over or not?"

Jiang Yi was compelled to a stop. His eyes flickered while it was filled with fear. He clenched his teeth and inquired, "If I hand the person over, will you guarantee not to kill me?"

When he saw the trio had nodded their hand, the Thearch Palace appeared on Jiang Yi's hand and three human silhouettes appeared in mid-air. The three Heaven Monarch's eyes lit up as they stared at Feng Luan and Xiaonu with their eyes filled with lewdness.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaonu transformed. There was a special kind of traits on her that caused the mind of theirs to sway from her beauty.


At the next second, the trio's expression changed because black fog surrounded Feng Luan. The sky was instantly turned pitch-black.

Almost at the same time, Jiang Xiaonu streaked across the sky. That phoenix claw of hers that was suffused in green rays caused a Heaven Monarch in front of her to perceive the aura of death.
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