Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 661

662 They Will Definitely Venture Ou

When a martial artist was facing danger, what was the most instinctive reaction? That would be to defend!

The aura presence from Jiang Xiaonu's claws was too horrific, which even made the Heaven Monarch in front of her to feel the aura of death. He instinctively burst in retreat and released his divine shield at the same time while preparing to attack back.

Feng Luan's darkness dao pattern had arrived and enveloped the surroundings, but it was unknown how Jiang Xiaonu was actually able to lock onto the two other Heaven Monarchs with ease. With a flap of her wings, she turned into an afterimage and flew towards another Heaven Monarch.

The three of them were Heaven Monarchs at the lower stages. They might have the ability to neutralize Feng Luan's darkness dao pattern and scatter the black fog, but they would never be able to block against Jiang Xiaonu's sharp claws. Hence, the result was already set in place!

The Golden Flood Dragon and Jiang Yi moved at the same time. The Golden Flood Dragon flew towards the Vajra Realm martial artists at the back and killed them one after the other with Feng Luan's instruction.

On the other hand, Jiang Yi flew towards the remaining Heaven Monarch and shot out tens of thousands of fire dragons with his Fire Dragon Sword. As Feng Luan and the others were here, he didn't dare to release the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames, but he did send out his 36 soul swords with the fire dragons.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When going against a Heaven Monarch expert, the fire dragons might not be powerful, but they were intimidating. The Heaven Monarch's soul spirit was obviously not tough, and now that he was enveloped by the darkness dao pattern, he had turned blind and deaf. For a moment, he was at a loss of what could he do. Thus, he simply stood there and released his divine shield. When the tens of thousands of fire dragons whizzed over, it caused his divine shield to radiate brilliantly after getting blasted; but it was obviously not going to break.

When that Heaven Monarch expert felt the power of the fire dragons, his heart was slightly settled, but all his hair raised up again when he saw a red light breaking through the black fog. Before he had time to check what it was, 36 soul swords entered into his soul spirit sea through his glabella.

"I am done for"

He didn't have any soul spirit defense abilities; neither did he have any soul spirit defense artifacts. After knowing that these soul swords were soul spirit attacks, his mind had this surge of despair. He gritted his teeth and viciously brandished the battle saber in his hand. He shot out rays of golden light as he wanted to drag someone down with him before his imminent death.

The golden lights were very powerful, and a few of them had crashed on Jiang Yi's body. The Fire Cloud Armor immediately protected the owner, and Jiang Yi could only feel his innards jolting a little, but there weren't any serious injuries.


The soul swords continued to attack, causing the Heaven Monarch's soul spirit to crumble. His body then fell down lifelessly.

The black fog slowly dissipated as Feng Luan had to stop the darkness dao pattern to dodge the golden lights. However, the battle had already ended by now.

Jiang Xiaonu had killed two Heaven Monarchs while Jiang Yi had killed one. The Golden Flood Dragon faced against 12 peak-stage Vajra Realm martial artists as though a hungry wolf entering a herd of sheep, killing all 12 of them effortlessly.


Jiang Yi immediately kept Jiang Xiaonu, Feng Luan, and the Golden Flood Dragon into the Thearch Palace as he could feel several divine senses extending over. He quickly flew down and kept all the weapons and ancient divine essence rings. He didn't even bother to incinerate the bodies as he rushed towards the city gates like a sharp sword.


Those divine senses were released by the Lu Clan's soldiers. They originally thought there was nothing good to see, but when they saw the black clouds, it piqued their curiosity.


By the time their divine senses came over, the battle had already ended; and Jiang Yi was plundering the spoils of war. Right now, Jiang Yi had turned into an afterimage and was flying towards the city gates. The soldiers were all flabbergasted as they stared at Jiang Yi with burning eyes; they were trying to find out something exceptional about him. Why was he able to take out so many people in such a short amount of time?

It was a pity.

They couldn't see anything odd. Apart from the nine strange star spheres in Jiang Yi's dantian, they couldn't see anything that was exceptional. Based on Jiang Yi's aura presence, he was merely a second-stage Vajra Realm martial artist.

Acting like a pig and eating the tiger!

These words appeared in the minds of everyone. At this moment, even that middle-stage Heaven Realm commander had started to notice Jiang Yi. If Jiang Yi was able to instantly kill so many individuals which even had three lower-stage Heaven Monarchs, it meant that Jiang Yi's strength was at the middle stage of Heaven Monarch. Perhaps even higher!


Jiang Yi was already at the city gates and had rushed into the city quickly. Everyone's brows were still knitted closely as they couldn't understand what kind of ability Jiang Yi had. How could he suppress his aura presence to such a low level?

After Jiang Yi entered the city, he rushed straight for his courtyard. His red hair was too eye-catching, and he was quickly recognized. Everyone who saw him got amazed.

The news had already been spread out in the city. Ba Dao and Chief Long's men had been sent to intercept Jiang Yi, but Jiang Yi returned while the others didn't. The conclusion was evident.


One hour later, when the sky was completely dark, there was a muffled sound of things getting smashed in a courtyard at the eastern side of the city. A man, who was stalwart like a wild beast, had been constantly picking up the teacups on the table and smashing them viciously.

The sky was completely dark, and Ba Dao's four Heaven Monarchs had yet to return. It was needless to say that they were never going to return, making him suddenly losing four experts. Ba Dao was originally in the lower part of the ten chiefs, and now, he was the weakest among them. Someone might even take away his position as the chief. How could he not be enraged?

The courtyard was very small, just like the one Jiang Yi was staying in, but it was very luxurious in here. On the floor, there were two kneeling beauties that were wearing revealing clothes. They two of them were trembling from fear when they saw how enraged Ba Dao was. Whenever Ba Dao wasn't in a good mood, he would torture them; and this time wasn't an exception either.

There was another Heaven Monarch expert in the hall. He too was standing there silently as he feared he might infuriate Ba Dao. Ba Dao's irritable temper was something that was well-known in the Sky Thunder City.

After Ba Dao smashed all the teacups and teapots in the house and vented his anger, that Heaven Monarch martial artist then reported in a soft voice: "Big Brother Ba Dao, Chief Long had also sent three Heaven Monarchs along with a dozen peak-stage Vajra Realm martial artists. It was rumored that all of them had been taken out by Lone Wolf outside the western city gates. Someone saw a rise of black fog, and once that black fog dispersed, they were all dead"


Ba Dao's round eyes flashed as he said in a serious tone, "What combat strength does that kid have? Could he be acting like a pig and eating tigers? Could he possess the powerful presence suppression art? Could the entire city be wrong? Or does he have some special ability?"

Ba Dao mumbled a few statements and waved his hand with rage. "I don't care if he is a real tiger or a fake tiger. Send someone to keep an eye on him. If he dares to exit the city, I will do it personallyturning him into a dead tiger!"

The Heaven Monarch martial artist let out a bitter smile and said, "Lone Wolf had killed Fei Guo and the others along with Chief Long's people. He must have obtained quite a bit of thunder stones. I am afraid that they would hide in the city and not venture out"

"They will definitely venture out."

Ba Dao spoke resolutely, "In order to live peacefully in the Gods Bestow Tribe, one must have enough merits. If this kid wants to obtain more merits, he would definitely have to venture out and obtain thunder stones. He had already had the sweet taste this time, and he will definitely not be able to resist himself from venturing out. Once he exits from the city, immediately report to me."


The Heaven Monarch martial artist dismissed himself with cupped hands. Ba Dao's expression turned ashen again as he grabbed the two women and crudely ripped their revealing clothes, turning them into lambs. He then used one hand to carry one woman as though he was lugging two sacks into the room. for visiting.

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