Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2087

Nalan Shan looked on in shock at Wu Jiu's sudden explosive increase in his power of the spirit, his eyes filling up with surprise. He could clearly feel that the power of the spirit in Wu Jiu was currently rising at an astounding speed!

Nalan Shan had not thought that Wu Jiu would still hide a portion of his powers. By the time he discovered it, it was already too late!

Wu Jiu's power of the spirit increased by a fold and he morphed into a streak of black shadow that disappeared before Nalan Shan's eyes. Nalan Shan raised up his guard but an intense pain was suddenly spreading from his back!

"Fool! You are just seeking your own death." Wu Jiu's sinister voice rose up from behind Nalan Shan. Nalan Shan lowered his head and looked down at the arm that had pierced right through his chest, his eyes wide with shock.

Wu Jiu then pushed Nalan Shan away, and the heavily wounded Nalan Shan was in a state of panic as a hole had opened up in his chest where the flesh around it was gradually turning into dust in dissipation at a speed visible to the eye.

His spirit soul critically wounded, what welcomed Nalan Shan could only be to disappear..

Wu Jiu looked at Nalan Shan with contempt, a foot stepping upon Nalan Shan's head. "Nalan Shan, I've said you were foolish, and that's exactly what you are. If you've pledged your loyalty to me, what you could have gotten would definitely be beyond anything you could have imagined. You clearly had that path open to you but you've instead chosen the path that leads to your death."

Nalan Shan had fallen unmoving onto the ground and his spirit that was quickly disappearing away caused him to not even have the strength to open his mouth, the feeling of emptiness that was coming to engulf over his entire body telling him of his fate that was moving towards certain death. His eyes stared in regret and aggrievement, unwilling to disappear just like that.

Wu Jiu did not bother with Nalan Shan anymore as from what he saw, Nalan Shan already did not have much time left.

"Wu Jiu! You actually dared to! !" Brownie who had been kept right at the back had its eyes fixed upon the entire battlefield throughout. At the very moment that it saw Nalan Shan fell, its mind had immediately exploded with a whirl!

Heaven scorching rage and torrential hatred weaved up in Brownie's heart, burning away the very last vestiges of its sensibility.

Wu Jiu looked at the furious Brownie, and suddenly broke out in laughter.

"What? You can't bear for him to leave? What a pity.. If you had not run away in the first place, my junior would not have died, and your fellow beasts would not have to suffer all this turmoil. All of this had been caused by you." Wu Jiu said venomously.

Brownie was so angry its sharp fangs were quivering. The cheetah beside it cursed inwardly. Brownie and Nalan Shan had grown incredibly close and having it see with its own eyes Wu Jiu wounding Nalan Shan so severely while hearing Wu Jiu's taunting words, it was feared that things would surely grow even worse!

"Wu Jiu, I am going to kill you! !" Brownie roared with every ounce of strength it could summon and the Spiritual Bear's rage stirred up a hurricane to sweep through the battlefield!

Wu Jiu's eyes then flashed with a gleeful glint. He stood there remaining in his spot, raising up his foot to repeatedly stomp upon Nalan Shan's head as he looked tauntingly at Brownie.

"Kill me? You? You're merely a prisoner of mine. If I can imprison you once, then I will be able to capture you a second time. Anyone who seeks to rescue you will be killed by me. Not just Nalan Shan, but that bunch of foolish and laughable fellow Beasts of yours as well. Not a single one of you must even think of leaving here alive today!"

Brownie completely lost it as any remaining rationality was burned up, without a single bit left. It charged right through the cheetah's attempt to block it and charged straight towards the haughty and cruel Wu Jiu with a mighty roar!

"Jun Wu Xie! Stop the Spiritual Bear!" The cheetah was knocked away by Brownie as it watched Brownie charging away where it was about to reach Wu Jiu and it quickly roared out in panic!

Jun Wu Xie who was battling Jiang Yun Long suddenly heard the cheetah's roar and she turned her eyes to look, only to see Brownie charging mindlessly straight towards Wu Jiu!

That's not good!
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