Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2088

Seeing Brownie coming straight towards him, Wu Jiu's eyes were shining with a gleeful glint. Nalan Shan who had fallen to the ground creased his brows together and wanted to stop him but found that he could not open his mouth at all.

"Wu Jiu! I am going to have your life!" Brownie leapt up, its enormous body pouncing right at Wu Jiu.

Wu Jiu lifted his head up and looked smilingly at Brownie that was leaping straight at him. He turned on his heel suddenly, and his slender figure disappeared from right before Brownie. Brownie's eyes flared wide, and the moment its massive body landed, multiple lengths of Soul Binding Chains shot out from the chair that Wu Jiu had been sitting in earlier!

The Soul Binding Chains fitted with hooks were fast as lightning, the sharp hooks immediately piercing through Brownie's thick fur into flesh. Tens of the huge hooks were deeply lodged in Brownie's body in many spots, excruciating pain from the flesh pierced causing Brownie to let out a Heaven quaking roar!

"Hahaha! Fool! What a great big fool! !" The figure of Wu Jiu appeared on the chair once again, with both feet standing upon it, his mouth laughing out madly in glee.

Several tens of those Soul Binding Chains held Brownie helplessly trapped, constantly dragging Brownie to go towards Wu Jiu!

Nalan Shan's consciousness was gradually becoming fuzzy and under his increasingly clouded vision, he only saw Brownie roaring in rage helplessly as the Soul Binding Chains pierced it all over its body, to be forcibly dragged along while it dug its claws into the ground, but was no match for the pull of the Soul Binding Chains. Brownie was dragged bit by bit forward, leaving behind a trail of deep claw marks in the ground.

"Spiritual Bear! !" The cheetah saw with its own eyes that Brownie was snared in a trap and it immediately went charging forward like it had lost its mind.

"Stop them." Wu Jiu lifted his eyes, and said coldly.

When they saw that the Spiritual Bear had been captured, the morale of the human spirits and the Weapon Spirits immediately shot up, and under the command of Wu Jiu, they joined together and blocked off the way forward for the Beast Spirits and Plant Spirits completely!

"Let the Spiritual Bear go!" The cheetah was charging forward maniacally as it leapt past all the enemies who came to block its way. With its great agility and a leap off its hind legs, it leapt up into the air, its sharp claws stepping over the enemies before it, as its momentum brought it hurtling straight towards Wu Jiu!

"Foolish weakling." The corners of Wu Jiu's mouth curled up into a cruel smile, and he suddenly raised his hands, to drive both hands right through the cheetah's chest!

"Roar! ! ! !" A mournful wail poured out from the cheetah's jaws. Its eyes were bloodshot as the excruciating pain almost caused its consciousness to almost disappear instantly. The cheetah fought with that last sliver of consciousness in its mind, ignoring Wu Jiu's hands that had plunged through its chest but to surge itself further forward with its jaws wide open, and clamped its fangs right onto Wu Jiu's shoulder!

Intense pain caused Wu Jiu's brows to furrowed up tightly together, and enraged, he pulled his arms open wide!

"No! ! !" Brownie's eyes were wide as they stared, where he then let out a roar of despair!

The cheetah was torn into two halves under Wu Jiu's hands in an instant, that lean muscular body torn right through as it was flung in the air, to turn into specks of sparkly stars, that fell upon Brownie's face..

Brownie's irises quaked violently, as it looked at the cheetah's body gradually disappearing..

"Roar! ! !"

The Heaven shaking bear's roar resonated in everyone's ears. Jun Wu Xie had witnessed with her eyes Nalan Shan being severely wounded, Brownie being captured, and the cheetah disappearing forever for the belief it held in its heart. Her heart that had been calm for quite a while quaked intensely. That bear's roar of utter sorrow and despair had rocked every single part of her soul.

"Idiot. With just a bunch of animals like them and you want to strike at my Master? You really overestimated yourselves. Jun Wu Xie, do you see it? This is the fate you will face by going against us. The Spiritual Bear has been caught and Nalan Shan will disappear very soon. After that, it will then be your turn!" Jiang Yun Long said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie maliciously.
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