Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2152

Tian Ze had withstood utter exhaustion for him to hold up till now. Seeing Tian Ze completely drained of energy and falling into unconsciousness, Jun Wu Xie's heart felt as if a huge boulder was pressed down on her heart, suffocating her so much her heart felt pain.

Tian Ze was already wounded so severely, then for Su Ya who was still in the Nine Temple's hands..

Jun Wu Xie could not continue on with that thought. Her hands were stained red with Tian Ze's blood and the warm sticky blood was gradually losing temperature, turning icy cold, that chilled her hands.

Her blood caked hands clenched into fists, and Jun Wu Xie turned to Xue Er and the masked girl who were standing at the side in a daze to say to them: "I will have to trouble the two of you to look after my Uncle Master for the next few days."

Xue Er struggled to recover from the shock she was in. Everything she had heard earlier caused her entire body to turn cold. As a disciple of the Spirit Jade Palace, they had not been able to match up to the Twelve Palaces' might before. So how could they possibly go against such a enormous entity like the Nine Temples? But judging from Jun Wu Xie's eyes, Xue Er could see that Jun Wu Xie was determined to make the Nine Temples her enemy!

"Yes.." Xue Er answered, her voice beginning to tremble.

Jun Wu Xie's breathing had become deep and long as she went walking outside with her eyes lowered, and Jun Wu Yao followed behind her with Ye Sha trailing behind.

Xue Er looked at Tian Ze lying upon the bed. The heart wrenching howl of anguish that had tore out from Tian Ze's throat earlier had shocked her so much she still had not fully regained her senses.

"Se.. Senior... What.. What do we.. do now.." Xue Er was so nervous she felt like crying.

The masked girl remained silent and did not say a word. She turned around suddenly and went running out to follow Jun Wu Xie's footsteps.

In just an instant, the masked girl spotted Jun Wu Xie who had walked just some distance away and she called out suddenly: "Miss Jun! Please hold your step for a moment!"

Jun Wu Xie's footsteps halted, but she did not turn her head. If she was to turn herself around at that moment, the masked girl would then see that the delicately featured face, was filled with terrifying murder.

"Miss Jun, are you intending to save the hostage out from the hands of the Nine Temples?" The masked girl asked, her voice unconsciously tinged tinged with intense nervousness.

"Yes." Jun Wu Xie spat out that one word icily.

Her Master was captured, the entire sect persecuted, and if she were to stand back and not do anything, how could she have the cheek to address Su Ya as her Master! ?

The masked girl was slightly taken aback. Jun Wu Xie's answer was exactly as she had thought it would be, but hearing it with her own ears still caused her heart to shiver with fear.

"The Nine Temples is not like the Twelve Palaces. There is no animosity between them, and it could be said that the Nine Temples are one. If you are really going to save your Master, that would mean that you will be going against the entire Nine Temples! Your enemy will not just be a single force, but one that is more powerful than all the Twelve Palaces put together, the Nine Temples!" The masked girl said, her arms held tightly against the sides of her body, her hands clenched into fists, shivering slightly.

Her pair of eyes had long lost the calm and cool indifference seen in them so far, worry filling up within them.

"So what?" Jun Wu Xie turned around suddenly, and within her icy gaze, chilling murder rose that felt suffocating to behold.

"No matter who they are, why should I fear? At most I'll fight them to death! How could I possibly abandon my Master! ?"

The masked girl was so shaken by Jun Wu Xie's words she stood rooted to her spot. She could even detect the strong resolve from those words to fight them to her death. Jun Wu Xie did not have all that many people she cared about at her side. But this seemingly callous and cold hearted young lady was willing to give up her own life for every single person she came to care about.

Even if she knew that she might not be a match for the enemy, she would not back down.

The masked girl was dumbfounded, unable to say a word. Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over her, and then left without turning back again.

The masked girl's eyes lowered down and her heart winced with pain.

That's right. How could she not know that she would not be able to dissuade her? She had always known that Jun Wu Xie was a person who did not fear death..
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