Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2153

Jun Wu Xie went to Jun Wu Yao's room and did not say a word as she stood by the table, using water to clean the blood off her hands bit by bit, the icy air emanating from her making Ye Sha and the others to not go forward. They could feel that Jun Wu Xie's rage had reached beyond its peak, and the calm she was showing under that extreme rage was instead even more terrifying.

"Ye Mei, go check on the situation at Mount Fu Yao." Jun Wu Yao went ahead to order Ye Mei on his own accord.

"Yes! My Lord!" The moment Ye Mei's voice fell, he disappeared from the room.

"Ye Sha."

"Your subordinate's here!" Ye Sha took a step forward.

"Keep a close watch on the Nine Temples' movements."

"Yes! My Lord!" Ye Sha then disappeared.

"Ye Gu."

"Your subordinate awaits." Ye Gu took a step forward.

Jun Wu Yao pulled a jade token out from his robes, and handed it over to Ye Gu.

When Ye Gu saw the jade token, his eyes immediately widened, staring at it in disbelief.

"Lord Jue! You are.." Ye Gu's tone of voice revealed the shock and panic he was feeling.

But Jun Wu Yao waved his hand casually.


Ye Gu clenched his jaw as he stared at the jade token in his hand. He took a deep breath, his hand holding the token tightly.

"Yes! My Lord!"

Ye Gu left, and there was only Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao in the room. Jun Wu Yao stood up and walked over to go beside Jun Wu Xie. Watching her rubbing her small tender hands almost masochistically as she cleaned them, like she wanted to rub the flesh off, Jun Wu Yao's brows creased up and he held the pair of small hands in his, bringing them to up to press against his chest while he pulled Jun Wu Xie into his arms, holding her little head to lean against him.

"It'll be alright. You will definitely be able to rescue Su Ya." Jun Wu Yao comforted Jun Wu Xie in a soft tone. Having stayed by Jun Wu Xie's side for so long, how could he not know how much she cared about her family, friends and Master.

It was exactly because Jun Wu Xie had suffered her fill of torment in her past life, having not felt any warmth, nor gotten too close to people much, that in this life, the most ordinary and common forms of kinship, friendship and love to any regular person was to her, something the Heavens had bestowed upon her. Although she had never spoken of it, but all of that was remembered deep in her heart, embedded in her bones, where it was impossible to scrape off.

Jun Wu Xie still did not speak, her mind constantly replaying bits and pieces of things that happened back in the Cloudy Brook Academy. What Tian Ze had said earlier, seemingly like a nightmare that interjected those beautiful memories, shredding up the harmonious images little by little.

Jun Wu Xie did not dare to think just how vicious and cruel the torture they inflicted upon Su Ya could truly be.

"I am going to kill them." Having remained silent for quite a while, Jun Wu Xie finally spat out those words, a vow chill as winter's ice.

"Sure.. Sure.. Kill them as you wish." Jun Wu Yao coaxed in a soft tone.

The two of them were locked in embrace for a long while, till Jun Wu Xie's emotions finally calmed down. She did not rush off to go do anything, but instead stayed in that room to put a brush to paper to write a out a letter, before asking Jun Wu Yao to release an Ink Snake, to deliver the letter to the Lower Realm.

Five days' time was too short. Even if she send the news out, they would not be able to make it in time here. But doing something about it, was better than not doing anything.

At that same moment, the masked girl was already on a horse at full sprint, rushing straight to the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. As the distance was not too far apart, at the moment dawn broke, she reached her destination. Flipping herself off the horse fluidly, she charged her way right into the Spirit Jade Palace's main hall.

The sun's rays had not brightened the place up yet and the inside of the palace was cold and cheerless. Only two female disciples were wiping the floor and when they saw the masked girl, they immediately went up to her smilingly in welcome.
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