Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1429



Ji Jiutian had forcibly exerted such a great strength before he recovered, so his blood was flowing backward and he vomited a mouthful of blood, which was as red as a beautiful rose.

“That’s enough!” Yun Luofeng frowned and rushed to Ji Jiutian, “Ji Jiutian, you haven’t recovered. Just leave these people to me.”

Ji Jiutian raised his hand and stopped Yun Luofeng. His wildly fluttering red robe covered her eyes and made her heart skip a beat.

“I promised the Ghost Emperor that I would keep you safe!”

“I must keep my promise!”

People might criticize him for being cruel or eccentric, but he never broke his word. Besides, even if he hadn’t promised the Ghost Emperor, he would never let her be in any danger!

Yun Luofeng raised her head and looked up at the Poison Valley people who were running toward Ji Jiutian. Once again, she felt that she was not strong enough!

If she…was powerful enough, Ji Jiutian didn’t have to take this risk!

“How many times have I said I would never let anyone around me be hurt, but Yun Xiao, Xiao Bai, Hong Luan, and Ji Jiutian… they were all injured because of me?!”

“General Wen also died protecting my family. Countless enemies want to threaten me with the lives of my loved ones, but I’m still so weak!”

Her strength had risen fast. She just spent less than ten years to become a sage king-level spirit cultivator from scratch. However, as her strength increased, the enemies she met were also stronger…

She must become stronger before she could protect those around her!

“Master…” Xiao Mo wanted to comfort Yun Luofeng but didn’t know where to start.

He understood her feeling. In the last six months, Yun Luofeng had seen what Yun Xiao paid for protecting her first and then watched Hong Luan lose all her strength to protect her. Now even Ji Jiutian was risking his life for her!

But she couldn’t do anything!

How could she accept this?

“Strength comes from danger. Xiao Mo, this time, I must confront Mo Qiancheng! Only when I get the Witchcraft Bone will my strength be significantly improved!”

Yun Luofeng clenched her fists. Scared by Mo Qiancheng’s strength, she had been wondering whether she should give up the Witchcraft Bone or not…

But now she had made up her mind that no matter how dangerous it was, she must get this treasure! Only in this way could she improve her strength!

The people of the Poison Valley fell down one by one. Xiang Fei, who was full of confidence, finally turned pale, “I really underestimated Ji Jiutian! Even though he was badly injured, he is still so powerful!”

If he didn’t intervene, all his men would be killed by him…

“Master Xiang Fei, we can’t hold on any longer,” the betraying old man looked back at Xiang Fei, his forehead covered with sweat, “Master, I remember that you told the leader of the Witchcraft Tribe that you had a way to deal with Ji Jiutian. Please subdue Ji Jiutian and save us!”

Xiang Fei snorted coldly and looked up at Ji Jiutian, a grim light flashed through his eyes.

“Ji Jiutian, I’ll give you a chance. Surrender to me, or elseyou won’t even have the chance to reincarnate!”

Ji Jiutian gave a sneer and his voice was cold and arrogant, “I will never give in to anyone. Show me what you’re capable of. I’d like to see what your trump card is!”

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