Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1431


“Is it because… Yun Luofeng paused and grinned, “you were killed by a dog in your previous life that you’re so afraid of it?”

“Yun Luofeng!” Ji Jiutian had calmed down, but his eyes were still red. “You can’t help me by staying here. Leave now! Get out!”

“When Mo Qiancheng appeared, you wanted me to go. Now the Poison Valley people are making trouble for us, and you asked me to leave again. Ji Jiutian, am I such a coward in your mind?”

The girl laughed, and her laughter hit Ji Jiutian hard in the heart and immediately irritated him.

“If you can survive, it’s better than if we both die. That’s why I wanted you to go!”

Why did Feng’er never listen to him? Did she really want to die with him?

This time, Yun Luofeng just ignored him and turned to the spirit dog that was biting her arm.


She exerted a great strength into her arm which exploded out from it. It hurt the spirit dog so much that it finally let go of Yun Luofeng’s arm.

However, it soon pounced on her again and vomited a mouthful of flames at the same time. At any other time, Yun Luofeng would have chosen to dodge the flames, but now she had to protect Ji Jiutian behind her! So she couldn’t dodge it but had to face it.


Her fist hit the flames, and the flame instantly disappeared. The spirit dog waved its claws that were shining with a chilly glint like sharp daggers and attacked her again.

Gazing at Yun Luofeng who was battling with the spirit dog, Ji Jiutian clenched his fists. Perhaps because he exerted too great a force or because he was too afraid of the spirit dog, his fists trembled slightly.

This spirit dog was at the sage god level. Though Yun Luofeng was already a sage king-level spirit cultivator, there was still a big difference between her and this spirit beast in strength. Therefore, the spirit dog soon got the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Xiang Fei seemed to be unsatisfied with the spirit dog’s attacking speed, and also joined the battle! His aura pressed towards Yun Luofeng like a mountain and struck her away with a bang. At the same time, countless sharp swords formed with spirit energy cut through the sky and stabbed at her

The girl was calm. She stared fearlessly at the sharp swords that were striking towards her, and a solemn gleam flickered across her eyes.

Would… she and Ji Jiutian die here today?


She hadn’t found Yun Xiao. She couldn’t die in this place!

When she started to fight just now, she had forcibly put Huohuo and other spirit pets into the God Code Space and cut off the connection with it, so the spirit beasts in it couldn’t know what happened outside


Ji Jiutian’s clenched fist hung down on his thigh, and his anxious eyes were burning with raging flames.

“Damn it! What are you afraid of? Are you going to watch Feng’er being killed in front of your eyes?”

If so, how would you explain this to your deceased friend when you met him in the afterlife?

Perhaps because of the anxiety in his heart, Ji Jiutian finally took a step forward. Not having the time to figure out what happened, he quickly moved forward and pulled Yun Luofeng who was going to be hit by those swords into his arms.


Countless rays of light shot from his sleeve and collided with the spirit swords. In a moment, all these swords turned back into spirit energy and dissipated in the sky…

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