Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Liu Chenyis Regret and Despair (1)

Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock

Yun Luofeng walked to the front of Liu Chenyi while having a faint smile and looked down on him.

Seemingly oppressed by her gaze, his expression became increasingly pale. He looked at Noble Consort Ling in a cry for help and appealed, Save me, Noble Consort Ling! He had yet to fully embrace the beauty of the land under the heavens, so how could he lose his life here?

Noble Consort Lings beautiful face darkened and her sharp eyes turned towards Yun Luofeng. Yun Luofeng, as per the tournament rules, participants are not allowed private wagers and all stakes are invalid!

Yun Luofeng raised her brows. Why havent I heard such a rule?

Hmph, Noble Consort Ling lightly snorted, This rule was fixed by me in private and you were unaware due to your ignorance and inexperience. I shall make the decision today, disallowing you from touching a strand of Liu Chenyis hair! Her brows furrowed and her delicate as jade hands heavily slapped the table while she strictly ordered this.

Liu Chenyi relaxed upon hearing that. With Noble Consort Lings protection, his arm was considered saved.

Yet at that moment…

A sharp sword glint flashed and instantly sliced the tendons in Liu Chenyis arm! Fresh blood splattered, followed by an anguished wailing reverberating throughout the skies.

Everyone was struck dumb as their stunned gaze turned towards the white-robed lady standing in the light breeze. All along, there was a faint smile on her face, similar to a painting with an extremely gorgeous appearance. She smiled and met those shocked or furious gazes while her white robes purer than snow lightly fluttered in the wind.

Yun Luofeng!

Long Yuans flames of fury overflowed and he suddenly stood up while sternly berating, You have the nerve to commit an assault before everyone. Men, arrest her!

Qing Mu and others were also shocked by Yun Luofengs actions and unconsciously revealed a bitter smile. This girl truly wasnt willing to suffer grievances. Since Liu Chenyi agreed to wager with her, then she must make sure that the stake was paid!

Your Majesty, Qing Mu sighed and stood out while speaking with his fists cupped, Miss Yun cannot be blamed for this and it was Liu Chenyi who provoked her! Furthermore, if Miss Yun was the one who was defeated, he would never easily let her off. Your Majesty, Noble Consort Ling, would you protect her at that time?

Noble Consort Lings eyes sank and coldly spoke. Ive always been impartial, and if Yun Luofeng lost I would definitely prevent Liu Chenyi from crippling her arm! However, she dared to disobey my orders and this woman is bound to be a disaster.

Qing Mus body shuddered and as he was going to continue pleading for leniency for Yun Luofeng, her languid voice slowly sounded and entered his ears.

Great Master Qing Mu, this is unrelated to you and you shouldnt get involved.

Qing Mu stared blankly and raised his head to look at Yun Luofengs back while a bitter smile curled on his aged face. How could he not understand that this girl was afraid that the Emperor would take his anger out on him, and so prevented him from getting involved?

You said I crippled Liu Chenyis arm? Yun Luofeng smiled as she looked towards Long Yuan and Noble Consort Ling, Then Id like to ask, with which eye did you see me doing that?

Long Yuan was stunned.

Indeed, they only saw a flash of light passing by and Liu Chenyis arm was crippled. As for who took action, it wasnt revealed…

Who could it be if it wasnt you? Noble Consort Ling coldly spoke, Liu Chenyi had only wagered with you and in addition, you had repeatedly mentioned wanting to cripple his arm. Currently, his tendons have been cut and no one other than you would do that!

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