Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 993

Chapter 993: Liu Chenyis Regret and Despair (2)

Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock

Yun Luofeng spread her hands and looked helpless. There is nothing I can say if you want to forcefully shift the blame to me! Perhaps Liu Chenyis personality was overly egotistical and provoked numerous enemies. Or maybe someone was hiding in the dark, and after witnessing the dispute between us, they crippled his arm.


When everyone heard this, their mouth couldnt help but twitch.

It seems like Liu Chenyis personality isnt as egotistical as yours!

However… what Yun Luofeng said was true. No one saw her taking action before and Liu Chenyi had been crippled. Perhaps there was truly someone behind the scenes and was making a vain attempt to frame her.


Noble Consort Ling fingers angrily pointed to Yun Luofeng while her lovable face was filled with anger and flames of fury flickered in her eyes.

Beloved Consort, Long Yuan held her hands and he looked towards Yun Luofeng. Yun Luofeng, if you dont want anybody to know, dont do it in the first place. I will dispatch men to investigate this and if I find out that you took action, dont even think about leaving the Tianhui Empire from now on!

He snorted and flung his sleeves and then stepped down from the platform with the support of the palace maids.

If Liu Chenyi was truly injured by Yun Luofeng, then he could authoritatively arrest her. However, no one saw Yun Luofeng taking action before, and if he were to show favoritism for his own selfishness it would certainly cause resentment across the entire kingdom.

On this point, Long Yuan could still thoroughly understand it.

On the platform, Noble Consort Ling also stood up slowly while tightly clenching her fists. Her stern gaze shot down at Yun Luofeng.

Ill let this brat be pleased with herself first, and then during the Martial Tournament, I will let her die without a burial site!

My Lord!



Ye Ximo and others arrived at Yun Luofengs side with haste while their eyes were filled with happiness.

Sister-in-law, this time around, youve obtained the championship for our kingdom. You are our eternal pride!

All these years, even if Ye Ximo wasnt in Ye City, he would be recalled before the Inter-kingdom tournament. However, regardless of whether the people from the Tianyun Kingdom competed in the medical or martial arts categories, they always ended up in last place and he had never seen this change even once!

However right now, with Yun Luofengs emergence, not only was the Tianyun Kingdom not in last place for the first time in a thousand years, they had even placed first. How could they not be excited?

The surrounding people looked at each other in dismay and eventually, a prodigy from a certain kingdom gathered their courage and came before Yun Luofeng while having a face filled with embarrassment. That… Im sorry for my comments about you before. Im truly sorry.

This young lady lowered her head before Yun Luofeng and gave a deep bow.

On the Continent, one had to have sufficient strength to shake the common people if they wanted to obtain others respect. Otherwise, they would forever be confronted with mocking and teasing. Yet, once you displayed a powerful strength surpassing the norm, even those who once looked down on you would have a whole new level of respect for you.

Yun Luofeng looked at the lady before her and revealed a smile. The curve on her lips was very beautiful and at the same time bewitching.

If Yun Luofeng was a man, that smile would certainly capture a young ladys heart.

Its fine as long as you dont rely on a subjective assumption in the future. In addition, if you want to find a man, open your eyes. A man like Liu Chenyi is destined to be unfaithful and fickle-minded.

That young lady blushed and lowered her head, speaking. I will not worship him in the future…

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