Girl I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 280

The shock in Lin Mis heart didnt settle down for a very long time after witnessing Jiang Xius tyrannical methods. It was really something that she wanted him to account for his actions. He was the No. 1 person of Chinas martial world. She had personally seen him exterminate the Ji family. This was also not odd. After all, he had already killed the Ji familys ancestor, Ji Wudao so taking out the roots is something which would follow as well.

But he couldve let off the Young Sword Master who was Si Wuxies son. By killing him, he had provoked a great enemy known as Si Wuxie. And Si Wuxie was an even more amazing person than Ji Wudao. Ji Wudao was the representative individual of China, but that was just in the modern era. The legends of Si Wuxie dated much earlier than his yet Jiang Xiu had killed Si Wuxies son without the slightest hesitation. His aggressiveness was enough to make peoples hair stand on ends.

His boldness and fierceness made others exclaim in shock.

Even if it was the Lin family, they would have to be somewhat afraid of him.

But after giving it another thought, no matter how strong Jiang Xiu was, the things he did couldnt be brought to light. If he had something honorable instead, Jiang Luoxias name wouldve become famous all over China long ago. But this was a peaceful modern era, so even if he was powerful, he couldnt be above the country or the law.

Whenever people evaluated a person like Jiang Luoxia, they would label him with the title of a martial artist. Actually, it was similar to those from the Jianghu mentioned in novels, the kind of people who had no regard for the laws or order and can never appear in public.

Jiang Xiu stood there for a good while contemplating it. The conclusion he arrived at based on his experience was that even if the Holy Woman died, the other world will continue to descend. If the Holy Woman hadnt died, she wouldve returned back to her original world and that other world wouldnt have descended.

But no matter what the outcome is, Xie Ting was dead.

Jiang Xiu found the highest mountaintop at the Ji familys location and dug a hole. He buried Xie Tings already burnt corpse and made a grave marker with the name Xie Ting written on it.

With the Ji family following with their deaths, I hope you can rest in peace.

After finishing this, Jiang Xiu prepared to go down the mountain. Mu Jianping called out to him at this moment, Mr. Jiang He was feeling quite restless as he too had offended Jiang Xiu this time. He had originally gone to ask for Jiang Xius help but then again ran to the Western Sichuans Sword Palace as he couldnt keep waiting. And both the sides had clashed due to this.

Go to the Wang family!

He descended the mountain after saying this. He didnt like involving himself with these trifling matters and felt vexed when listening to them.


Mu Jianping felt like he was hearing the tolls of happiness. Mr. Jiang hadnt blamed them and had also taken care of the Ji family. Their nightmarish days had finally ended.

Please take care, Mr. Jiang

According to reason, Mu Jianping ought to have arranged a huge banquet but with Jiang Xius identity, he couldnt dare to trouble him by inviting him. He didnt even have the qualifications to meet Jiang Xiu to report something, let alone entertain him and drink with him at the same table.

Are you still going to follow me? Do you still want justice for you little brother?

Lin Mi opened her lips then eased her expression before speaking, I didnt expect you to be Jiang Luoxia, but what if you are him? You were in the wrong for hurting my brother.

Ill go kill him then.

Lin Mi was frightened, You

This mans cold-heartedness and the ease with which he killed was something she had already experienced. Killing a person was nothing to him so it was possible he would really do it.

Did you forget your mother and my father are siblings? Would you hurt us even though were relatives?

Jiang Xiu laughed out loudly. Cultivating for a few years alone needed the determination to leave home and he had experienced three millenniums of cultivation, gone through several things as well as blood-reeking events and also experienced unforgettable betrayals so he knew very well how merciless the grand dao was!!

And she was so naively thinking she could restrict him with a blood relationship.

Dont you know what happened to the Jiang family?

Lin Mis eyes grew wide open immediately as she looked with fear at Jiang Xiu who had already recovered his normal appearance. She just couldnt believe it.

Listen to me properly. I only consider my father and mother as my true kin, understood?

Lin Mis eyes gradually recovered back to their initial state.

It wouldve been difficult to comprehend this happening at an ordinary family but since it happened at one of the elite families, Lin Mi felt a bit at ease. This kind of affair wasnt that uncommon in the families of ancient regents. The most famous example would be the Coup of Xuanwu Gate.

Let alone, Jiang Xiu and the Jiang family didnt have any affection between them except for the so-called heredity relationship. They had already broken their relations. What Lin Mi didnt know was that Jiang Yis imprisonment was facilitated by Jiang Yishan.

There was no affection between Jiang Xiu and the Jiang family, but this was also the case for the Lin family. Her aunt, Lin Yueling was also driven out of the Lin family and hadnt returned for 20 years now.

She had heard that the family was planning to allow her aunt to return but she didnt know whether it was due to the Jiang Xiu being Jiang Luoxia. Only, with such a character he has, it would be a wonder if the Lin family could take advantage of him.

No matter what, once this was over, she would have to return home to speak with her family.

Jiang Xiu was surprised, Youre still going to follow me?

Will I return by myself if I dont follow you? Anyway, since youre returning to the capital, Ill tag along. Though she spoke with a surly tone, her words clearly lacked in confidence.

Im not returning to the capital. Im going to Pinghai.

He was planning to visit the Xie family to deliver Xie Tings ashes. This time, Jiang Xiu was responsible for what had happened so felt guilty. It wasnt like Deity Xiu was an emotionless, tyrannical person. In reality, he was quite a complicated man.

Youll be returning to the capital in the end, right?

Do as you wish!

After speaking a few words about the Ji familys matter to Wang Xintong, he told her to settle the matters in Huabei and also asked her to arrange a plane for Pinghai.

Xie Sanxian was almost on the brink of collapse as he received his daughters ashes from Jiang Xiu. He only had one daughter and she was gone now. He couldnt take it. His wife had gone into shock the moment she heard the news of her daughters death.

I have already eradicated the Ji family! Jiang Xiu stated.

Xie Sanxian shook his head while weeping with bitter tears. This didnt matter to him at all as his daughter was gone forever. He wouldve rather preferred that his daughter had lived a peaceful life.

Before she was taken away, did Xie Ting warn you about anything?

Xie Sanxian muttered to himself for a moment but shook his head in the end.

The reason Jiang Xiu had asked this was because Xie Sanxian was a very cautious person. Now that Xie Ting was dead, he hoped that Xie Sanxian would reveal everything but it looked like Xie Ting really hadnt done any preparations beforehand.

Although the ancestor of the Xie family had infiltrated China with the intentions to take revenge, 500 years had passed and they had taken root at Pinghai, becoming an average wealthy family with a lot of kith and kin here.

For the first time ever, Jiang Xiu stayed at the Xie family idly for half a day to express his intentions. From this, it could be made out that Jiang Xiu considered Xie Ting as a friend deep in his heart.

On the evening that day, Jiang Xiu returned to the capital via air.

The moment they landed, Lin Mi made for the hospital where her brother was admitted. Lin Shiqian was still lying on the hospital bed. 24 hours had passed since the operation so it didnt hurt that much like it did after the anesthesia had worn away, but he still moaned in pain sometimes. His mother was torn with grief and wished she could get justice for him. That bastard should get stabbed a thousand times for acting so ruthless!

Ill surely break his legs one day to make him experience how it feels!

Lin Zekang said, You better speak less.

The woman felt grieved, Why shouldnt I?

Lin Zekang said helplessly, Your son will only feel more resentment if you say such things. Mimi has disappeared for the entire day today. She mightve gone to look for Jiang Xiu to make him account for what he did.

Just as he finished saying this, Lin Mi walked inside. Dad, Mom

Lin Shiqian who was moaning in pain on the bed felt his soul tremble. His eyes shone with the expectation of good news from his elder sister. Their ages were only a year apart and had a good relationship. He knew his sisters temper well. She wouldnt let him suffer bullying. Sis, how did it go?

How did what go?

Lin Shiqian asked, You ran out in a rage so you mustve gone to find that guy, right?

What are you thinking? Didnt this happen due to yourself? Why would I go find that guy to make him pay for it? She felt anguished as she said these words. Little brother, although I want to do something, I can only grit my teeth and endure.

Not only was Lin Shiqian disappointed, but their mother was also disappointed as well. Lin Mi said, Dad, come out for a moment.

Lin Zekang relaxed his breath after learning that his daughter hadnt rashly gone to trouble Jiang Xiu. The family had already informed him that if his daughter messed up, he would have to clean up the mess, but he too felt a but unreconciled.

Why did you call me outside?

Lin Mi looked at her father then asked, Dad, do you know Jiang Xius true identity?

His true identity?

What true identity? Isnt her your aunts son? The family is probably suppressing this matter as they want to let your aunt return to the family.

Lin Mi was almost certain now that her father didnt know anything. She gaze turned serious. Dad, Jiang Xiu is Jiang Luoxia

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