Girl I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 281

Jiang Luoxia? Which Jiang Luoxia are you Lin Zekang couldnt make heads or tails of it. Jiang Xius true identity and what not, him being Jiang Luoxia and all, but gradually, his expression began to morph as astonishment dyed his face. What did you say just now

Though officialdom was very distant from the martial world, as the Lin family was eyeing the fertile land known as Jiangnan, they naturally had an inkling of the bigshots there. And in Jiangnans underworld, Mr. Jiang ruled with an iron fist and his name was apparently Jiang Luoxia as well.

Lin Mi said, Jiang Xiu is Jiangnans Mr. Jiang…


Lin Zekang felt his mind explode. Jiangnans Mr. Jiang could send waves all across Jiangnan with just a stamp of his foot and easily move the economy of the province – he was such an existence.

You arent mistaken, right?

Lin Mi shook her head. She had also considered that possibility but she had witnessed him deify and massacre the Ji family then behead the Young Sword Master. There was no way she could get revenge for her little brother.

Thars great!

Lin Zekang said happily.

Great? Lin Mis eyes grew wide open as she wondered her fathers brain had short-circuited.

Of course. Did you forget hes your aunts son, i.e. my sisters son? Dont you know the Lin familys situation these past few years? Your second uncle is striving for the governor seat of Jiangnan right now. We thought wed have to rely on the relationship between Jiang Yi and Mayor Gu, but it looks like the true key lies with Jiang Xiu. Lin Zekang said excitedly. This matter is settled now.

Lin Mi could only force a smile, feeling very helpless.

What? Are you still brooding over your little brothers matter? Although Jiang Xiu acted a bit excessively, if he is really Mr. Jiang, this is nothing at all. With his position in Jiangnan, he only needs to exert his influence in front of Mayor Gu, the odds of your second uncle winning the seat will rise to 80-90%. Whats a broken leg compared to that

Lin Mi said helplessly, Dad, you dont know what kind of person Jiang Xiu is.

There will be many opportunities to understand later. Saying so, he patted Lin Mis shoulder. It seemed like he was pretty satisfied with the information she had brought to him.

Lin Mi could only shake her head.

This information was sent to the Lin family immediately. Recently, they had been discussing about Lin Yueling who name was forbidden to be mentioned before, and now, they began discussing Jiang Luoxia at great lengths.

On that day, after returning back home, Jiang Xiu saw that Cheng Lingsu had bought a computer for herself which was placed in the study room which wasnt used much. Many books had been prepared as well and she was working energetically.

100 Million RMB were already deposited in her account. She had the plans to enter the financial market from the first day of college and was preparing all along.

Now that she had the funds, she could begin investing.

This was only the first step. She planned to rent an office later and engage in trading then open a finance firm.

She could walk the road to achieving her dreams then.

However, in a dark corner, a sinister smile had risen upon a vague face. In reality, she was walking on the road of despair where she would lose no matter what she invested in until she lost all the 100 million.

As he saw the look of longing on Cheng Lingsus face, the desire he felt in his heart to destroy her became increasingly intense. He really wishes those 3 years would pass by quickly.

After turning on the lights, Jiang Xiu came to the poolside. The lighting was dark in the opposite building. He guessed that Wang Xintong mustve gone to Huabei to settle the aftermath of this times battle.

He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Nangong Kouer – Are you free tonight?

A few minutes passed by but there was no reply. Jiang Xiu guessed Nangong Kouer wouldnt reply to his message again. Women were really strange sometimes. They said something else but harbored different feelings on their hearts. Frankly, our Deity Xiu really felt like he was being treated as he was a nobody after they had done the deed, but contrary to his thoughts, Nangong Kouer replied to his message after 30 minutes – At 9 PM.

Jiang Xiu pondered for a moment then sent – Imperial Grand Hotel?

The Golden Brocade Group had a grand five-star hotel at the Imperial Capital. It was located at a good spot and was one of the very best in the capital. Only, he didnt wish for anyone to know he was meeting Nangong Kouer, not even Wang Xintong.

After sending this message, Nangong Kouer took another dozen minutes to reply. Perhaps it was because that little lass was struggling internally – Dont let anyone see you.

Jiang Xiu – Ill be very careful!

Nangong Kouer – Mhm!

How was this ignoring him after the deed was done? This is akin to burning with the flames of adultery. Jiang Xiu arrived at the Imperial Grand Hotel 20 minutes in advance the booked a hotel before sending a message to Nangong Kouer.

The room bell rang exactly at 9 PM. Jiang Xiu went to open the door and saw a fully-disguised Nangong Kouer. After confirming it was indeed her, he closed the door.

It was pretty cold in the capital during December, but it wasnt this bad. She was wearing a white hat, a black face mask and also a scarf. Altogether, her disguise was much stricter than when idols went incognito into the public.

After entering the room, she began to remove her disguise. Her pretty face blushed a little when she saw Jiang Xiu stare at her with a knowing smile. She couldnt help but stamp her feet, What are you looking at? Ill dig your eyes out if you keep… Mhm Mmm

Jiang Xiu directly slammed her back to the wall. After feeling a bit out of sorts at the beginning, Nangong Kouer embraced Jiang Xiu with her arms and her eyes turned blurry as well.

After finding a gap in between with great difficulty, Jiang Xiu asked her, Dont you want to take a bath?

I took a bath before coming over. I can only stay here for an hour.

It was already 9 PM now. It would be 10 PM after an hour and shed still have to take a ride back home. The Nangong family controlled their children very strictly so she would be scolded if she arrived home late.

Thats why they would have to rush.

Vehicles kept passing on the street outside. The lights of the vehicles looked dazzling and many people were on the way back home right now. The night brewed up a cold wind which hit the window. Sounds of pounding echoed from inside, performing this worlds most beautiful nocturne.

A man and woman tangled around each other gasped for breath. Nangong Kouers hair was scattered on the white pillow and her face was covered with a fine layer of sweat, making her glow under the dusky lighting. Her face was completely crimson as she opened her lips slightly, Stop messing around, okay… Listen to me Give me two strands of hair from your head later.

What for? Jiang Xiu was puzzled.

For gene testing. According to the study by the genetics group, a huge change has happened to the world which has led to the transformation of the genes of a few humans. They are referred to as divinity users. The difference in abilities between the awakened divinity users and non-divinity users is too astonishing. Theres a huge gap between them.

Have you already figured out how to identify them? Jiang Xiu asked her.

Mhm. The probability of a divinity user awakening is not that high, but there would be a few in every 10,000 people. Im quite fortunate as Ive shown signs of awakening. I want to test it for you as well.

When Jiang Xiu had examined Nangong Kouer, he had noticed that she indeed had a constitution suitable for cultivation. It seemed like these awakened divinity users all had constitutions suitable for cultivation. Theres no need for that…


Before he could finish his words, Nangong Kouer had already taken a few strands of his hair.

I have to. This is a huge opportunity for you. You want to live a first-rate life always, right? Nangong Kouer continued, Lets not speak of unattainable things for now, but youll need a lot of money to book a room like this one just once.

It costs over a 1000 RMB to book a room in a five-star hotel for a night.

Jiang Xiu said, Cant you just pay for it?

Nangong Kouers eyes opened wide, Youre really shameless. You arent planning to live off me in the future, right? Stop dreaming. Also, when are you returning the money you borrowed from me last time?

Jiang Xiu went down the bed and walked towards the bathroom, You mentioning matters of money between us truly makes me sad.

Are you planning to renege on your promise?

Nangong Kouer chased after him into the bathroom, but she had become the lamb who delivered itself to the wolfs mouth instead. She couldve reached home perfectly at 11 PM but it was already 12 PM when she reached there. She had to even ask for her friends help in duping them so that this matter wouldnt blow up.

Nangong Kouer cupped her blushing face after recalling she had done such a crazy thing. Her heart was fully satisfied but she kept warning herself continuously that this was the first and last time she would do this.

After tossing around in bed over and over again, she took out Jiang Xius hair strands. I hope you that results arent that bad, you baddie.

Jiang Xiu was also curious about this, that what kind of result would they obtain from his genes. He guessed it ought to be at least at the immortal god level. Jiang Xiu was completely confident about this. Even before Earth had started transforming, his experience in the previous life was enough to explain that his body was very suitable for cultivation, which enabled him to take the throne of the Heaven Treading Sects Sect Master. Apart from zeal as well as the proper frame of mind, the innate talent was the thing which one couldnt lack the most.

There was only one variable, which was that he was already a God. The question was whether their technology could detect the god gene.

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