Girl I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 282

The answer to this was out after 2 days. Nangong Kouer couldnt believe the results when they reached her hands. When she had met Jiang Xiu, he was in his deified state and possessed a peerless as well as an unfathomable beauty. She believed that Jiang Xius genes wouldve been quite outstanding. Admittedly, she was a creature who based her opinions on what she saw and the reason she was burning with the flames of adultery was partly that Jiang Xius handsomeness was hard to resist, but

The gene testing results had the 8 dull words written on it – No possibility of awakening as a divinity user.

She felt sad, not for herself, but for Jiang Xiu. The Nangong familys genetics branch had hypothesized that those who cant awaken as divinity users would become low-class people in the future with no chances of a turnback.

The results didnt make sense!

But the gene testing couldnt be wrong. If a comparison were to be made, she had a senior who was super handsome and made junior girls crazy for him wherever he went, but afterward, an embarrassing aspect of his came to light, which was that he was tone-deaf. His singing was extremely bad and had no sense of tone. Moreover, he wasnt aware of this and happily sung a ravaging love song for the junior girls.

The current Jiang Xiu gave her a very similar feeling as well.

She sighed helplessly, Let it be. Im looking for a extramarital lover, not a boyfriend or husband. Whats the need for all this? This is just fine Our Lady Nangong consoled herself like this.

But she was still worried for Jiang Xiu in her heart and felt sad due to this. She didnt tell Jiang Xiu about this and didnt plan to tell him as well. She was planning to see how the situation develops then decide whether to tell him.

Right now, in Lady Nangongs mind, our Deity Xiu had become an existence who was hurt and needed the care of someone to soothe his heart.

Time passed by quickly, and a month passed by in a blink.

The number of divinity users appearing all over the kept increasing and although each country tried to keep it confidential, Jiang Xiu was able to get the information about the situation from Wang Xintong. It was clear that the descent of the other world hadnt stopped. In other words, the Holy Woman had rather preferred to burn to death than prevent the other worlds general from arriving here.

At Jiang Xius home, the smile on Cheng Lingsus face kept decreasing more and more recently while Jiang Xiu was feeling happier. Susu had already lost over 10 million in just a month.

Losing money was pretty regular in the beginning. Except for a few geniuses who entered the market to earn money, others usually began from losing money, but Cheng Lingsu was different, she lost money no matter where she invested, all of it. This was enough to make a person collapse mentally and thoroughly lose confidence.

Cheng Lingsu was feeling like that right now. She doubted whether she wasnt suitable for this kind of business.

Wang Xintong looked at the data on the computer and couldnt help but say, Actually, Susu is quite talented. If we werent deliberately suppressing her, she wouldve already earned 30 million from the market. Except for her first investment, she wouldve earned in the rest of them.

The sooner she loses, the sooner this bet will end, and the sooner well be free. This is better for everyone. Perhaps shell thank for me for it later. Jiang Xiu stated.

Wang Xintong looked at this man. He was really like a demonic king who had come from the dark world.

She has become increasingly cautious lately, probably because shes afraid of losing again.

A smile rose up on Jiang Xius face, I saw her grab her hair in front of the computer. I reckon she wont be able to endure for long.

And after she promises to divorce you, what then?

What plan do you have?

Jiang Xiu became silent.

You want to marry Cheng Lingran? Do you think she will be willing?

Jiang Xius brows furrowed together. A evil aura came out from his forehead. Wang Xintongs heart tensed up. Her neck clutched by Jiang Xiu again. She was then carried and slammed against the wall, Who allowed you to mention Cheng Lingran in front of me?

Wang Xintongs dangling legs tried to look for support, resulting in her high-heeled shoes falling down.


I-I wont say it again

Jiang Xiu released his hand. Wang Xintongs body slid down the wall to the floor. She coughed as she felt her strength come back to her slowly. She thought – Even if I dont talk about it, wont you still have to confront it?

She stood up and stepped onto the soft carpet with her naked feet, Havent you noticed that Susu is resembling her older sister more and more. Her expression, tone as well as her smile, all of it seem similar

Isnt it possible you might be making a mistake?

A terrifying glint flashed through Jiang Xius eyes. He felt like strangling Wang Xintong again. Youre playing with fire again. Dont believe that I wont kill you since you do some things for me are useful.

The things on this Earth are worthless to me. Moreover, its very easy for me to look for someone to replace you. Theres plenty of people eager to do it.

Wang Xintongs expression morphed as panic flashed through her eyes. This was her lethal point. She said powerlessly, I just dont want you to suffer.

Both the Jiang and Lin family were elite families. Divorcing the younger sister then marrying her elder sister, no one would agree to this. Everyone would be against it.

Christmas finally arrived. Jiang Xiu had dinner with his mistress, Lady Kouer at a hotel after which they spent 2 hours there. The two of them were burning with the flames of adultery and have trysts every few days. A day like Christmas was even more perfect for a tryst. They naturally couldnt miss it with such a great mood outside. It was a pity that Nangong Kouer would leave each time after they had fun. Tonight was no exception as well. As her parents stayed abroad most of the time, they valued Christmas time a lot so Lady Kouer had to still return home and celebrate it with her family.

Im returning to Jiang City for a while!

Kouer was just about to go out of the room, When will you return? Her words sounded like she was somewhat reluctant to part with him.

Before the end of the year, I guess?

Lin Yueling had already urged him to return many times so that he could meet Mayor Gu once and chat with him about the matter of the Lin family. Jiang Xiu had evaded it till now with the excuse of classes but when the term ends, he wouldnt have any other excuse to give.

He estimated that he would have to return to Jiang City once the term ended. Jiang Yis job had also been transferred to Jiang City as well.


After disguising herself completely, Nangong Kouer opened the door to leave. She used the safety exit to go down a floor then took the elevator down.

A big event happened in the West today. Miracles happened in all parts of the church. The number of people with supernatural powers who appeared were tenfold from before. Among the large numbers which appeared, a person who had a pair of transparent wings and could fly appeared as well. After awakening, he called himself a God and the Western government secretly marked this day as the day God appeared in the world.

After 10 days, the term ended and under Lin Yuelings vehement request, Jiang Xiu and Cheng Lingsu returned to Jiangnan. As for Cheng Lingran, as a few of her exams werent done yet, she had to stay in the capital temporarily.

They returned to the Wang Gardens in Jiangnan as Mayor Gu was at Jiangnan.

Just like how Jiang Xiu and Nangong Kouer were getting passionate, the Lin family kept calling Lin Yueling frequently to ask her to return. Their intent was pretty yet Lin Yueling taking this at her own pace. She also got a lot of calls from her friends in the capital. This wasnt without reason. At the party that day, Lin Yueling had put on the jewelry which Jiang Xiu had purchased for 100 Million Euros. The people at the party went crazy due to this. Those classmates who were acting cold to her before seemed to recall all the things from the past immediately and fought to get their friendship back.

Son, Susu

At the entrance of the house, Lin Yueling smiled widely as she saw her son and daughter-in-law return.


Susu sprinted towards her like a spoiled child and hugged Lin Yueling. It was as if the 20 million she had lost simply didnt mean anything at all. This hug seemed to have everything.

Let me see how much prettier our Susu has become.


The Wang Gardens became a little lively along with the return of Jiang Xiu and Cheng Lingsu. Naturally, except for a few servants who managed the place, almost nobody else came so it lacked a bit of familial mood. Then again, it was close to the end of the year so the mood was similar to that of before a festival.

A visitor had arrived the moment Jiang Xiu had returned to the Wang Gardens. It was none other than Old Man Tang who had a crippled arm who was accompanied by Tang Wenchong. Tang Wenchong was something now as well. After the Diaoyutai had allowed the Jiang Xiu to consolidate the market of Jiangnan, the Tang family had obtained quite the benefits. Even if Tang Wenchong wasnt a first-rate young master of Jiangnan, he could be considered as a second-rate young master.

In the tea room, Old Man Tang asked, Mr. Jiang, Mayor Gus is at his end. Many people are curious about who the successor will be.

For those who mingled in the underworld of Jiangnan, it was natural that they would be concerned about who was in charge of Jiangnan.

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