God Emperor Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 Practicing Physical Body

Right now, the Holy Carnivorous Flowers abilities were similar to a Saint in the Xuanhuang Realm. Zhang Ruochen wasnt its match without using time or spatial power.

The Manlong Dragon Lord was indeed powerful. But compared to the Holy Carnivorous Flower, it was still a bit weak and couldnt take the attacks.

Zhang Ruochen nodded with satisfaction. He touched the flowers leaves and praised, The Manlong Dragon Lord is extremely strong. Even if I attack with all my might, I still may not defeat him, but you could send him flying with one strike. Right now, you truly are a great help to me. Not bad.

A gentle laugh came from the flower. Even if I surpass the Xuanhuang Realm and reach the Chedi Realm, Ill still listen to my master, it simpered. No matter how strong I become, Im only part of your abilities.

With Zhang Ruochens current cultivation, even if the Holy Carnivorous Flower could counter Heaven Pass Realm Saints, it still had to be obedient.

However, if it became a True Saint, then it could fight back against Zhang Ruochen. It could escape from his control and become an independent and aggressive plant.

Of course, when the flower reached the True Saint Realm, Zhang Ruochen would have improved as well. He could still repress the Holy Carnivorous Flower.


An angry roar sounded once again. The Manlong Dragon Lord rushed out of the red lava. Muscles bulged all over, filled with explosive strength. He waved the huge dark axe, bringing it down on Zhang Ruochen again.

The 72 levels of saintly light on Zhang Ruochen forced the rolling lava hundreds of feet away. It formed a spherical space.

He stood in the center of the light, unmoved when facing the Manlong Dragon Lords battle axe. He was as steady as a mountain.


The Holy Carnivorous Flower flew out again. It wrapped around Zhang Ruochen like a thick electric dragon. An ear-piercing scream sounded immediately after. The flowers vine flew out, hiding the axes side, forming a powerful shockwave.

The Manlong Dragon Lord felt that he couldnt control the axe anymore. His arm moved involuntarily to the right. The huge axes blade cut an arc in the air, cutting across the 72 layers of saintly light. When it hit the lava, it split in half, creating an opening hundreds of meters long.

As the axes Qi dissipated, the wide opening closed as well.

Its just a vine, but its power is actually so significant. Manlong Dragon Lord was shocked.

The first time he was sent flying, he couldve thought that hed underestimated the enemy and was caught by surprise. But the vine still broke through his attack the second time.

This meant that the vine truly was able to combat him. It might even be a bit stronger than him.

No, how can a regular plant be so strong? Unless its theHoly Carnivorous Flower

The Manlong Dragon Lord thought of that legendary aggressive plant. It could absorb the light essence of the sun, moon, and stars. It could use saintly corpses as nutrition and had no restrictions in realm. It could reach the Supreme Saint Realm directly.

Apparently, Princess White Li had received a Holy Carnivorous Flower. In the Blue Dragon Void World, it was taken by human genius Zhang Ruochen.

Youre the Time and Space Descendant, Zhang Ruochen? The Manlong Dragon Lords beastly eyes were trained on Zhang Ruochen.


Zhang Ruochen was very decisive. He extended a finger and pointed. The space caved in where Manlong Dragon Lord was, forming various spatial shards. The dark void was shown inside the collapsed space. It formed a horrible attractive force, swallowing all material and energy in the space.

The Manlong Dragon Lord was indeed a top Saint Beast trained by the Ancient Dragon Mountain. As soon as he recognized Zhang Ruochen, he changed his position and avoided the collapsed space.

The Manlong Dragon Lord looked at the collapsed space. Lava flowed over from all directions, disappearing within the spatial cracks. Even with his cultivation, he could barely manage to steady himself before the magnetic force.

Is this the legendary power of space? It is indeed terrifying. No wonder even the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon couldnt suppress this man and instead failed.

The Manlong Dragon Lords heart pounded in fear.


A beautiful flower flew out of the lava, spinning. Its petals were translucent and colorful, but light spread out of them. They covered the entire region above the Manlong Dragon Lords head.

The Manlong Dragon Lord looked up. Sharp thorns of light grew out of the flowers center. The consequences were unimaginable if he were swallowed by it.

Zhang Ruochen has the Holy Carnivorous Flowers help. I cant counter them even with my abilities.

The Manlong Dragon Lord was very decisive. Letting out a scream, he transformed into his true form. He became a savage beast the size of a mountain and charged to the bottom of the lava.

A young lord of the Manlong Dragon Clan was forced to escape from a lower-level saint. The Manlong Dragon Lord naturally felt embarrassed and insulted, so he threatened, Zhang Ruochen, when I get a beam of the Nanling Dragon Fire and reach the Xuanhuang Realm, itll be the date of your death.

The Manlong Dragon Lord was only a step away from the Xuanhuang Realm. If he could get a Nanling Dragon Fire and exercise his physical body and Holy Qi, he could consolidate Rules of Saintly Way. Then by refining it and leaving only the essence, he could immediately cultivate the Xuanhuang Qi and enter the Xuanhuang Realm. He would be a top figure amongst Saints.

As long as he entered the Xuanhuang Realm, he would be confident in fighting even Chedi Realm beings. Once he was in the Xuanhuang Realm, hed be able to kill both Zhang Ruochen and the Holy Carnivorous Flower with a careless strike.

Zhang Ruochen scoffed. He summoned the Abyss Ancient Sword and held it above his palm.

The black sword spun in his hand. Various runes emerged on the surface, making the Qi it radiated become stronger and stronger. It formed the Destruction of the Thousand Patterns.


With a 100-meter-long streak of black light, the Abyss Ancient Sword pursued the Manlong Dragon Lord, tip pointed down.


The sword hit the scales on the Manlong Dragon Lords back. It pierced the dragon scales, releasing destructive might. The next moment, a large mass of the Manlong Dragon Lords back broke apart. It turned into a pitiful and bloody mess.

Deep underground, the Manlong Dragon Lord roared, Zhang Ruochen! I will definitely report to the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon that youve come to the Yin Yang Sea! Your death date is approaching!

Zhang Ruochen didnt chase after him. He stood in place and raised his right arm, releasing a beam of sword intent to collect the Abyss Ancient Sword.

Saintly dragon blood still flowed across the sword. Each drop released powerful saintly might.

No wonder hes a Manlong Dragon Saint. His defense far surpasses beings of the realm. He took the Abyss Ancient Swords hit straight on but only got some scratches.

Zhang Ruochen reached out and dabbed the blood.

A Saint dragons blood was like a round ruby. It was hotter than the surrounding lava and one could even see the detailed Rules of Saintly Way.

What pure dragon blood, Zhang Ruochen thought. If I can kill Manlong Dragon Lord and take his dragon pearl, Ill definitely be able to reach the middle level.

Including the Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, 12 Saint Beasts of Ancient Dragon Mountain had entered the Yin Yang Sea. Even though Demoness Xuezhen and Saint Beast Xuanwei had been killed, there were still ten more.

These ten were definitely deep underground. If Zhang Ruochen chased the Manlong Dragon Lord, he might not be able to kill the beast. He may fall into danger instead.

Right now, my force is still a bit weak. I cant be impulsive. I must wait a bit more. When the imperial court and Immortal Vampire Saints enter the volcano, therell be a three-way chaotic fight. I can take advantage of it and go underground to take the Nanling Dragon Fire.

Zhang Ruochen found a relatively hidden place in the lava. He put the Holy Carnivorous Flower back into him. He also put away the 72 layers of saintly light and Ten Saints Blood Armor.

Right now, he was fully exposed above the lava.

The seawater of the Yin Yang Sea was hot enough in the day to burn a Saint. The Dragon Fire Island represented the Yang center of the sea. The lava here naturally wasnt ordinary lava. The heat it released was ten times scarier than the seawater.

Without the saint light and blood armors protection, Zhang Ruochen felt the flames surge from all directions. It burned his body as if wanting to melt him.

Having a saintly physical body is the ultimate goal for others. But for me, its only the starting point.

Competing in brute force with the Manlong Dragon Lord showed Zhang Ruochen that he wasnt undefeatable in this aspect. He was still weak when compared to the true strong cultivators.

His next goal was to reach the Supreme Saint Realm for his body.

Since the ancient times, those who could cultivate their bodies to the Supreme Saint Realm were all sovereign-like figures who ruled an era.

The goal was very far away, but Zhang Ruochen believed that he could definitely reach it through hard work.

Right now, he withstood immense pain, using the lavas fire to temper his body.

All 144 apertures on his body were open now. They formed 144 small vortices that swallowed the flames. The fire surged into his veins, meridians, Saint Meridians, flowing through his entire body.

Zhang Ruochen shook, horrible pain spreading through him. He continually challenged the limit of his will. It felt like he was being burned to ashes, but he had to persist.

Ive undergone the Divine Fire Jingmies baptism and my body is a Saint. I know I can survive the fire in the Yin Yang Sea.

Zhang Ruochen gritted his teeth, trying to make himself forget the pain. Two images appeared in his mind: the Blood God Map and the seventh level of the Emperor Ming Nine Sky Scripture.

Comprehending the former could cultivate his body. Observing the latter could improve his cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen multitasked and activated his Holy Qi while tempering his body.

While the flames tempered his body, they were actually tempering the Holy Qi and Rules of Saintly Way within him too. His Holy Qi became purer while the Rules of Saintly Way grew clearer and thicker.

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