God Emperor Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 Siming Goddess

Zhang Ruochen could become a pinnacle lower-class saint from an elementary lower-class saint because of the power of a saint dragon pearl.

The dragon pearl indeed had tremendous power, but it wasnt pure.

For example, Zhang Ruochen was like a short and thin child before, but after he took the dragon pearl, he became a fatty who had a giant body. He indeed had much more power than before, but he looked too plump compared to the others.

And now, this fatty with a giant body needed to exercise to get rid of his fat and turn it into muscles so that he could be stronger.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen was using the fire in the lava to refine holy Qi in his body and to comprehend the saintly way rules so that the holy Qi and saintly way rues from the dragon pearl could completely merge with his own.

The saintly way rules left in Zhang Ruochens body became thinner and thinner. However, the rest of the saintly way rules became clearer and more magical.

After filtering all the waste matter, the only thing left was the essence.

After around half an hour, Zhang Ruochen felt that it was easier for him to control the holy Qi and saintly way rules in his body.

A trace of holy Qi flew out of his body, condensing into a white fighting sword.

Zhang Ruochen reached out his hand, and the white fighting sword became a cluster of holy Qi again and disappeared.

My cultivation wasnt improved at all. Instead, its solidified. Its solid like a rock and pure like jade. My fighting power has also improved. I can finally start to condense the second saintly source.

Unmovable Emperor Ming Saintly Look showed up on Zhang Ruochens back.

The body of the Unmovable Emperor Ming Saintly Look was enormous. It stood among the lava with thick saintly way rules. It looked like a giant spirit godly king.

Unmovable Emperor Ming Saintly Look immediately contracted and became a cluster of white light the size of a fist, flying toward the palms of Zhang Ruochen.

The seven apertures of his hands started to glow, and fourteen holy Qi gushed out as if they were fourteen white bridges, connected with Unmovable Emperor Ming Saintly Look.

With time going by, Unmovable Emperor Ming Saintly Look became more condensed. It turned from a gaseous state to a liquid state and went into Zhang Ruochens head.

Chi Chi.

The liquid saintly look and holy Qi immediately turned into an indestructible crystal after entering Zhang Ruochens lower abdomen.

Emperor Ming saintly source has been successfully condensed.

Zhang Ruochen curled the corner of his lips. However, before he could feel happy about it, an earth-shattering rumble blasted in his lower abdomen, giving him a huge headache. He also fainted.

What happened?

Zhang Ruochen separated a trace of his mind power, condensing a small human shape and letting it rush into the lower abdomen to inspect what had happened inside.

The two saintly sources were like two stars, floating in the sky in the lower abdomen, emanating two different power ripples.

At this time, two saintly sources clashed with each other, making rumbling sounds.

There has indeed a problem since I refined two saintly sources at the same time.

Zhang Ruochens mind power condensed into a small human shape that was standing in the lower abdomen where smoke permeated. He could see the saintly way rules coming out of the two saintly sources, clashing with each other.

Wait, theyre not just clashing, but merging as well, Zhang Ruochen murmured.

Zhang Ruochen immediately took back his mind power and sat down with his legs crossed. He utilized his technique and controlled the two saintly sources to help the two saintly sources integrate.

Gradually, the saintly sources stopped clashing with each other, and instead, they started to spin around each other like twin stars.

Finally, theyve stabilized.

Zhang Ruochen rubbed his temple to ease the pain in his head. He became relieved at the same time.

Two saintly sources had clashed in the lower abdomen just now, which had almost crushed his head.

He didnt expect the saintly sources he refined to be out of his control, and they almost killed him, which upset Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen had originally meant to condense the third saintly source, the fourth saintly source Yet he had to pause now

The more saintly sources he condensed, the more difficult it would be for him to control them.

Its said that Nanling Dragon Fire can not only refine holy Qi and saintly way rules, but also refine saintly sources and improve their quality. If I can obtain a Nanling Dragon Fire, I can solve this problem, Zhang Ruochen thought.

He had enough time to condense other saintly sources after getting Nanling Dragon Fire. There was no need for him to take risks now.

Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes, and he saw eighty-one layers of saintly light on his body as if he was enveloped by eighty-one layers of cocoons.

When Zhang Ruochen condensed the first sword master saintly source, Zhang Ruochen only had seventy-two layers of holy light.

When he condensed the second Emperor Ming saintly source, nine more layers of holy light showed up.

The more layers of holy light there were, the more powerful a monks defense and fighting power would be.

Aside from his cultivation, his body constitution was also stronger. Even if he was burning the lava, he didnt feel as painful as before.

With my cultivation and body constitution now, I can fight Manlong Dragon Lord with ease.

Zhang Ruochen was confident enough that he could fight saints at the Xuanhuang realm even without the power of time and space.

The great beings from the immortal vampire race and the imperial government shouldve entered the volcano!

Zhang Ruochens eyes gleamed, and a layer of blood-red light gushed out of his waist, turning into armor covering his body.

He then dimmed down his forces. He went underground, going through the lava.

After twenty-five feet, Zhang Ruochen felt more than one trace of powerful holy Qi ripples, and then he got closer more carefully.

After a short while, Zhang Ruochen saw a large underground space where there were dozens of traces of holy Qi ripples coming out.

Zhang Ruochen immediately retreated and looked to that underground space through the lava.

The underground space was an oval with a diameter of seven thousand feet, which looked like a huge bubble in the lava.

At the center of the underground space was a square altar that was six hundred feet tall.

The altar was made of a crimson saint jade, and there were divine dragons crafted on the altar. They looked so real that they had powerful dragon forces.

There was a well that went deep underground. There was blue light coming out of the well, which painted the space around the altar blue.

Dozens of beings with enormous forces stood around the altar, and they were all aggressive.

Everyone from the human race was a great being from the imperial government. Chi Wansui and Sui Han, who were two of the heirs, were standing at the front.

They had both become saints.

Empress Chi Yao spent all the resources in Kunluns Field to refine the heirs body constitution. Only those nine could enjoy those resources.

After they finished their training, their improving speed far exceeded all other living beings.

Their efficiency would only get higher.

Zhang Ruochen and Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon could only catch up with them because of their great body constitution and extreme luck.

There were sixty-four layers of golden holy light on Chi Wansuis body, and he was wearing golden armor and holding a long spear. He looked like a God of War.

Sui Han was wearing a blue cape with beautiful hair. He had an exquisite face and smooth skin. He looked regal.

His face was so beautiful that even men would be attracted.

If it wasnt for his fame, some people would definitely think that he was cross-dressing.

Aside from them, the rising star from the Ministry of War, Sui Bufan, and the princess of Xiaosheng Heavenly King Mansion stood beside Chi Wansui and Sui Han, respectively.

Sui Qianfan didnt have the resources like the heirs, but he had the Fate Qi of Emperor One. He paled only when compared to the two heirs.

Aside from them, something else attracted the attention of Zhang Ruochen.

That was a cluster of white mist.

To be accurate, it was a person standing within the white mist. He couldnt see that persons gender or age, but Zhang Ruochen found it unfathomable.

Just when Zhang Ruochen was staring at that cluster of white mist, a tumbling mind power gushed out.

Hong Long.

Zhang Ruochen felt that an ocean had shown up in front of him, and waves that were thousands of feet tall were rushing toward him. A pair of eyes showed up behind the waves.

It was a pair of beautiful eyes. They looked spiritual with terrific energies. They looked like a sun and moon hanging in the sky.

Those were female eyes.

Such mind power. She noticed me after only one look.

The space around him seemed to have been frozen. Zhang Ruochen had been located by her mind power. He couldnt move at all. He could only watch the waves coming at him.

Suddenly, someone reached out her hand from the lava and grabbed Zhang Ruochens right hand, pulling him back.

Zhang Ruochen suddenly went into the lava and got rid of the mind power. The pressure on his body was gone.

Zhang Ruochen stared at the person who had grabbed him and smiled. Youve come here. Yin and Yang Ocean is very dangerous. You shouldnt have come here.

It was Huang Yanchen who had grabbed Zhang Ruochen.

Huang Yanchen shot a glance at Zhang Ruochen and said, Its not the time to talk about this now. Do you know who just attacked you?


Zhang Ruochen was indeed a bit curious.

Huang Yanchen said, Siming Goddess from Earth God Temple, Fairy. Shes also one of the Nine Heavenly Maidens for the empress. Fortunately, she only locked onto you with her mind power, otherwise, I couldnt have saved you.

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