Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 339

Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 339

Chapter 339: What Did I Do?!

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Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan. Why did you do that to me?! Do you know how much it cost me? And you just took it away like that!

Jun Linyuan was anything but good-natured.

Growing up, no one had ever dared snap at him.

In other words, he had never been wronged.

He didn't know what that felt like.

The crown prince narrowed his eyes and stared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was even more exasperated by his silence. Speak! Why did you do it? Why me? Are you so proud of yourself for playing me like this? Are you happy now? Satisfied?

Jun Linyuan had lived an indulgent life growing up. For as long as he could remember, even his own father, the emperor, had never made him do anything against his will.

He kept his brooding gaze on Feng Wu and said in a husky, warning voice, Feng Wu, you're pushing it.

Feng Wu broke into angry laughter. Me? Pushing it? After everything you've done to me, I'm pushing it? Jun Linyuan, you're unbelievable. Do you think everyone has to obey everything you say and you can do whatever you like to everyone else?

What did I do? Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu, his voice intimidating.

You know perfectly well what you did after I fainted! Throwing Jun Linyuan's hands off, Feng Wu stormed off. After a few steps, she took a deep breath, turned around, and looked into Jun Linyuan's eyes. I don't ever want to see you again! You disgust me!!!


Feng Wu slammed the door behind her!

She then marched off furiously!

Outside, a group of men stood in the corridor and they were all astonished!

Especially Chang San, the captain of the crown prince's guards, who was dumbfounded. He thought that his brain had stopped working

His Royal Highness had just been shouted at Someone had shouted at him

And that person had slammed the crown prince's door

What was more frightening was that the person was able to leave the prince's residence alive

How incredible!

Meanwhile, Jun Linyuan was seething with anger and a draught seemed to sweep through the manor.

Everyone shivered.

Jun Linyuan was furious!

The door that Feng Wu had slammed shut exploded all of a sudden!

Chang San felt as if his heart had been blasted into pieces as well

The crown prince seldom lost his temper, but when he did, it would make everyone shiver with fear.

Mr. Feng, that's Chang San tugged Feng's sleeve. Is His Royal Highness going to be alright?

Given how reserved and taciturn Jun Linyuan was, he would sulk rather than give vent to his anger. Even if he had to lash out, he would find some remote corner to do it

And it was indeed a habit worth worrying about.

Rubbing his forehead, Feng went up to his master in resignation. Your Royal Highness

Jun Linyuan glared at Feng and exploded. What did I do? I saved her!

Feng nodded repeatedly. Yes. Yes, of course

If I hadn't taken her to the royal palace, and I let the fire poison take effect, she would be a r.e.t.a.r.d now!

Feng nodded repeatedly. Yes. Yes, of course

And she blamed me for it? That woman doesn't make any sense!

Feng nodded repeatedly. Yes. Yes, of course

She said she doesn't ever want to see me again? Do I look like I want to see her?!

Feng nodded repeatedly. Yes. Yes, of course

Chang San was dumbfounded once more!

No! No, this wasn't happening!

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