Godly Student Chapter 219

Junior Sister Ning Yan, are you alright? The mans face was like a crown jade, wearing white clothes with his hair bound up. All in all, hes a handsome and confident looking person. In addition, his anxious expression, caring yet nervous, it was unknown how many girls had actually fallen for his looks.

Im fine. Thank you Senior Brother Wu Ming for your assistance, Ning Yan thanked him. In fact, even if Wu Ming didnt lend a helping hand, she would still be able to cope with it. But since he had already helped her out, she should at least thank him.

Its good that youre fine. However, Junior Sister Ning Yan, a few of your juniors injuries arent light. How about you go and take care of them and let Senior Brother handle this two-headed leopard? Wu Ming said caringly.

Thisalright. Thank you, Senior Brother Wu Ming, Hearing what Wu Ming said, Ning Yan looked to Ning Xues direction, and sure enough, a few of their injuries werent light. Ning Yan could only agree to his suggestion. However, the two-headed leopard seemed to ignore Wu Ming as it looked at Ning Yan floating over. Immediately, it pounced at her.

Evil creature, your opponent is me! Upon seeing this, Wu Ming once again covered the front of Ning Yan, hacking down with his sword.

Bang! The two-headed leopard was urgently striking Ning Yan. Ultimately, it was sent flying off by Wu Mings chop, knocking into a few trees behind it.

Roar! This time, the two-headed leopard had finally switched its target to Wu Ming. Qi armor was once again condensed on its body. Subsequently, it started to circle around the trees around Wu Ming as it galloped.

Swish! Swish! Suddenly, countless blade Qi flew out in all directions.

Clang! Clang! However, both of Wu Mings hands were holding the sword as he resisted the attacks. He rotated the sword rapidly, making it seem as if it was a solid armor in front of him, blocking all the incoming blades. Suddenly, a fusion of primeval water and fire arrows flew over. Wu Ming held up his sword, intending to cleave it into two. But the arrow was like water, it absorbed his attack. With a boom, Wu Mings Qi armor exploded, freezing Wu Ming.

Sh*t! Senior Brother Wu Ming was frozen! A few Shushan disciples who were helping Ning Yan to heal a few of the girls were shocked. Ning Yan was also taken aback. She did not expect that this two-headed leopard was actually this powerful. Furthermore, it had so many moves. The two-headed leopard did not stop. Another fire and water arrow was fused in front of it before it sent the arrow towards Wu Mings direction, intending to destroy Wu Ming.

Bang! It was at this time that a large sword flew out from the iceberg. Wu Ming also flew out.

Red Moon Meteor Fire! Wu Ming stood in the sky as he shouted. A large sword flew above the two-headed leopard. Suddenly, the large sword was ablaze as it started burning. After which, fireballs that looked like meteorites smashed down on the two-headed leopard.

Mid-grade Magic Weapon! Ning Yan looked at the battle as she said in astonishment. She never expected that Wu Mings sword would be a Magic Weapon. Spiritual Rank equipment were hard to find and a Spiritual Rank Magic Weapon was even harder to be sought after. Just like Wu Mings sword. Although her own Heaven Binding Bracelet was also a Spiritual Rank Magic Weapon, it was only a low-grade one. Furthermore, it was an attack and defense type. Therefore, the attacking prowess was not very strong.

Aooh! Aooh! The two-headed leopard was screaming in pain as it looked for an opportunity to escape.

Kill! Wu Ming yelled. The fire sword that was burning in the sky fell down at lightning speed. With a slice, it chopped at the two-headed leopards neck, successfully chopping off two of its head.

Senior Brother Wu Ming won!

Senior Brother Wu Ming awesome! Witnessing the two-headed leopard being killed, the juniors all started yelling happily.

Junior Sister Ning Yan, are your junior sisters alright? I have a few mid-grade Reversal Pills here. Hope it can help your junior sisters recover from their injuries, Wu Ming appeared in front of everyone, taking out a few pills as he said with a gentle smile.

They should be fine. Senior Brother Wu Ming has already given us great help. How could I dare to allow Senior Brother to continue helping us? Please keep it. I thank you on behalf of all my junior sisters! Ning Yan was stunned by the pills in Wu Mings hand, but she immediately replied with a smile.

Theres no need for Junior Sister to be so polite. Its not early anymore. Only during the night will the real battle start. The earlier the few junior sisters recover, the safer they will be. Therefore, junior sister should accept this! Wu Ming did not take the pills back, but instead he passed them onto Ning Yan and replied sincerely.

This Ning Yan took a look at the sky and the pale junior sisters. She then accepted Wu Mings pills and gratefully said, Thank you, Senior Brother.

Senior Brother Wu Ming, theres actually two beast cores in this leopard! Suddenly, Wu Chuan held blue and red beast cores as he said excitedly.

This two-headed leopard was discovered by Junior Sister Ning Yan. The beast cores should naturally belong to Junior Sister Ning Yan, Wu Ming took the two beast cores from Wu Chuans hand and said magnanimously. It was as if he did not care about the worth of these two seventh rank beast cores as he looked at the few Huashan Valley junior sisters with his glowing eyes. When the Shushan disciples heard what Wu Ming said, they immediately felt disappointed.

Senior Brother Wu Ming must not. This two-headed leopard might have been discovered by us, but it was killed by Senior Brother. These beast cores should belong to Senior Brother, Ning Yan hastily declined. When Wu Ming came forward to save them, they had already owed him a very big favor. How could they possibly accept these two seventh rank beast cores as well?

How about this, we shall split these two beast cores between junior sister and I. This should be fair, Wu Ming pondered and said.

Thank you, Senior Brother for your good intention. However, we will definitely not accept this beast core. Senior Brother, please keep it! Its quite late, we still need to look for a place to rest. Goodbye! Ning Yan did not wish to continue entangling with Wu Ming as she clasped her fist and said.

Hey! Junior Sister Ning Yan, its so late and you are all injured. How about journeying together! When the bone beast appears during the night, we could at least cooperate together, Wu Ming saw that Ning Yan actually wanted to leave, so he immediately got anxious as he went forward and said.

This doesnt seem appropriate! A few of my junior sisters have been injured. When the time comes, it would only implicate you. I think its better to go our own ways. I believe with your abilities, getting past this bone tomb shouldnt be a problem, Ning Yan was moved by the reason, but she did not wish to become a burden for others. Furthermore, the relations they had with Wu Ming was not a lot and she did not wish to be too friendly with them.

Junior Sister, how could you say it like that? We are from one of the ten great sects. For us to have met in this distant place, and that we all had to face the same kind of danger together, we should be helping each other. How can Junior Sister say it as implicating us? Wu Ming said righteously. It caused a few of the Huashan Valley girls to be moved by his speech.

Senior Sister Ning Yan, what Senior Brother Wu Ming said is right. We may not be in the same sect, but with our sects friendly relations, we should journey together! Wu Chuan saw so many pretty ladies, so he was also in favor of this suggestion as he hastily said.

Thats right, Senior Sister Ning Yan Since Wu Chuan had already spoken, in order to obtain a good impression of the other junior sisters, the other Shushan disciples also urged passionately.

Thisalright! Thank you, senior brothers and junior brother! Ning Yan saw the Shushan disciples had kept on gazing on her junior sisters bodies, so she naturally knew what they were thinking. She thought that she should just pay more attention to this and it shouldnt be a problem. Besides, the night would be filled with dangers. It would always be better if there was a helper around. Huashan Valley was a female-only sect. Everyone inside was female. Furthermore, Huashan Valley females were known for their top-notch looks. Hence, Huashan Valley was also a place that all men wished to go to.

Great. Then lets continue with our journey. First, look for a safe place to rest, Obtaining Ning Yans approval, Wu Ming said happily.

Aiya! F*ck! This restriction is so strong. Im afraid only Golden Core Realm would be able to break it. This time Im in a difficult position. Dont tell me I have to really die here?! Cheng Yu rested for two days, feeling that his injuries had almost recovered, he decided to break the restriction to obtain the key. However, he didnt expect that this restriction was something that the current him was unable to break. There were times when he tried to forcefully break it, but was sent flying.

Is there anyone! Which *ssh*l* sent me here! Cheng Yu stood up and shouted gloomily.
Other than his echo, there was nothing else.

What sin have I committed? I only survived after much difficulty. In the end, I am still trapped in this d*mn place. Whats the difference from being dead then! Cheng Yu looked at the huge purple key and said helplessly.

Since you placed the key here, f*ck you for putting a restriction there! Its fine if you made a restriction, but you went and made such a powerful one. How am I going to break it?! Cheng Yu went to the restriction again. After that, he placed both his hands on the restriction.

I would like to see, which one of us will be able to persevere longer! This time, Cheng Yu did not release his Qi to break it. Instead, he sucked in the energy from the restriction. According to Cheng Yus opinion, after sucking away a portion of energy in this restriction, he would be able to forcefully break it.

F*ck! How come its like this? Cheng Yu had just circulated his technique, the restriction had unexpectedly started sucking away the Qi from him, causing Cheng Yu to turn pale with fright.

Your sister! I am going to be turned into a mummy, Feeling his Qi kept on being drained away, his Qi and blood had also started to counter flow, so Cheng Yu lamented.

Risk it! If it continued, sooner or later, Cheng Yus Qi would really be sucked away by this restriction. So, he released his Qi out to resist the restriction. But his hand seemed to have been glued onto the restriction, as his strength kept on being drained away.

Ah! Cheng Yu released the Qi to keep colliding with the restriction.

Pu! Cheng Yu vomited a mouthful of blood. Finally, he had been repelled.

F*ck, I nourished myself for these two days just to be drained, Cheng Yu crawled up from the floor, wiping away the bloodstains. He felt that his Qi had been emptied, making him feel really angry.

Eh? Weird! This also works? Cheng Yu saw the restriction had unexpectedly absorbed the blood he had spurted out on it. Subsequently, the purple light on the restriction brightened up, infusing itself into a large purple key.

It disappeared like that? Cheng Yu widened his eyes in disbelief. He had lived for thousands of years, but had never tried such a method before. What happened the past few days had caused him to be at loss. Truly unfathomable mysteries!

D*mn it. If I knew about this earlier, would there be a need for me to waste so much effort? Wouldnt it have been fine after I spurted out some blood! God d*mn it! Truly angering me to death!

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