Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen Of The Underworld Book 2 Chapter 200

Volume 2 Chapter 200 The Beginning Of The End

Seraphina made a quick scan on her surrounding. Spotting that most people around were also holding the same looking brown envelope, she smirks as her hostility towards her surrounding heightened.

"Amico, we mean no harm." The stranger man whispers, still slowly collecting the pieces of photos on the floor.

'Italian?' Seraphina's brows arc when heard his address to her.

"My bad. Here you go --" the stranger implied that the brown envelope was hers while he just helps her collect them.

Seraphina altered her glances unenthusiastically at the envelope and to her surrounding.

"Big Guy will keep in touch." The stranger sternly added. Though the prick on his nape was becoming more unfriendly, he still kept his stoic front and relay his boss message.

Finally, Seraphina received the brown envelope. Though she had a glimpse of a few photos, alas, seeing Dragon's noticeable facial features, Seraphina's interest was piqued.

Surely, these people aren't after her but were targeting the man she loves. After all, only a few people know about her disguise. Hence, Seraphina concludes that it would be a waste of time to make another enemy.

After Seraphina receives the envelope, she loosens her grip on his neck. Without a second delay, the man and his confidants that were scattered around the whole airport disappeared, one after another.

Seraphina grope the envelope from the outside to check its content without seeing it. Feeling a small hard material, Seraphina was certain that it might be a phone. When she opens it, there, aside from different printed photos and documents that she gave no importance with, there is also a burner phone inside.

Just as Seraphina was pondering, the burner phone suddenly lit up -- notifying for an incoming call.

Staring at it for a while, Seraphina slyly smirks as her eyes look at her surroundings again.

"I don't like playing this kind of game." Seraphina murmurs as her gaze went back to the failed call. She made sure she mouthed her words perfectly for the person who was watching her somewhere to get her message.

She doesn't like this -- her being watched and the people on the shadow brazenly approached her. Considering that they meant no harm to her, alas, how about Dragon?

In her mind, these people were trying to find Dragon's hideout. Of course, Seraphina isn't dumb enough to lead them to him. Hence, she changed her decision earlier about not making another enemy -- she was certain that she won't be having another enemy because she'll just have to kill them all.

The phone rang again, yet, Seraphina directly rejected the call. Nonchalantly finding a bench, Seraphina leisurely sat to the nearest bench with her legs crossed -- waiting for someone.


The person watching her somewhere inside the obscure, eerie luxurious car smirks amusedly towards her.

Surely, Seraphina was considered one of a kind. She had the bravest heart like a soldier, a temper like a Don and beauty like a goddess.

'How can I let Dragon have her?' He menacingly stated as his gaze landed on the tablet where Seraphina's bored face was displayed.


Almost five minutes have passed since Seraphina sat on the bench. However, the person she was waiting to reveal himself from the shadows seems unwilling to have a 'talk' with her.

Just as Seraphina decided to stand up and might as well leave and probably just enjoy the night with her chaperon on the shadows -- a man sat sternly beside her.

Seraphina cast a quick glance at the normal looking man. It only took her one look to discern that the man is just another cannon fodder which killed her already dead mood.

"Man, how dull." Seraphina dissed, sounded bored as hell.

"Amico, do you know that your boyfriend is not as simple as you think he is?"

"Meh, better not say anything to have a longer life as a cannon fodder." Seraphina spats before taking her leave with the envelope on her hand.

"Right, tell your boss to stop stalking me..." Seraphina turns around and said her last remarks before completely leaving the premises.

On the other hand, the man cracked up when he heard her statement towards his men. After a good one minute laugh, he ordered.

"Retreat." With that note, his men obediently retreated, taking different rendezvous places for each team.

The man who was watching Seraphina on his tablet smiled devilishly. "Dearest Sera... Let's see how you play your role."

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