Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 197

Volume 2 Chapter 197 Absolutely Wont Let You Off Lightly

After Su Qianxun saw that she had missed her target, she immediately shouted loudly for help as she fled towards the door.

Si Mancheng noticed that on the airplane above the sea not far away, there was a man who was carrying a cannon on his shoulder and aiming it at them. He immediately threw himself at the young woman who was fleeing, and both of them fell onto the floor.

With a loud bang, the entire glass wall in Su Qianxun's room was completely shattered. If Si Mancheng had not gotten her down in time, Su Qianxun could have already turned into ash from the explosion.

The huge explosion left a buzzing sound in Su Qianxun's head. Si Mancheng immediately pulled out his gun, stood up and aimed at the man on the airplane before he fired a shot. The man who was about to cause a second explosion was shot, and he fell into the sea.

Someone immediately took the man's spot after he fell into the sea, and that person, too, aimed at Su Qianxun's room.

It was already too late for Si Mancheng to kill the other party. He cursed silently and dragged Su Qianxun off the floor before he jumped into the sea with her.

When Long Sijue, Tang Zui and Ye Gu rushed over, the other party was planning to fire a shot into the sea. The three of them raised their guns and fired a few shots at the other party. 

Very soon, everyone on the airplane was killed. Gu Mian did not know what had happened. When she ran onto the deck, she asked in a panic, "Where's Qianxun? Where's Qianxun?"


Right at that moment, Si Mancheng appeared from the surface of the sea along with Su Qianxun. Although Su Qianxun was choking on water, she did not drown this time thanks to her new ability to swim. She pushed Si Mancheng forcefully as she wanted to get away from that bastard.

Si Mancheng could feel Long Sijue's murderous gaze on him, and he felt so awkward that he did not know where to place his hands. Su Qianxun would sink if he loosened his grip, but Long Sijue's gaze was far too scary for him not to let go of her.

Long Sijue jumped into the sea with a splash. He then swam towards Su Qianxun and pulled her away from Si Mancheng. Si Mancheng was wearing an embarrassed expression as he chuckled awkwardly.

"You know each other?" Su Qianxun could tell that the man obviously knew Long Sijue.

"Hello, Miss Su. I'm Si Mancheng, Jue's good friend," Si Mancheng introduced himself.

"Then why did you…" Su Qianxun's voice trailed off, and she suddenly turned around to look at the man beside her.

Was it Long Sijue's idea for Si Mancheng to use money to lure her?

Did he really think that she was the type of woman who would sell herself out for money? 

"Long Sijue, you've gone too far! I'm not the kind of woman who would sell herself for money!" Su Qianxun pushed him angrily before she lost consciousness.

Long Sijue immediately held her as he furrowed his eyebrows. Tang Zui had already sent people down to pick the three of them up. 

In Jin Garden's study room.

Long Sijue was sitting behind the desk. Tang Zui and Si Mancheng stood in front of him with guilty looks on their faces.

"Jue, I actually didn't have any other intention. My intention was to… prove that that chick is not a wanton young woman, and that what happened between her and Li Junye must have only been a misunderstanding." Tang Zui glanced at Si Mancheng who was standing beside him and signaled for him to quickly speak up.

"This was entirely Tang Zui's idea!" Si Mancheng glared coldly at Tang Zui. This time he was really screwed because of Tang Zui.

"Yes, it was entirely my idea. I was the one who begged Mancheng to do it. Please forgive us, for I really did not have any bad intentions." Tang Zui had a pleading expression on his face. 

"If something like this were to happen again, I absolutely won't let you off lightly." Long Sijue swept his cold gaze across both of them. 

"Sure thing. Actually, this time, I did the right thing by a fluke. If Mancheng hadn't been there at that time, I'm afraid that something bad would have really happened to that chick!" Tang Zui felt that he actually did a good deed. 

After Long Sijue heard what Tang Zui said, his expression turned colder. The corner of his lips curled up into a blood-thirsty smile. "Seems like it's time to give that old thing a lesson!"

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