Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 218

Volume 2 Chapter 218 Break Their Fingers One By One

There was a loud bang. Someone had kicked open the door of the interrogation room Su Qianxun was locked in. Before the people inside realized what was going on, the three police officers who had been torturing Su Qianxun were choked and pinned against the wall. 

Long Sijue stared at the tormented young woman who was lying on the table on her stomach. His heart ached so badly, as though someone had sliced through it countless times with a blade. The young woman's hair was disheveled, and she was lying on the table with her face turned to the side. Her small face was swollen. There was blood at the corners of her lips. Her fingers were spread on the table, and they were covered in blood. As it appeared, someone had tortured her by mutilating her hands.

Tang Zui, Si Mancheng, and Ye Gu had their hands around the throats of those three pr*cks. The sight of the young woman who was lying on her stomach with her eyes shut tight angered them as well. 'These three pr*cks. How dare they do such a thing to a young woman.'

By then, the superintendent had already scrambled into the room on all fours. When he saw what was going on in the interrogation room, he was so horrified that his soul almost flew out of his body.

Long Sijue walked over to Su Qianxun slowly and carefully picked her up from the table, carrying her in his arms.

"Tang Zui!"

Long Sijue called out. Tang Zui immediately released the officer he was holding and walked towards Long Sijue, who handed Su Qianxun to him for the time being. 

"Ye Gu, Mancheng, break every one of their fingers," Long Sijue ordered coldly.

In that very moment, the aura surrounding Long Sijue was chilling and horrifying. It would not be inaccurate to describe him as a man who had just ascended from hell. Ye Gu and Si Mancheng immediately did as Long Sijue said.

The two of them started to break the two police officers' fingers. 

Cracks rang out in the room as the two officers had their fingers fractured. Their howling cries filled the entire interrogation room.

The police officer whom Tang Zui released earlier had already peed himself out of sheer terror. He was curled up in a corner, trembling. When Long Sijue walked towards him, he immediately started to bawl. Long Sijue went over, grabbed him by the wrist and broke his fingers patiently, one by one. He also ripped them off and threw them onto the floor of the interrogation floor for good measure. 

The superintendent looked at the severed fingers before him and nearly peed himself…

After Ye Gu broke all ten of the officer's fingers, he took out his dagger, cut them off and threw them onto the floor. Si Mancheng was more brutal. Like Long Sijue, he simply ripped the fingers off and tossed them on the ground.

Soon enough, there were thirty fingers on the interrogation room floor. The room suddenly turned into a scene out of a gruesome nightmare.

"Sir Jue, I had no idea this young lady was your woman. If I had known that, I wouldn't have dared to harm her at all. I'm begging you, please forgive me!" The superintendent immediately kneeled down before Long Sijue. His whole body was shivering.

Long Sijue completely ignored the superintendent who was nearly scared to death. He took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands clean. He then walked over to Tang Zui and Su Qianxun, and carefully took the young woman and carried her in his arms.

"Ye Gu, break every single bone in these three men's bodies, then send them to the hospital. Once they recover, beat them up again. If they manage to survive after three rounds of torture, they are free to go!" Long Sijue ordered coldly. 

"Yes!" Ye Gu immediately obliged. 

Among the three police officers, two of them had already blacked out. When the third officer heard what Long Sijue said, he was so terrified that he fainted right away.

Yet, this was only the beginning of the torture that was awaiting them! 

Long Sijue was about to leave the room with the young woman in his arms when Su Qianxun suddenly grabbed Long Sijue with her bloody hands. Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she tried to open her eyes. She said, "The wrist… wristwatch..."

Long Sijue furrowed his brows slightly. He looked at Tang Zui immediately. Tang Zui quickly asked Si Mancheng and Ye Gu to search the police officers. They eventually found the white wristwatch that Long Sijue had given to her on one of the officers. 

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