Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 243

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 243 Her Heart Was Inexplicably Empty

Long Sijue hugged her and carressed her a few times. He was extremely excited, and even the young woman could clearly feel it. The man lifted her small body and forcefully pressed her downwards.

The young woman had never had s*x in this position before. Long Sijue's p*nis went deep into her v*gina. She almost teared up from the pain at that moment. Her trembling lips were slightly opened, and a painful m.o.a.n escaped her lips. "Pain"

"Be good, it'll be over in a while." Long Sijue hugged her tightly. He really wished that he could stay connected to her that way forever.

Su Qianxun fainted from his torture, and it was already the following day when she woke up. She was left alone in the bedroom.

Her body was extremely sore and painful. The pain between her legs especially left her embarrassed.

Su Qianxun got off the bed and found a piece of clothing to wear. She went out and walked around but did not see Long Sijue.

He had left...

Su Qianxun stood where she was in a dumbfounded manner, and her heart was inexplicably empty. She shook her head and was about to go into the kitchen to cook some noodles to eat again.

The elevator in the side hall suddenly opened, and the young woman immediately stopped in her tracks before she looked over. It was Ye Gu who walked in instead of Long Sijue.

When Ye Gu's gaze fell upon Su Qianxun's body, his breathing abruptly stopped. His grip on the food container he was holding suddenly tightened.

Su Qianxun was only wearing a white shirt meant for men. Her long, curly and seaweed-like hair fell casually onto her shoulders, and her obviously pale complexion, did not sully her beauty at all. Instead, it added an indescribable sense of delicacy as well as attractiveness. Her lively eyes tugged at his heartstrings.

The young woman's exposed skin was covered with ambiguous marks.

Ye Gu clearly knew that those marks were a result of Long Sijue's kisses or pinches when he was extremely passionate...

He felt extremely agonized every time the young master had s.e.x with Su Qianxun in the car.

Although he could not see anything, he could still hear the sounds clearly. Moreover, he was extremely sensitive to her voice...


Su Qianxun followed his gaze and lowered her head to look at herself. When she realized what a disheveled state she was in, her small face immediately turned red. She immediately turned around and fled to the bedroom.

After she returned to the bedroom, she covered her chest with her hand. God, she actually dressed that way in front of Ye Gu!


Five minutes later, Su Qianxun walked out after she wore a bathrobe over the shirt. Ye Gu had already placed her breakfast on the table.

"Thank you. Have you eaten already?" Su Qianxun did not dare to look at him at all.

"I've eaten. There are clothes in the next bedroom. I'll wait for you downstairs to send you to your class."

After Ye Gu finished speaking, he did not wait for her to speak up. He turned and headed to the side hall before he walked straight into the lift and left.

Only then did Su Qianxun dare to raise her head and glance at the side hall a few times. She then sat down and ate.

She did not know where Long Sijue had gone to. Would he remember to apply the ointment on his arm?

The young woman forcefully hit her head twice to stop her wild thoughts. What did him applying ointment have to do with her?

Once Su Qianxun finished eating breakfast, she went to wash her face and brush her teeth. Next, she entered the bedroom next to hers. As expected, the wardrobe were filled with women's clothing.

However, the clothes were not in her size. They were one size larger.

Su Qianxun were somehow aversive to these clothes, but she had no other choice right now. It was impossible for her to wear the bathrobe to campus.

She chose a set of light sportswear in resignation and wore it. Although it was somewhat loose, it still looked very good on her. The young woman naturally looked good in anything.

When Su Qianxun walked downstairs, Ye Gu was waiting beside the car. When he saw her walking out, he opened the car door for her. The young woman got into the car, and he drove the car away.

When the car reached the university, Su Qianxun opened the door herself and got out. She said goodbye to Ye Gu before entering the campus. Meanwhile, Qiao Yiren was walking angrily towards Su Qianxun in her high heels...

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