Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 303

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 303 Smashed The Car In A Frenzy

The banging on the door was getting louder. Aunt Zhang and Su Jiye were awakened by the noise too. Aunt Zhang was about to knock on Su Qianxun's door when Su Qianxun walked out of her room. "Aunt Zhang, get Jiye back to his room. Don't come out. I will take care of this."

"Haih!" Aunt Zhang immediately pulled Su Yiye back to his bedroom.

Su Qianxun walked over to the front of the door but did not open it immediately. She looked out through the peephole and saw that there were actually four or five burly men standing outside.

Su Qianxun felt that these people wanted more than just the compensation. She did not open the door. Instead, she spoke with the door between them, "I have prepared the three hundred thousand RMB. Wait downstairs for me. I'll get the money and go to you."

"Open the door first. I want to get the money here and now," The man said and banged on the door a few more times.

"Please go downstairs first. There's a patient in my house. I promise you that you will not be shortchanged by a single penny. If you continue to behave like this, I'll call the police." Su Qianxun's voice was cold and calm.

Su Qianxun observed the men outside through the peephole. The men discussed among themselves for a while. The owner of the car from yesterday glared fiercely at the door before he went downstairs.

After he saw that, Su Qianxun went to the living room, opened up the briefcase with the money and took out three hundred thousand RMB. She then went to the washroom. After she exited the washroom, she said to Aunt Zhang, "Take good care of Yiye. I'm going downstairs to deliver the money."

"Miss, they don't seem friendly. Should we call the police first?" Aunt Zhang was a little worried.

"It's alright. Don't worry, I can handle this." Su Qianxun asked Aunt Zhang to get her a plastic bag. She put the money inside the plastic bag and went downstairs.

The brley men were waiting downstairs. When they saw Su Qianxun, they immediately walked over. The young woman looked calmly at the owner of the car from yesterday. She then lifted the bag in her hand. "Here's three hundred thousand RMB. We're even once you take this money."

The man immediately snatched the plastic bag from her. He opened the plastic bag and saw that there was indeed three hundred thousand RMB inside, but he suddenly sneered and said, "This amount of money is not enough to fix a car!"

The young woman's gaze turned cold. "You were the one who told me yesterday that you need three hundred thousand RMB to repair the car. You know better than anyone how much you actually need. You better leave!"

"This is my car! You will compensate whatever amount I say I need! You shall give me one million RMB, and we shall call it even. If you don't give me one million RMB, I will call the police to detain your psychotic younger brother!" The car owner raised his voice in arrogance. "I have solids connection inside the police station. If you can't come up with the money, why don't you come with me and sleep with some customers. With your appearance, you can clear the debt within a...ouch!"

Before the her could finish his words, Su Qianxun's gaze suddenly turned cold. She raised her leg and brutally kicked the man's crotch. He was totally caught off guard. Right after she was done with that, she raised a bottle of pepper spray and sprayed it right at his eyes.

The other men tried to come closer, but Su Qianxun raised the pepper spray in her hand and said in an extremely chilly tone, "Don't come over!"

The burly men were really intimidated by the young woman's aura. After being together with Long Sijue for a long time, the aura Su Qianxun emanated whenever she was angry was actually slightly similar to his.

However, she was merely a weak young woman. After they froze for a moment, the men charged towards her again.


*Bang!* A sudden loud bang shocked everyone. The men turned around and saw that a car had smashed hard into the car which was slightly ruined by Su Jiye yesterday. The front of the car was severely out of shape

After this, a dozen bodyguards in black holding metal hammers got out of the car. They surrounded the car and smashed the car in a frenzy

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