Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 311

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 311 Their Time Has Passed

Long Sijue and Si Mancheng bowed before Mrs. Tang's headstone. The two men then sat down next to Tang Zui.

They did not try to console Tang Zui either, because neither of them had felt the pain of watching their own mothers die in front of them.

As his good friends, all they could do was stay with him while he was grieving

This time every year, Tang Zui would spend the night in the cemetery. But in the evening, he suddenly stood up without a word, turned and started walking down the hill in silence.

Long Sijue and Si Mancheng followed him. Si Mancheng asked, "Where are you going?"?"

"I'm going to the Tang residence to see my mother's killers and how pleased they are with themselves!"

His two friends were dumbstruck.

Long Sijue and Si Mancheng did not know how to talk him out of it either. Once they walked down the hill, Tang Zui said, "You don't have to come along."

After he said that, he immediately got into the car and drove away. Long Sijue was still concerned, so he ordered his bodyguards to follow Tang Zui in secret to ensure his safety.

Tang Zui returned to the Tang family's summer house on the hillside. The gate lights and indoor lamps illuminated the mansion. The Tang family's servants were pacing in and out of the dining room, busy serving the food. The atmosphere in the house was cheerful and harmonious. The smile on Lu Shuzhen's face was blindingly bright. Tang Ming, that bastard son, was celebrating his birthday with everyone's blessing.

Lu Shuzhen was sitting to Tang Zui's father's right, and Tang Ming was sitting on Tang Zui's father's right. There was a blissful and contented expression on his face.

Tang Zui felt as though his heart had broken and bled a river. No one was thinking of her late mother right now even though it was the poor, naive woman's death anniversary!

Her husband had already forgotten about her. Her death was worthless and futile. Those who wronged her had not been punished, and those sc.u.mbags were not incriminated either. Instead, her death had allowed them to live happily ever after!


Gu Mian eventually decided to meet up with Tang Ming as a closure to their relationship four years ago.

Tang Zui did not even know how he got home. He stared at the dark living room. The whole apartment was empty and in pin-drop silence. When he recalled how cheery and merry the Tang residence was, he suddenly felt a surge of anger within him.

Tang Ming looked at the clock. There was half an hour left before his meeting with Gu Mian. He could not wait any longer. He excused himself, saying that he was going to the washroom. He then immediately snuck out through the backdoor.

Gu Mian was sitting on the rock by the seaside. It was where Tang Ming and she met for the first time. The year he left, they had promised to meet up here to celebrate his birthday.

He did not show up that day. She almost lost her mind and looked for him everywhere. But she was not able to find him even after going to all the places they had been together. Overwhelmed with grief, she drank a lot of alcohol and dragged her older brother along as they drove around to look for Tang Ming. She could not recall what happened after that

"Mian Mian!"

Tang Ming's voice jolted Gu Mian out of her reverie. She stood up and turned to look at the man in the distance. His shirt was blindingly white in the dark night. There was a gentle look on his handsome face. He was gazing lovingly at her with his upturned, almond-shaped eyes.

As Gu Mian looked at him, she suddenly felt the urge to cry, but she knew very well that their time had passed.

She forced herself to smile a little. "Lu Ming, happy birthday. This is your birthday present that I prepared four years ago. I didn't manage to give it to you at that time, so I'm doing it today."

Gu Mian handed him the faded gift box. Tang Ming accepted it and opened the box. When he saw what was inside, he suddenly extended his arms and held Gu Mian tightly in his arms

Tang Zui saw this from a distance and felt something stirring in his chest. There was a metallic, salty taste in his throat as blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes appeared empty as if he was stripped of his soul. The look on his face was vacant and expressionless

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