Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 316

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 316 Can You Bring Me Up?

Su Qianxun thought that the woman did not hear her clearly, so she repeated herself loudly, "Can you please give Long Sijue a call? My name is Su Qianxun. Tell him that I need to speak to him urgently!"

The two women manning the front desk looked at each other before they sneered at Su Qianxun in disdain. "People nowadays watch way too many fairy tales. Why on earth would our director spend time meeting someone like you?!"

"You should go to the nightclub if you want to find a rich husband. You can meet many rich men's sons there! Judging by your looks, I'm sure many of them would like you." The other woman rolled her eyes and glanced at Su Qianxun.

After the two women finished speaking, they went back to ignoring her. They spoke to other people in a polite as well as gentle tone and were completely different people compared with when they talked to Su Qianxun.

"You" Su Qianxun was anxious and furious at the same time. Her younger brother was still being locked up in the police station. Lan Yingying was a force to be reckoned with, and the longer her younger brother stayed in the police station, the more danger he was in.

The phone on the front desk then started ringing. One of the women immediately extended her hand to answer the call, but Su Qianxun snatched the phone over and tossed it to the floor.

Everyone was dumbstruck when the young woman did that. Su Qianxun said firmly as she stared at the two women, "I want to see Long Sijue!"

The two young women said nothing.

A minute later, as the two women manning the front desk stared viciously at the young woman, two bodyguards got a hold of her and were about to throw her out of the building...

"I really need to see Long Sijue for an urgent matter. Please let me up!" Su Qianxun refused to give up.

"This woman is so shameless!"

"I know right? What on earth would make you think that you have the right to meet our director?"

The two women manning the front desk had been working for Long Corporation for a long time. They were very proud of themselves because even the directors and managers of many big companies needed to suck up to them. They could not accept the fact that some random, penniless young woman was acting so arrogantly in front of them.

Surrounded by a group of bodyguards, Long Beiqing entered the building. He was six feet in height, and there was a determined look on his face. His facial features were so perfect that he looked like a sculpture. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit with a white shirt underneath his coat. The top of his shirt was unbuttoned, and a white boutonnire was pinned to his coat. He looked absolutely elegant and noble-like.

Just as Su Qianxun was about to get thrown outside, Long Beiqing stopped in his tracks and said, "Let go of her!"

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at Long Beiqing. They did not expect him to care about some random young woman. The two bodyguards did not dare to disobey Long Beiqing and immediately released Su Qianxun.

Since Long Beiqing was a hot candidate for the upcoming presidential election, Su Qianxun naturally recognized him. She just had not expected him to speak up on her behalf.

"Are you looking for Sijue?" Long Beiqing's gaze was gentle as he looked at Su Qianxun, and his aura was as refreshing as a summer breeze.

Su Qianxun immediately nodded. "I need to see him for an urgent matter. Can you bring me up?"

The young woman was going all out. After all, the worst-case scenario was that she would be thrown out of the building. She still had a shot at seeing Long Sijue by asking Long Beiqing for help.

"Come with me, then." Long Beiqing agreed to her request just like that.

Su Qianxun felt a surge of joy and immediately ran toward Long Beiqing. A bodyguard immediately extended his hand to stop her so that she could not go near Long Beiqing.

"It's okay. Come over here and follow me." Long Beiqing smiled at her, turned, and walked forward.

Su Qianxun immediately followed him. Due to her grandfather and older brother's influence, the young woman would sometimes pay attention to what was happening in the country. Hence, she was familiar with the two hot candidates for the upcoming presidential election.

She actually preferred Long Beiqing over Li Junao. She did not expect to see him in real life that day. She did not expect him to be such a friendly person either. It made Su Qianxun like him even more.

As the elevator doors slid open, Long Beiqing gestured for her to enter the elevator. Su Qianxun entered the elevator after she nodded politely at him. Long Beiqing then followed her into the elevator.

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