Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 317

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 317 He'll Make You Wish That You Were Dead

After they exited the elevator, Long Beiqing asked one of his bodyguards to bring Su Qianxun to Long Sijue. He then nodded at her and left.

Su Qianxun did not even get a chance to thank him.

Since Su Qianxun was walking together with Long Beiqing's bodyguard, no one dared to make things difficult for her. She arrived outside Long Sijue's office without any trouble.

But the moment she opened the door and entered the office, she saw Long Aotian standing before Long Sijue with his hand raised.

Even though she could not see Long Sijue's expression clearly, Long Aotian seemed obviously furious.

The young woman did not have time to hesitate. Almost by instinct, she dashed forward and shielded Long Sijue the moment Long Aotian swung his hand at Long Sijue.

Even though Su Qianxun blocked Long Aotian's hand with her hand, Long Aotian's hand still landed on his face.

*Slap!* There was a loud sound, and the young woman collapsed to the floor. Her field of vision turned black, and she felt so dizzy to the point that she could no longer hear any sound.

Even though Long Sijue was a very calm and composed person, in that very moment, he was absolutely stupefied. Never had he thought that Su Qianxun would appear in his office, let alone take a blow for him!

He immediately squatted down and helped the young woman up. As Long Aotian gazed at the young woman who suddenly barged in, his gaze became even colder.

Long Sijue lifted Su Qianxun up. He then quickly pressed a button on the phone on the table and ordered, "Come in!"

Long Aotian watched as Long Sijue placed the young woman on the couch. Even though Long Sijue's expression was as cold as ever, Long Aotian could tell how much he cared about the young woman from how gentle his movements were.

Long Aotian snorted coldly. "You know what? If Beiqing doesn't win the presidential election this time, I won't let you off the hook! I won't let this young woman off the hook either!"

"He will win the presidential election!" Long Sijue replied coldly.

"This better be the case!" Long Aotian's expression was still extremely dark.

At this point of time, Su Qianxun was slowly regaining her ability to hear. However, her ear which Long Aotian's hand landed on just now still hurt immensely. Even though tears were welling up in her eyes, she did not allow herself to cry.

When Long Sijue saw that the young woman's ear was bleeding a little, his gaze became extremely murderous, and his body was as stiff as a stone.

Zi Fan entered the office. Long Sijue rose and left after he ordered Zi Fan to tend to Su Qianxun's wound.

Zi Fan went to retrieve a medicine chest. She then walked over to Su Qianxun and carefully inspected her injury. She took a pill out of the chest and asked Su Qianxun to swallow it before taking out a tube of ointment and applying it inside Su Qianxun's ear.

Long Aotian stayed in the office throughout the process. He waited until Zi Fan was done tending to Su Qianxun's wound before he sneered and said, "Young woman, you should be careful. You must never fall in love with my son! If you happen to fall in love with him one day, he'll make you wish that you were dead!"

After Long Aotian said that, he gave Long Sijue who was standing beside him a meaningful glance. He then turned and left.

When Long Sijue heard that, his body tensed up even more, and his expression became extremely dark.

Even though Su Qianxun knew that Long Aotian was not a good person, she was puzzled by what he said. However, she had no time to muse over Long Aotian's words right now. She suddenly extended her hand and grasped Long Sijue's large hand tightly.

Their eyes met, and tears rolled down the young woman's cheeks. She sobbed as she said, "Young master, please save my younger brother!"

With her swollen cheek , teary eyes and pale, trembling lips, Su Qianxun looked extremely helpless. Long Sijue gazed at her for a moment. He then turned without saying a thing and made a call.

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