Good Morning Mister Dragon Book 2 Chapter 329

Good Morning Mister Dragon Volume 2 Chapter 329 I Want Her To Get A Taste Of Death

Su Ran's injuries were more serious than Su Qianxun's. When Su Ran was hitting Su Qianxun earlier on, she was doing it in the heat of the moment and at random. But Su Qianxun took a different approach when she beat Su Ran up: she aimed at Su Ran's vitals instead. Therefore, Su Ran did not stand a chance against her right now.

The young woman sat on top of Su Ran, the ungrateful traitor, and slapped her across the face multiple times. She then intentionally let Su Ran fight back and hit her a couple of times

To the bystanders, they seemed equally matched.

A dozen minutes had passed. The two women were still fighting and neither seemed to have the upper hand.

Su Ran completely lost her mind as well. She suddenly let out a yelp, picked up a rusty metal spike next to her and tried to stab Su Qianxun with it. Su Qianxun quickly grabbed Su Ran's wrist. The young woman twisted Su Ran'swrist and jammed the metal spike into Su Ran's shoulder.

Su Ran's screamed in agony, and it was obvious how much pain she was in.

"Alright, alright, break them up. Young lady, I've given you a chance to avenge yourself. This is the time for you to repay my kindness!"

The man could hardly suppress his urge, especially when he saw Su Qianxun's shirt being torn open as she wrestled with Su Ran, exposing her fair chest. Just the sight of it excited him. He could not wait to pin her down immediately and had his way with her...

Besides, he could not let Su Ran die for now. He had to keep her alive because she was still very useful to him

"Big brother, I'll definitely keep my promise, but I'm still young, and there are so many people around. I'm shy Can you ask them to go out first. I promise that I'll serve you however you please..." Su Qianxun faked a coy and sweet expression.

By then, Su Ran was in so much pain that she could barely speak. Cold sweat rolled down her body non-stop. She fixed her gaze on Su Ran.

When the man saw the coy, coquettish look on the young woman's face, he felt extremely aroused. He could no longer think straight and urged his subordinates to quickly get out of the way

Su Qianxun watched as the man took off his pants eagerly and revealed his hideous d*ck. He then started taking off his shirt while walking towards her. "Little peach, here I am. Quick, tell me how you're going to please me..."

Su Qianxun did not even dare to breathe loudly, and in the end she resorted to holding her breath. The young woman was holding a rusty blade in her hand by her hip. The blade had cut her palm but she could no longer feel the pain

There was a harrowing scream. When the group of men who had just left the warehouse heard this, they broke into a cold sweat. They immediately tossed Su Ran to the ground and ran back into the warehouse. When they saw the man lying and rolling on the ground, they quickly hurried over and asked frantically, "Boss, what's going on?"

"That b*tch. I want you to f*ck her up!" The man pressed his hands hard on his private part. Blood was streaming out non-stop through the gaps between his fingers.

Meanwhile, his p*nis was lying on the ground.

One of the men saw the state that his boss was in and became furious. He rushed over and slapped Su Qianxun across the face. "F*cking b*tch, how dare you cut off my boss's d*ck!"

He knocked Su Qianxun down, and her eyes wandered to the entrance of the warehouse. "Ah Jue, please get here soon..."

"Everyone, f*ck her at once. F*ck her up. Feed her the aphrodisiac. Get the aphrodisiac now! Drag those dogs that Su Ran brought in here! I want her to get a taste of death!

The man had completely lost his mind. This b*ch had turned him into a eunuch. He would not rest until he ravaged her mercilessly.

Three to four men lunged at Su Qianxun in unison. They tore her shirt and revealed the young woman's n.a.k.e.d torso before everyone

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