Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Intruding a Forbidden Area (One)

'Hot, so hot…'

Su Qianxun staggered as she ran forward. She did not know where she was because the place was pitch dark. She could only rely on her instincts to run forward as her long, jet-black hair fluttered in the wind.

Suddenly, she tripped on something. Su Qianxun cried out in alarm and fell, but surprisingly, she felt no pain. However, she was now looking into another pair of eyes so strange that they were frightening.

Before Su Qianxun could give it any thought, her small, fragile waist was grabbed by a large pair of burning, hot hands...

Her small hands touched something that was smooth and as hard as a rock. It was the type of muscle that only strong men possessed!

Moreover, the man was not wearing a shirt.

Su Qianxun was so frightened that she was about to scream. However, the next moment, the world spun; the strong man pushed her down and lay on top of her...

Right then, intense pain surged into her body. Su Qianxun opened her mouth and bit the man's shoulder out of reflex. The strong taste of blood spread throughout her mouth... 


Su Qianxun cried out softly, and her eyes flew open. There was intense fear in her clear, black eyes. She looked at her surroundings to make sure that she was safe before she breathed a loud sigh of relief.

"What's wrong? Was it that nightmare again?" Su Ran walked over and handed Su Qianxun a glass of ice water. "You're drenched in sweat. Drink some water to quench your thirst first."

Su Qianxun did indeed feel extremely hot. Everything that happened in the dream made her feel as if she had been roasted over a fire. The man's strange eyes and his abnormal body temperature that was so hot, it felt like her hands were burning...

That immense pain made her feel as though her private part was being torn apart, and it caused her to subconsciously clamp her legs together. She knew what it meant… But why would something that never happened before enter her dreams at the exact same time every month?

Su Qianxun took the glass of water from Su Ran and finished it in one go.

Due to her anxiety, she did not notice the flash of intense jealousy and malice in Su Ran's eyes.

"Ran Ran, thank you. It's almost time for me to meet Xia Chuxi. I'll be leaving first."

After bidding farewell to Su Ran, Su Qianxun left Su Ran's office and went to another room on the cruise ship.

When Su Qianxun arrived outside the room where her appointment with Xia Chuxi was, she found that the room door was slightly open. There was a tiny gap between the door and its frame. Su Qianxun opened the door wider and walked inside without hesitation.


Just as Su Qianxun was about to call out to Xia Chuxi, someone suddenly hugged her, and a lewd voice traveled into her ears. "Little beauty, you're finally here. I've been waiting for you for so long. Quick, let me kiss you first!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Su Qianxun's mind went blank for a moment. 'Isn't this the room Xia Chuxi booked? He asked me to meet him here today. Why is a stranger here instead?'

The man inched his foul-smelling mouth towards her beautiful neck and touched her body in a rough, sexually inappropriate manner. Su Qianxun could only feel a strong surge of disgust.

"Let me go! Help! Xia Chuxi, save me!"

Su Qianxun struggled with all her might. However, the more she struggled, the more excited the man behind her seemed to get. His arms around her body were as strong as steel bars.

The man threw her on the bed viciously, and the fall made Su Qianxun dizzy.

"You want Xia Chuxi to save you? Dream on. Xia Chuxi was the one who asked me to come here today! He gave you to me! I advise you not to waste your energy. If I'm happy with the way you serve me, I might treat you a little gentler. Or else, I'll toy with you until you die tonight!"

Su Qianxun's face turned bloodless as she watched the fatso inch closer towards her. She shook her head non-stop. "Impossible, impossible. It's impossible for Xia Chuxi to treat me this way! I won't believe it!"

Xia Chuxi was the Xia Family's only son, and he was five years older than her. He was a childhood friend who was betrothed to her by her grandfather. 

"What you believe in isn't important, darling. You're really beautiful. Be a little more obedient, and I promise that I'll get you to heaven tonight!"

As the pervert looked at the girl in front of him who was as pure and beautiful as an elf, he pounced on her impatiently…

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