Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 112

Chapter 112: I Hate This Side of Mine

The door to Long Sijue's study room was always open, and the light was also switched on twenty-four hours a day. Su Qianxun hesitated for a moment after she stepped into the room. She then walked toward his study desk and looked at it.

She assumed that things like voice recorders were probably kept inside one of the drawers. She opened the first drawer. There was no voice recorder inside. There were only a few ball pens and some other things. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She closed it and opened the second drawer. Su Qianxun decided that if there was no voice recorder in this drawer either, she would stop looking for it. After all, she was intruding on someone else's privacy.

She was actually already regretting the fact that she entered the study room. Unexpectedly, the second drawer a couple of voice recorders.

Su Qianxun was pleasantly surprised. She took out a voice recorder to make sure that it was working. When she lowered her head, she realized that there was a pretty hair clip in the drawer. There was a beautiful snowflake on the hair clip. It looked very cute, but it was probably meant for a little girl who was around ten years old.

Su Qianxun only took the hair clip and looked at it out of curiosity. When she was about to return it to where it was, Long Sijue had already walked up to her and extended his hand to snatch the hair clip back!

He was being extremely rough. There were iron wires on the hair clip, and Su Qianxun could feel a prick in the palm of her hand that had just recovered from the scald. She immediately clenched her fist. 

The young woman stared at the horrifying expression of the man before her. His eyes were extremely cold, and they gave off an oppressive aura. She subconsciously took a few steps backwards. There was an acute sense of suffocation in her chest.

"Su Qianxun, you're seriously crossing the line! Who allowed you to come into my study room and mess with my stuff?" Long Sijue's gaze was extremely scary. At that moment, she had no doubt at all that he wanted to strangle her to death.

"So-Sorry... I-I just wanted to borrow the voice..." Su Qianxun tried to explain.

Long Sijue took away the voice recorder in her hand without mercy. His gaze was still horrifyingly cold, and along with the oppressive aura that his height gave off, Su Qianxun was totally out of breath.

"Get out of here!"

Su Qianxun bit her lower lip hard, turned, and ran away. She bumped into the desk because she was too nervous, and her small face was twisted from the pain.

She did not dare to stop and continued to run out of Long Sijue's study room at lightning speed.

Long Sijue wobbled. He opened his hand and saw that the snowflake-shaped hair clip was already bent out of shape because he clutched it too tightly. Agitated, he tossed the hair clip back into the drawer and sat in the chair. He raised his hand to massage the area between his eyebrows. 

His headache was killing him!

Su Qianxun almost bumped into Ye Gu, who was walking towards her. When Ye Gu saw how flustered the young woman in front of him looked, he extended his hand to steady her.

"What happened?" Ye Gu's beautiful and thick eyebrows were scrunched up into a frown.

Su Qianxun raised her head and looked at him. Her mind was in a mess right now. She suddenly burst into tears. "I didn't do it on purpose, I really didn't do it on purpose. I gave him a call about it. I didn't purposely went digging into his stuffs. I really need the voice recorder."

Ye Gu stared at her as she spoke incoherently. Tears were falling endlessly down her cheeks, and it was as if her small, pale face was transparent. Ye Gu felt as if a large hand was ruthlessly clutching his heart, suffocating him.

"Don't bother yourself with me anymore. I hate this side of mine!" Su Qianxun pushed him away with force. She then turned and ran. She wiped the tears off her cheeks forcefully.

'Damn it, why the hell are you crying? Su Qianxun, bear in mind that you're in no position to be weak!'

Ye Gu stared after her as she ran away unsteadily. The creases between his eyebrows became even deeper, and he clenched his wounded fist tightly.

Su Qianxun went to bathroom the moment she reached her room. She washed her hand repeatedly, and the wound on her hand slowly stopped bleeding.

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