Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Snapped in Half

Mu Bai heard Su Qianxun and Long Sijue arguing. He began to grapple recklessly with the bodyguards. However, there were countless men in Long Sijue's security team, while Mu Bai was on his own. Even if he was a skilled fighter, he could not have possibly defeated them all. 

When he saw the car, which was less than ten feet away, start to shake vigorously, he lost all inhibition and began to tussle with the bodyguards in a frenzied manner. He did not even care about the number of kicks and punches they were throwing at him.

Su Qianxun was forced to lie on her stomach against the car window. The last thing she saw before she lost her consciousness was Mu Bai being knocked to the ground by the bodyguards.

The students who were told to leave lingered outside the office. After all, there had been a murder. Everyone wanted to find out what was going on. 

Su Ran stood amid the crowd and peered at the office door nervously. She wished to see neither the school director who had just committed murder nor Professor Yao who was murdered. She only wanted to find out who those men in black were and whether their presence in the university had anything to do with Su Qianxun. 

When Ye Gu walked out of the school director's office, he glanced through the crowd of students in the distance with hostility. Su Ran was terrified by his glare and averted her gaze. She no longer dared to look his way. 

Gu Mian arrived at the university in a hurry only to find out that there was a murder. She was utterly petrified and called Su Qianxun non-stop on the phone. However, all her calls went unanswered. 

Overwhelmed by anxiety, she stopped a student who was passing by and asked anxiously, "Excuse me, what just happened in your university? I heard that someone died. What on earth happened?"

"I heard that a professor was bludgeoned to death. I don't know what happened exactly. The police have arrested the culprit and taken the body. They'll probably clarify and explain the incident to the press tomorrow." 

"It was a professor? Did anything happen to any student?"

"I didn't hear anything like that," the student said and walked away. 

Gu Mian was panicking. She felt rather regretful for suggesting that Su Qianxun prove her innocence with such a dangerous method. 


By the time Su Qianxun woke up, she was already in Jin Garden. The moment she opened her eyes, she recalled that the school director had killed Professor Yao in front of her. She immediately flicked the blanket off herself, wanting to get out of bed. 

"Young Mistress Su, you are covered with wounds right now. Where are you going?" Aunt Qi asked anxiously. 

"I'm all right. I want to attend Professor Yao's funeral!"

"Young Mistress Su, I'm begging you, please stop running around. The young master will be angry again if he sees you like this. Do you want to be locked in the room again?" Aunt Qi tried to talk some sense into her.

"Professor Yao was beaten to death by the director because of me. I have to go to his funeral." Su Qianxun was feeling extremely remorseful. 

"You shouldn't think of it like this." Tang Zui entered the room. 

When Aunt Qi saw him, she immediately rose and bowed to him. Tang Zui asked Aunt Qi to give them a moment.

Su Qianxun stared at him in a daze. There was a vacant look in her eyes. 

"The truth has been revealed thanks to the investigation. Professor Yao found out that Director Gao's been coercing female students into having sexual relationships with him. For that reason, Director Gao had long intended to get rid of him. Your presence in the office was purely coincidental, and he saw the chance to blame it all on you. Therefore, even if you hadn't been there, Professor Yao would have suffered the same fate," Tang Zui explained. 

You don't have to comfort me." Su Qianxun shook her head. 

"I'm not comforting you. It's the truth. Director Gao confessed to the police. He's been planning the murder for a long time, but he wasn't able to execute it in time. You're also a victim." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Su Qianxun did not say anything.

Tang Zui's explanation did not make Su Qianxun feel any better. After all, Professor Yao was dead because of the incident. She asked, "Can I attend Professor Yao's funeral?"

"About this…" Tang Zui was at a loss for words. He had no right to make this decision.

"Get out of here!"

Long Sijue entered the room. Since Tang Zui had done what he was told to, he took his leave first.

Su Qianxun clutched her blanket tightly as she gazed at the man who just walked in. She was about to avert her gaze from him when Long Sijue raised his hand, which was holding Mu Bai's voice recorder, and snapped the voice recorder in half…

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