Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Practically Knocking on Death's Door!

Long Sijue lowered his head and looked at the young woman who was facing him like a tiny hedgehog. He immediately pushed her away and entered the apartment.

Su Qianxun said nothing.

Su Qianxun still felt very uncomfortable about the incident on the cruise ship. She really could not bring herself to put on a pretense and act obediently in front of him anymore.

After Long Sijue walked in, he started to size the old apartment up. The house was so small that it was not even as big as a bathroom in Jin Garden. The renovation work was also very outdated. The only redeeming quality it had was its considerably clean and tidy appearance. Su Qianxun had also utilized her creativity when she decorated the house, giving it a homely vibe.

"Is this place livable?" Long Sijue looked at the bed in the living room and asked.

Su Qianxun had already held a grudge against him to begin with, and now that he had the audacity to say that her house was unlivable, she retorted "This is my apartment, and it has nothing to do with Young Master Long. It's my business whether it's livable or otherwise."

Long Sijue turned and looked at her after he heard what she said. Su Qianxun subconsciously grew nervous again. She was just about to retreat when Long Sijue suddenly took two steps forward, bent down and carried her into the bedroom.

Su Qianxun immediately struggled when she realized what he wanted to do. She did not want him to fool around with her here. This small apartment was the only place that belonged to her and her younger brother. She did not want to leave behind any memory related to the man.

"What are you doing? Put me down!"

The man's response was a fervent kiss. 

It was as if Long Sijue was doing it on purpose. He seemed to know what was on her mind, and the more she did not want it to happen, the more he wanted to do it! 

He wanted to put his label on everything that belonged to her, and would not allow her to have any personal space!

Su Qianxun was extremely angry. She wanted to talk, but her mouth was pressed hard against his, so she could not even utter a single word.

Right now, she really hated her body for being so disappointing to the point that she did not have a single ounce of energy left in her. She did not even have the strength to fight against an ordinary girl, let alone Long Sijue. 

The man easily pinned her hands above her head. Long Sijue continued to kiss her, as if he would never have enough of her lips.

Even though he had only gone a week without touching her, he already missed her body to the point of insanity! 

Therefore, he was in a hurry to come and meet her even though her body had yet to fully recover.

Her tiny, worn-down bed could not bear the heavy load. It started to rock and make squeaking sounds. Even though Su Qianxun was already in a daze due to the fervent kiss, she was still worried that her bed would be broken because of him. 

As expected...

The tiny bed was completely broken after half an hour, and Su Qianxun as well as Long Sijue fell to the ground together. 

The man who was originally engrossed in the act was also shocked, and his expression turned dark. Su Qianxun hit him in anger. "It's all your fault! You have to buy me a new bed!"

Long Sijue was at a loss for words. Without stopping, he picked her up from the broken bed, placed her on her study desk beside him and continued.

Su Qianxun was scratching and biting him in anger. This time, she was really acting like a tiny feral cat. She kept kicking her slim and fair legs around in a disorderly manner, and the small bells on her anklet rang non-stop.

The more she acted that way, the more excited Long Sijue felt. The little thing's rebellious reaction was completely different from how she used to react. In the past, she only knew how to beg and cry. Long Sijue liked every side of her, so much so that he could hardly hold himself back.

Su Qianxun was so tired that she almost fainted after Long Sijue ej*culated for the first time. When Long Sijue noticed how weak she looked, he furrowed his eyebrows a little.

Long Sijue carried the young woman into the bathroom. He was actually very satisfied when he saw the tiny bathroom, which was barely bigger than a person's a*s.

This was because after the door was shut, in order for them to shower in this tiny space, their bodies would need to be closely pressed against each other's…

Long Sijue turned on the shower before he pressed the little thing against the wall and continue to ravage her body in a tyrannical manner.

Suddenly, someone knocked impatiently on the door outside. The man furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance. Who dared to disturb him at this moment? That person was practically knocking on death's door!

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