Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Really Triggered This Time

Long Sijue drove so fast that it was almost as though the car was flying. The silver car looked like a bolt of lightning that flashed past the night. The car let out a ear-piercing screech as it was stopped outside the hospital's main entrance.

Long Sijue carried Su Qianxun and rushed into the emergency department. He placed the young woman on a small bed and roared, "Save her immediately! If anything happens to her, I'll make all of you die together with her!"

The doctors were so terrified that they went weak at the knees. At this moment, Long Sijue looked as though he had just walked out from hell, with an extremely murderous aura.

The medical staff immediately crowded Su Qianxun to examine her. As the young woman's symptoms did not seem to improve after one minute, Long Sijue rushed over and grabbed the collar of one of the doctors as he roared, "She was punched in the lower abdomen! Are you even doing your job!?" 


"Ye-yes! Understood!" The doctors were so frightened that their souls were about to fly out from their bodies

Long Sijue looked at the medical staff who were giving emergency treatment to the young woman in a flurry. He then fixed his profound gaze on the young woman on the hospital bed. He stayed rooted to the spot as the medical staff continued administering treatment. A few minutes later, the young woman's face, which was contorted in pain, finally smoothed out.

When Ye Gu rushed over and saw that Su Qianxun seemed to be in a better condition, he breathed a sigh of relief too. When he was about to talk to Long Sijue who was standing there like a statue, Long Sijue suddenly turned and walked away!

Ye Gu glanced worriedly at Su Qianxun worriedly before he turned and followed Long Sijue out.

When Su Qianxun regained consciousness, she saw unfamiliar faces. She trembled violently when she recalled the blow she received from Long Sijue.

After the emergency treatment, Su Qianxun was sent to a normal ward. She lay alone on the hospital bed, enduring the pain that continued to linger alone.


In Jin Garden's training room, Long Sijue was hitting the punching bag in front of him as if he had gone insane. Even though the back of his hand was already covered with wounds, he did not have the intention to stop. Instead, he used even more strength! 

Tang Zui was pacing back and forth anxiously outside the training room. He did not dare to go in and offer Tang Zui any advice right now. Whoever went in would be knocking on death's door!

Finally, Tang Zui could not stand it anymore. He suddenly had an idea. He called more than twenty bodyguards over and made them wear bullet-proof vests underneath their shirts before letting them into the training room.

After five seconds, hitting and smashing sounds rang out from the inside. Tang Zui peeked from the crack of the door and shuddered. All the bodyguards had collapsed to the floor.

'Si Jue really got triggered this time, and he had already turned completely insane. Stay strong, brothers. I will give all of you a pay rise this month!'

Tang Zui looked for a few more batches of bodyguards to train with Long Sijue, and all of them were so badly beaten up that they could not even stay on their feet.


Half of Long Sijue's tall figure was submerged in the hot spring. The backs of his hands looked extremely gruesome. Blood was dripping down along his fingertips into the hot spring, and his gaze was frighteningly profound.

An hour later, Long Sijue walked out from the hot spring. Tang Zui followed him anxiously and looked at the back of his hands. The blood had already coagulated, but the wounds were a grotesque sight. Tang Zui's heart skipped a beat.

"Jue, go and get your wounds treated first. They're very susceptible to infections right now."

Long Sijue ignored him. He entered his car and left Jin Garden.


Su Qianxun stayed for a day in the hospital and received two bottles of intravenous transfusions. At night, Ye Gu came and picked her up from the hospital. 

Her lower abdomen was still rather painful, but it was much better than before. It was not an exaggeration at all for Su Qianxun to think that she was about to die when Long Sijue dealt her that blow yesterday.

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