Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Whats the Mans Name?

Su Qianxun took another nap. She did not know how long she had slept, but when she woke up this time, her head no longer ached as much, and the pain in her lower abdomen was also negligible.

She rose and washed herself up for a bit. She then changed into a new set of clothes and prepared to go out to replace her various cards that had been destroyed during the fire.

Even though there was not much money in her bank card, it was enough for her daily expenses. Most importantly, she still needed to pay Doctor Mu for her younger brother's medical bills.

After Su Qianxun was done changing, she asked the driver to send her to the bank and left Jin Garden. Nowadays, Long Sijue almost did not restrict her freedom anymore. This was the only the only thing that made her happy, but even this joy came with a strong surge of sadness.

Her cell phone rang. When Su Qianxun saw Gu Mian's name on the display, she immediately picked up the call. "Mian Mian, where are you?"

Gu Mian gave Su Qianxun her address. Su Qianxun asked the driver to pick Gu Mian up on the way to the bank.

As Gu Mian deliberately put on makeup to cover up her pale countenance, she looked like she was in good spirits. However, her attire was a little strange. She was wearing a turtleneck sweater made of a thin material with a chiffon skirt that reached her ankles. Her long, curly hair was spread out messily on her shoulder. Even though she looked pretty, she appeared as if she was dressed for autumn.

"Mian Mian, do you feel very cold? Why are you dressed like this?"

"I caught a bit of a cold recently, so I'm bundling up more. Where are you going now?" Gu Mian blinked.

"I'm going to get my bank card replaced. My house was burned down in a fire." As Su Qianxun talked about that, she felt an acute sense of suffocation.

"I'll go with you. I'm pretty bored anyway."

"You talked about getting married the last time we met. What happened after that?" Su Qianxun had been thinking a lot about what Gu Mian mentioned during their last meeting. 

"I'm already married," Gu Mian answered flatly. Her expression became a little cold.

"You're already married? What's the man's name?" Su Qianxun inquired with furrowed eyebrows.

"Hey, it's not easy for us to meet, so let's not bring up this topic. I don't feel like talking about my marriage for the time being, so do stop asking me about it. I've been busy lately, so now that I'm free, let's spend time together." Gu Mian did not feel like talking about Tang Zui at all. To her, Tang Zui was a total maniac.

Su Qianxun remained silent. When she saw that Gu Mian was really averse to that topic, she decided not to press further. She had never expected that the Gu family would be so cruel towards Gu Mian.

The two young women headed to the bank, and Su Qianxun applied for a new bank card. She then withdrew some cash. After they left the bank, Su Qianxun asked the driver to bring them to her burnt down house because she wanted to take a look at it.

Su Qianxun clutched her bank card a little anxiously. She did not know how much money she would need to renovate the entire house. She had less than ten thousand RMB right now, and this sum of money was probably not even enough to install all the windows in the house.

"Don't worry about it. If you want to renovate your house, I can pay for it. Even though my family forced me to get married, they wouldn't mind giving me some money." Gu Mian held Su Qianxun's arm.

Su Qianxun nodded. She had no choice, as that was her and her younger brother's only home.

After they both exited the car, Su Qianxun raised her head to look at the house. She realized that the window, which was destroyed during the fire, had already been replaced. The exterior walls of the house had also been repainted.

"What happened?" Gu Mian did not know the extent of the damage the fire had done to Su Qianxun's house.

"I'll go upstairs to take a look." Su Qianxun immediately ran towards the stairs and hurried upstairs.

Gu Mian tried to chase after Su Qianxun, but the moment she moved her legs, she felt an immense ache between her thighs. Tang Zui, that beast, had been tormenting her using various methods. She found it miraculous that she was still alive every morning after being tortured by Tang Zui the night before.

After Su Qianxun ascended the stairs, she realized that the door of her house had already been replaced. She stared at the new door with furrowed eyebrows and quickly took out her house key from one of the compartments of her backpack. She anxiously unlocked the new door with her key.

She twisted the door knob gently and was actually able to open the door. Even though the door had been replaced, the keyhole was still the same as that of her previous door's.

Su Qianxun entered the house, and when she looked at the interior of her house clearly, she was totally dumbfounded. She definitely entered the wrong house...

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