Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Are You Looking for Someone, Little Beauty?

At the end of the corridor, Qiao Yiren stared worriedly at the closing elevator door. She tugged on Xia Chuxi's shirt. "Chuxi, what should we do? I knew that I should've stopped father. Now, sis has caused trouble again. It's all my fault. I should've kneeled down and begged father to let my younger brother go."

"This has nothing to do with you, silly." Xia Chuxi furrowed his eyebrows as he watched the men who went off to catch Su Qianxun.

"I'm really worried about sis. She smashed Chairman Liu's head just like that. I'm afraid that it's no longer possible for father to acquire that piece of land. Father will only become even angrier because of that. Why does sis have to be so adamant?" Qiao Yiren was so anxious she started to cry out loud.

"Yiren, you're really too kind. If only Su Qianxun were half as kind-hearted as you, I wouldn't have disliked her so much." Xia Chuxi put his arms around Qiao Yiren and comforted her. However, that disturbed feeling from before rose inside his chest again.

Qiao Yiren pretended to be upset as she lay in his arms. She sneered internally. 'Su Qianxun, you're definitely done for this time. I don't believe that you'll be able to get away from this in one piece!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


When Su Qianxun rushed out from the elevator, she nearly ran into Ye Gu who was guarding the elevator door.

"I want to see Long Sijue! Take me to him!" She took a deep breath and requested.

Ye Gu gazed indifferently at her for a few seconds, before he turned and walked forward. Su Qianxun immediately followed him. 

Ye Gu stopped in front of a door. He then turned and said, "Please enter, Miss Su."

Su Qianxun's face was pale as she looked at the door before her. She loosened her clenched fist and balled it up again repeatedly. Shortly after, she closed her eyes and pushed the door before her open…

Su Qianxun assumed that Ye Gu had brought her to Long Sijue's private room and that he would be the only person in there.


However, she saw that the room was filled with men and women once she pushed the door open.

Su Qianxun held her breath. She quickly scanned the room and was rather dumbfounded when she realized that Long Sijue was not in the private lounge.

'Is he not around?'

Su Qianxun began to panic a little. She had just attacked Qiao Bonian's business partner, which meant that she had ruined his business deal. If she did not get to meet Long Sijue today, she was afraid that her younger brother would be subjected to even crueler treatment.

The bustling private lounge fell into a few seconds of silence upon Su Qianxun's arrival. It was then followed by a wolf whistle.

"Are you looking for someone, little beauty?" one of the young men asked with a smile.

"I'm looking for Long Sijue. May I know where he is?" Su Qianxun could only summon up her courage to ask him.

Tang Zui who was playing mahjong, was extremely delighted to see that the young woman had shown up voluntarily. He blinked his seductive, mesmerizing eyes and flashed a coquettish smile.

"Little beauty, I can tell that you're in trouble just from the look on your face. Come over here. I'll personally handle all your problems if you give me a kiss!"

He did not forget to wink at her after he said that.

Su Qianxun had calmed down slightly by then. For some unknown reason, she felt relieved by the fact that Long Sijue was not around.

"Sorry for disturbing you guys," Su Qianxun said. She then prepared to turn and leave.

A black door opened, and Long Sijue walked into the private lounge. He had worn a black shirt on his tall, robust body, and he looked even more well-built than models on the runway stage. There was a hint of coldness in his straight, dashing eyebrows, and his thin lips were tightly pursed. His sharp gaze landed precisely on the little thing who was standing by the entrance.

The moment Su Qianxun saw him on her way out of the room, it was as if her feet were nailed to the floor. She could not budge at all. His aura was so overpowering that she was almost out of breath.

A woman in a pantsuit was walking behind Long Sijue. The pantsuit accentuated her curvaceous body, and she was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses. Her hair was tied into a sleek ponytail.

The noises in the private lounge died down quite a lot when Long Sijue appeared. He walked towards Tang Zui and sat down next to him.

"Come here." Long Sijue looked at Su Qianxun and fixed his eyes on her.

Su Qianxun bit her lower lip and walked obediently towards Long Sijue…

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