Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 71

Chapter 71: A Little Different on the First and Fifteenth Day of Every Month

"Sorry, I didn't do that on purpose!" Su Qianxun covered her forehead with her hand and immediately raised her head to apologize to Ye Gu. 

"Remember to look at your surroundings the next time you walk. Don't keep your head down all the time!"

Ye Gu let out a few soft coughs. He then opened the room door. Su Qianxun only realized right then that they had already arrived. 

"Okay." Su Qianxun replied softly. Her gaze landed on Ye Gu's hand, which was wrapped in bandages. She blurted out, "Is your hand injured?"

Ye Gu froze. He glanced at the young woman before him and recalled the incident that happened in the car the other day... Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They suddenly locked eyes. Su Qianxun nervously took a few steps backwards. She lowered her head and remained silent. Her body was so stiff to the extent that she felt extremely uneasy.

"How's your injury? Is it better now?" Ye Gu asked abruptly. 

"It's… It's much better now." Su Qianxun placed her hand on her chest without being aware of it. That part still hurt very much.

"The young master will be a little different on the first and fifteenth day of every month. He… must be with you."

Ye Gu knew very well that he had said too much. There were things that he was not supposed to talk about at all. However, when he looked at her pale face, he was genuinely worried that the young master would torture her to death.

Su Qianxun raised her head to look at him when she heard these words. When she realized what he meant by "be with you", she blushed instantly.

"Why must he be with me on the first and fifteenth day of every month?" Su Qianxun grasped the most important part of his statement. "And… why does he insist on me bearing his child?"

Ye Gu fixed his gaze on her, but did not say anything else.

"It's fine if it's not convenient for you to answer. I'm just asking, anyway. I'll go inside first."

'Ye Gu had helped me a lot. I must not trouble him further.'

Su Qianxun entered the room. When she turned to close the door, she suddenly said, "I'm really thankful for what you did for me that day."

Ye Gu's body stiffened a little. Su Qianxun closed the door. She felt weak the moment she turned and leaned against the door. With her hand pressing against her chest, she could not help but start to cough.

She felt terrible. When she fell from the horse yesterday, she truly thought that she was going to die on the spot.

Moreover, she was extremely nervous whenever she was with Long Sijue because she could never understand what he was thinking. She was afraid that she would accidentally trigger him again.

Su Qianxun only realized when she raised her head that she was in the room where she met Long Sijue for the first time. That astonishingly big room.

Everything in the room was black, and the atmosphere in the room was way too oppressive.

She could not be bothered at that moment. Since Ye Gu had warned her that Long Sijue would not let her go tonight, she needed to prepare herself. 

Su Qianxun walked to the side of the bed hastily. Because she was so anxious, she tripped while she walked and dropped the shopping bag in her hand. The item inside the shopping bag fell out. When she saw what was inside the shopping bag, blood rushed to her cheeks. She quickly stuffed the item back into the shopping bag, rose and walked to the side of the bed. She then tossed the shopping bag onto the bed.

'Tang Zui... That dude is so mischievous!'

Su Qianxun took a painkiller, which she got from Mu Bai, out of her pocket. Su Qianxun was feeling a rather regretful. 'I should have asked for some anti-inflammatory pills too!'

However, it was no use for her to think about that now. She immediately swallowed the pill, stood up and walked to the bathroom. She intended to take a shower first.

The only thing she needed to do right now was to avoid infuriating Long Sijue. He might stop restricting her from seeing her younger brother if he was in a good mood.

Although Su Qianxun knew that she was expecting too much, she believed that one should always be hopeful while one was alive. Otherwise, she would have given up on her life a long time ago!

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