Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Happiness Would Come Again

Su Qianxun knew that the person was Long Sijue. Right now, she was almost instinctively aversive of him. Even though she was not awake, she still subconsciously pushed him away with her small hands.

However, it was no use. The man tightened his arms, and both of their bodies were closely pressed together.

The following day, there was no one next to Su Qianxun when she woke up. She sat up and stared blankly into the air as she hugged her blanket.

She felt a cool sensation on her ankle. Su Qianxun lifted up the blanket and saw a very shiny anklet around her ankle. There were a few cute little bells hanging from its thin platinum chain.

Su Qianxun froze for a moment as she stared at the anklet. Those were not bells, but lilies of the valley. They were pure white and bell-shaped, and looked tiny and cute. 

They even made her forget the humiliation and pain from last night. She extended her fingers to touch those cute little flowers. The lily of the valley was her favorite flower.

Legend said that if one received lilies of the valley, he would be favored by the God of luck. The flower only blossomed when the spring breeze blew in May. It symbolized pure love and that happiness would come again.

Su Qianxun was in a slight trance. Did Long Sijue put this on her leg? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Someone knocked on the door and startled Su Qianxun. She hid in the blanket immediately.

"Chick, it's me. Can I come in for a while?" Tang Zui knocked on the door again.

"No, you can't! Hold on!" Su Qianxun went to look for her clothes in a hurry, but her pajamas were already torn into pieces.

Tang Zui only entered the room after five minutes. Su Qianxun stared at him and asked right away, "Young Master Tang, what time can I meet my brother today?"

"Is that the only thing you want to say to me? Nothing else?" Tang Zui asked while he sized the room up.

"Something else? Nope." Su Qianxun shook her head. She did not know what else to say to him.

"For example… matters related to Jue?" Tang Zui coughed softly to remind her.

Su Qianxun did not say anything.

Tang Zui understood everything when he saw the confused expression on the young woman's face. 'I see. This young woman doesn't care about Jue at all. I was worried that she would start fantasizing about Jue and fall in love with him. Looks like I was worried for nothing.'

"Come, chick, we need to talk..."

Su Qianxun continued to remain silent.

"Do you want to live more freely in the future?"


Su Qianxun made a bowl of noodles with shredded chicken and put it on a tray. She made two other fresh and delicious side dishes as well.

The butler who stood beside her frowned when he saw the simple dishes, whereas Aunt Qi was in disbelief. "Young Mistress Su, I can't believe that you know how to cook. My daughter, Little Min knows nothing. She only waits for everything to be prepared for her."

Now that Aunt Qi mentioned Qi Min, Su Qianxun felt despondent. 'Why would a good person like Aunt Qi end up having such a bad-mannered daughter?'

"I like to cook for my family members, and I feel happy when I see them eat what I've cooked."

She had always thought that her happy life would last forever, until that day, when everything fell apart.

Su Qianxun felt the cool sensation of the anklet around her ankle. She especially liked the meaning behind the lily of the valley, because she was hoping that one day, her happiness would come again.

Su Qianxun stared at the butler who was trying hard to hold himself back from throwing the bowl of noodles away. She lifted the tray and quickly left.

Before she entered the study room, Su Qianxun took a few deep breaths. Only then did she walk into the room.

Long Sijue was resting with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes slowly when he heard Su Qianxun footsteps. He fixed his profound gaze on the young woman who just walked in.

His gaze was still extremely oppressing. Su Qianxun still felt extremely uneasy when she recalled his sudden brutality the night before. But when she thought about what Tang Zui told her just now…

"Young master, I heard that you still haven't had breakfast. I went to the kitchen and made you a bowl of noodles with shredded chicken. Do you want to give it a try and see if it suits your appetite?"

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