Good Morning Mister Dragon Chapter 96

Chapter 96: She Was Having a Fever

All of a sudden, Su Qianxun frantically got off the bed and rushed to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and let the cold water wash over her.

Yet, it was not enough; it would never be enough. She felt as if the water could not wash away her dirtiness. She took off her hospital gown, grabbed the shower sponge, and scrubbed herself aggressively. Numerous scratches started to appear on her pale skin, but she felt very, very dirty.

Su Qianxun no longer knew whether her face was wet because of tears or water. She just kept scrubbing herself. But even if she scrubbed herself until all the skin on her body peeled off, how was she going to clean away the filth inside her body?

She felt extremely despaired, and she kept increasing the force at which she was scrubbing herself. She scrubbed her private part aggressively, but what was the point? She was still not clean.

Long Sijue went outside to smoke a cigarette and when he came back, he noticed that the hospital bed was empty. When he heard the sound of water ringing out from the bathroom, he walked towards the bathroom.

When he pushed the door open and saw what was happening inside, his heart sank. The young woman stood naked under the showerhead. The gauze on her stomach was already stained red by her blood, and a mixture of blood and water ran down along her pale calves. She was scrubbing the most delicate part of her body frantically, and her originally pale skin had been scrubbed so hard that it was covered in scratches.

Long Sijue quickly walked over and tried to pull her away from the shower. Su Qianxun cried as she pushed him away. There was helplessness in her black eyes. "What should I do? I can't wipe it clean, I can't wipe it clean!"

When Long Sijue saw that she was still hurting herself, as if she had gone mad, he grabbed her wrists and lifted them up, pressing her against the wall. "Su Qianxun, why are you going crazy again!?"

Su Qianxun looked at the man before her through the foggy mist. She cried and whispered, "Dirty, I'm so dirty… What should I do? I'm so dirty…"

Through the foggy mist, Su Qianxun looked at the man before her as she cried out.

Large teardrops kept rolling down her eyes. When Long Sijue saw her hurt and hopeless expression, he furrowed his eyebrows tightly.

"I'm dirty, I'm so dirty, please let me clean myself…" Su Qianxun looked at him pleadingly. Her black eyes, which were as pure as a fawn's, were filled with deep despair. 

Long Sijue's hair and body were also soaked by now. Water dripped down from his strong jawline. He looked at the young woman before him, who was as fragile as a crystal. Her face was so pale that it seemed almost transparent, and her wrists were as thin as that of a teenager's. At that moment, he felt as if she would just disappear before him.

Long Sijue suddenly lowered his head and kissed the young woman in front of him.

Su Qianxun widened her eyes abruptly. She could not believe what was happening. She was already dirty, why did the man still wanted to kiss her? She wanted to push him away, but the man was holding so tightly onto her that she was unable to move at all.

Her lips were very cold. Long Sijue kissed her fiercely and was unwilling to let her go even though Su Qianxun tried to break free from him a few times. 

He only loosened his grip on her when he felt the body of the young woman before him turn limp. He then carried her out of the bathroom. 

He placed her on the hospital bed and took off his clothes, which were already damp. He then pressed her underneath his body.

Her body was extremely cold, but his body was burning hot. He hugged her tightly and warmed her with his body heat. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I'm already dirty, I'm already dirty…" the young woman muttered repeatedly. There was great despair in her voice.

Long Sijue stared at the young woman. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her eyelashes were fluttering. He embraced her even more tightly. There was an immense ache in his chest.

The doctor bandaged Su Qianxun's wound again. The knife wound was inflamed because it came into contact with water. There were also a lot of scratches on her body due to the scrubbing, and they looked extraordinarily terrifying on her pale skin. 

The young woman's face had also went from pale to bright red. She was having a fever, and her condition escalated very quickly. Her body temperature shot up to almost one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit.

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